Auto Invision II Integrates Welding Systems

Miller Electric Mfg Co introduces the Auto Invision II, a robotic MIG/pulsed MIG welding power source. The Auto Invision II incorporates Miller's Invision 456P wire welding power source with the Robotic Interface II in one package.

The Auto Invision II provides up to 600 amps of welding output (450 amps at 100% duty cycle) and has a 230/460-volt or a 575-volt, 60-Hertz input. In addition, it provides standard programs designed for commonly used materials and shielding gas types.

A set-up pendant is required for initial system set-up. One pendant can be used for multiple systems. The pendant allows for procedure and program data transfer through the data card feature. It can be attached for teaching pulse-arc programs, then removed for production welding. This secures the weld process by preventing unauthorized tampering with weld procedures.

The Auto Invision II features Sharp Start, a wire sharpening feature that occurs at the arc stop. Controlling the arc stop ensures a consistent arc start at the next weld. This is an important factor in frequent start/stop applications that require weld repeatability. An electronic inductance control feature on the Auto Invision 11 minimizes spatter and optimizes weld bead wetting action. This is especially useful when welding stainless steel, silicon bronze, copper nickel, Inconel and copper silicon.

Another feature of the Auto Invision II is SharpArc technology, an arc control that offers a way to tailor factory weld programs to accommodate various welding applications. This can reduce the need to develop customized pulsed MIG programs.

The unit also has a Fan-On-Demand cooling system that only operates when needed, reducing the amount of airborne contaminants pulled through the machine. Fan-On-Demand also reduces noise and power consumption.

The Auto Invision II is covered by Miller's True Blue three-year factory warranty. For full details, contact Miller, PO Box 100, Lithonia GA 30058.

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