Azure Dynamics, Kidron Combine on LEEP Systems

Azure Dynamics, Kidron Combine on LEEP Systems

Azure Dynamics Corporation, a leading developer of hybrid electric and electric powertrains for commercial vehicles, today announced that it has signed a supply agreement with Kidron Incorporated, a division of VT Specialized Vehicles Corporation. The supply agreement encompasses branding, marketing and sale of Azure's Low Emission Electric Power (LEEP) systems throughout the North American refrigerated truck body market.

The agreement structure has Azure providing Kidron with LEEP systems for integration into their cold plate refrigerated truck and truck body units. Kidron will market this product through its direct sales force and distribution channels across North America. "This formalized agreement represents a significant milestone for Azure, as we now have an industry-leader in the refrigerated truck segment actively marketing the LEEP system to their customers," said Scott Harrison, Azure's Chief Executive Officer. "We are excited to partner with an industry leader like Kidron, to help them advance their commitment to customer driven solutions."

Azure's LEEP system uses the vehicle powertrain to generate clean electric power for a range of auxiliary and export power applications. The LEEP system delivers significant improvements in fuel utilization and emission levels by allowing the vehicle to power auxiliary loads with the engine off. The LEEP system has a wide range of applications beyond refrigeration including utility and telecomm. Azure believes that the LEEP market available to it is estimated at 160,000 units per year. Refrigeration represents approximately 30% of this market.

The LEEP system developed for Kidron stores energy in the cold plate refrigeration system when the engine is running. When the engine is off, the stored energy is used to maintain refrigeration temperatures. The LEEP system also allows the vehicle to operate in engine off mode while still maintaining the desired temperature in the refrigeration unit. Furthermore, by allowing the system to operate with the engine off, the LEEP system provides a solution for increasing anti-idle regulations across North America. Lastly, the LEEP system has the potential to replace the ancillary motors/generators used in the other method of cooling refrigerated trucks, thereby reducing initial capital cost, fuel consumption, noise and emissions.

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