Autocar expands production to meet increasing demand

Autocar, LLC, has completed a two-year manufacturing expansion plan to keep pace with growing demand for the Xpeditor. Autocar's customers continue to require increased production.

"Due to strong order intake through the end of 2006, Autocar will increase production 25% in order to fulfill our customers' needs for this year. We have taken the initiative with changes to infrastructure and partnerships to accomplish this expansion without diminishing quality, inventory levels, or delivery schedules," comments Jim Johnston, president of Autocar.

John Buttrey, vice president of operations, recently joined the Autocar team to drive this rapid expansion in Hagerstown. Buttrey brings 26 years of manufacturing and quality experience from working at John Deere, Chrysler, and Mack. His first task will be to take Xpeditor initial quality to a higher level.

"We are currently working with our entire supply chain to ensure a smooth ramp-up in production and materials requirements," he says. "Operator training, proper work assignments and a commitment to driving critical-to- quality (CTQ) items back to the individual workstation are the keys to producing quality products at this stepped-up line rate."

Autocar has also expanded its product offering through a joint venture with General Motors. The conventional cab model was unveiled at WasteExpo 2006 in Las Vegas. The first units will come off the line in September 2006.

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