Balqon enters European yard tractor arena

Balqon Corporation, a developer of electric drive system technologies for commercial electric vehicles, announced the successful demonstration of a battery-powered all-electric yard tractor that incorporates Balqon's XR E20 electric drive system into a chassis developed by Mol Transport Solutions, a manufacturer of trucks, trailers, and waste management systems in Europe.

This new model incorporates the latest drive system and battery management system technologies currently used on Balqon's Nautilus XR E20.

Balqon believes the operating costs of the European yard tractor will be 74% lower than those of its conventional diesel competitors, making the European yard tractor a cost-effective alternative in warehouse and marine port applications in Europe, especially in light of average diesel fuel prices in Europe of about $7 per gallon.

The European yard tractor incorporates Balqon's proprietary electric vehicle drive system, which encompasses complete power management, propulsion, and power conversation systems and includes drive trains and energy systems. The new product also incorporates an European chassis that features an ergonomic cabin design and air bag suspension.

This yard tractor can tow loads of more than 30 tons with a range of 16-plus hours of operation on a single charge. It also demonstrates below 69 decibels in noise level and incorporates the latest idle-shut off technologies that increase energy conservation during vehicle idling. The vehicle incorporates Balqon's battery management system and charging systems that comply with European safety standards.

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