Atlas system installs blind threaded rivets

The Atlas Robotic Assembly System from Atlas Engineering installs SpinTite, MaxTite, and PlusTite blind threaded rivets reliably and quickly. The six-axis robotic assembly system can reduce installed fastener costs, increase quality installations, improve job productivity, and reduce floor-space requirements.

Atlas blind threaded rivets are designed for blind attachment applications (such as hydroformed tubing) where only one side of a workpiece is accessible for fastener installation and final component assembly. Installed permanently from the accessible side of a workpiece, the fasteners can be specified for panels as thin as .020"/0.51mm.

The system positions a workpiece into a holding fixture using an interchangeable end-of-arm (EOA) tooling hand. It automatically switches to the installation tool and then installs the fasteners in a pick-and-place format. The workpiece can remain stationary while the six-axis articulated robot performs installations. This enables multiple fastener insertions at different surface angles without a need for workpiece repositioning. While the workpiece is in the holding fixture, other operations can be performed.

The robotic assembly system can be located anywhere on a shop floor, including between two work cells where work can be shared using the EOA tool-changing capability.

For more information, contact Atlas Engineering, 1510 St Clair Ave, Kent, OH 44240.

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