Auto Safety House expands workshops

Auto Safety House (ASH) has expanded its package of workshops, seminars, and clinics.

ASH is a fleet systems provider assisting fleet operators of all types (municipalities, school districts, contractors, public utilities, and other miscellaneous private fleets) with products and services that enable them to maintain and operate their vehicles and equipment safely and efficiently.

The firm opened an alignment shop January 1 in Phoenix AZ, so it now does alignments on buses and large trucks. ASH has one of the largest open pit/drive-in alignment centers in the state. It specializes in heavy-duty alignments, performing camber, caster and toe-in corrections, frame straightening, correction, and repair, axle and housing straightening up to 22,000-lb-capacity axles, and steering and suspension rebuilds.

It held 45-minute alignment clinics throughout the day at an open house February 10. The next alignment clinic will be held later this year, although a date has not yet been set.

Training sessions are held at three ASH locations in Arizona — Phoenix, Tucson, and Holbrook — and also in Las Vegas NV. Three are scheduled for April, each with two separate clinics: Special Needs Certification for Bus Drivers and DPS Minimum Safety Standards for Bus Drivers and Techs. They will be held April 24 in Tucson, April 25 in Phoenix, and April 26 in Holbrook.

Some training workshops are guided by ASH trainer Nick Franklin, while others are led by outside sources like the Department of Public Safety.

Seating is limited for the workshops, and some may be fee-based and fill quickly. RSVP by e-mailing [email protected], visiting, or calling 602-386-5461.

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