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Beall Corp acquires Marquez Mfg

Portland OR-based truck trailer manufacturer Beall Corp has acquired a Washington-based manufacturing firm.

According to the firm's chairman Jerry E Beall, the acquisition of Marquez Manufacturing in Sunnyside WA will help Beall Corp meet the demand for its aluminum tank and dump trailers. The 40,000-square-foot, recently updated plant in Sunnyside will produce approximately 200 trailers a year, adding $10 million in sales to Beall's projected sales revenue of more than $100 million in 2005.

Beall is constantly seeking skilled workers to build its custom trailers, and the Sunnyside operation includes 50 people along with the manufacturing capacity.

With five manufacturing plants, 13 sales and service facilities, and dealers throughout the West, Beall sells about 1,200 trailers annually, ranking them as the third-largest bulk and tank trailer maker in the nation and the largest maker of custom tanks.

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