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ATD supports fuel economy improvements, fears higher prices

The American Truck Dealers (ATD) gave mixed reviews to the recent announcement that the federal government will begin setting fuel economy standards for medium and heavy trucks.

While the association is in favor of improving truck fuel economy, ATD is concerned that the regulations will add to the purchase price of new vehicles.

Announcement following is a statement from:

“Dealers support improving fuel economy for medium and heavy-duty trucks,” said Kyle Treadway, ATD chairman and owner of Kenworth Sales Company in Salt Lake City, Utah. “However, today’s fuel-economy proposal for model years 2014-18 is expected to add thousands of dollars to the cost per truck. We are concerned that this could price some buyers out of the market.

“To its credit, the Administration clearly is attempting to tailor its mandates to specific vehicle subclasses and to each manufacturer’s unique production. Compliance flexibility will be essential to the national truck fuel efficiency program’s success and its ability to prevent an unworkable patchwork of state-by-state mandates.

“These first-ever truck rules will govern how new medium and heavy-duty trucks are built for sale. If technologically feasible and economically practical, they should result in vehicles that commercial fleets, owner/operators and small businesses will want to buy, at prices they can afford. If not, truck dealers, their employees and the economy in general will suffer without environmental and national security benefits being achieved.”

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