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Avalanche won't let winter snow you under

In 2003, Avalanche improved the positioning of its side braces to provide greater resistance to buckling and eliminating the likelihood of trapping snow. Dual side braces on all loader, heavy truck, and backhoe units are mounted parallel with each other and prevent both side panel and moldboard from impact damage. Parallel installation of braces supplies more than enough room for snow to shake loose.

Avalanche steel trip edge (STE) models are ideal for clearing icy, hard-packed snow. The reversible steel edge enables the user to clear down to bare pavement.

In 2004, Avalanche has added Push Plates to the receiver of every applicable model. Push plates prevent the bucket edge from scraping the channel support.

Another productivity tool Avalanche is releasing in 2004 is the BackDrag option for Skid Steer models (SSA-100 & SSAT). Available factory-installed on new SSAs and SSATs or as an upgrade for existing SSA and SSAT owners, the BackDrag option allows the operator to pull back snow from confined areas such as loading docks and overhead doors.

For more information, contact Ledex Industries, 565 Speers Rd, Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6K 2G4.

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