Bearing inspection system uses eddy-current process

UniWest is manufacturing a bearing inspection system using eddy-current technology. This system uses a transport process that allows different-diameter roller bearings to be inspected by quickly changing hoppers and chutes.

Several hoppers and chutes are provided to accommodate a range of roller bearing sizes. The roller bearings are individually selected in the hopper and transported by gravity to the inspection station where an assembly continuously rotates the bearing while an eddy-current probe indexes its length. After inspection, an assembly arm transports the roller bearings to either a defective or defect-free bin.

The bearing inspection system includes a UniWest US454 EddyView eddy-current inspection instrument that provides high flaw signal to low noise. The high sensitivity makes it possible to find small flaws in materials. A built-in alarm circuit notifies technicians when reject parameters are exceeded.

For full details, contact UniWest, 330 W Clark St, Pasco WA 99301-5627.

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