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Automated Heil plants produce new products

The automation upgrades at the Heil Environmental plants are bearing fruit. Earlier this year, the company introduced five new products.

One product in particular, the PT 1000 mid-range rear loader, was designed specifically with the capabilities of the company's new laser cell in mind.

“We had committed to introducing the PT 1000 in a very short timeframe,” says Richard Mills, corporate manager of manufacturing engineering. “We did not have a lot of time to develop hard tooling for it, but we were able to produce it easily with advanced processes, new state-of-the-art equipment, and our lean manufacturing initiatives. One of the advantages of CNC equipment is the ability to make one unit or a thousand. It also reduces manufacturing batch sizes, decreases inventory, and allows us to implement design improvements faster.”

The new rear loader has a 15-second cycle time. Combined with a reload time of five to six seconds and a three-cu-yd hopper, the rear loader packs loads quickly and compactly. It can compress refuse into a cubic yard weighing up to 1,000 pounds.

Weight savings, the result of curved components produced easily with the company's new CNC equipment, are achieved without sacrificing strength. The PT 1000 is light enough to be mounted on a single-axle chassis, thereby saving the customer the cost of federal excise tax.

Other new products include:

  • A commercial rear loader equipped with the patented PowerTrak dual track system that produces more packing force onto the load, resulting in payloads of more than 1,300 lb per cubic yard.

  • PowerLift, Heil's first commercial side loader, packs up to 1,200 lb per cubic yard of refuse. PowerLift works with all rectangular, steel-side load containers weighing up to 3,000 lb. Its 30-inch reach lets it get into tight spots on commercial routes. And with a residential grabber, PowerLift can also tackle residential routes.

  • The Python automated arm has a lift cycle time of six seconds and a nine-foot reach. The Python can be mounted on Heil bodies such as the Heil Formula 7000 Square Body, DuraPack Family Formula 7000, Rapid Rail and MultiPack.

  • The MultiPack combines a fully functional automated side loader with a fully functional manual rear loader in one body. As a primary route vehicle, the MultiPack enables a driver to pick up cans as well as bulky items in one stop, eliminating the need for a second truck to follow behind.

For more information visit or call toll-free (800) 824-4345.

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