Average used dry-freight van valued at $23,598

The average price of a dry-freight van less than a year old was $23,598, according to the latest figures compiled by Truck Blue Book, a sister publication of Trailer/Body Builders.

The figure, determined at the beginning of 2007, represents the average price of a used 2006 model van measuring 102 inches wide, 53 feet long, and 13-feet, 6 inches wide. It is equipped with air-ride suspension and standard hardwood floor.

Comparably equipped trailers, however, varied substantially by brand — from $19,250 to $26,475.

When compared with a used 2006 dry-freight van, a comparably equipped 2005 model retained 84% of its value. The average 2005 dry-freight van was valued at $19,845.

Of all the types of trailers included in the quarterly Truck Blue Book report, used dry-freight vans lost value at the fastest rate. The value of a 2002 model was $14,970 — or 63% of the value of a used 2006 model.

Dump trailers, aluminum tanks, and livestock trailers built in 2005 each were 96% of the value of a comparably equipped 2006 model. After four years, livestock trailers averaged 75% of the value of 2006 models.

Details, including values of used trailers by manufacturer, are available from Truck Blue Book, Overland Park KS.

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