ArvinMeritor unveils trailer products

ArvinMeritor introduced several new products designed for improved trailer performance.

The new DX 225 disc brake will be released to North American truck and trailer OEMs starting mid-year 2002. It is compatible with various wheel envelopes in truck, tractor, trailer, and bus applications, including fire trucks and emergency vehicles.

The DX 225 brake fits within 22.5-inch wheels and is available on axles with up to 24,000-lb GAWR. It is compatible with ABS and electronic braking systems. It has a single-piece caliper, supported on twin slide pins, fixed to a mounting saddle. Brake torque is fed through the saddle directly into the axle, leaving the caliper free to float on machined slide pins, ensuring that equal force is applied to both inner and outer pads as they clamp the rotor. The DX 225 brakes will be available for trailers as part of the new TL and TA trailer axles with packaged bearings.

A new packaged bearing wheel-end system for the new TL and TA series axles for trailer will premier in June and October, respectively. These assembled products, combined with the Triad system announced last year, will provide three options: the TB Series with seven-year/750,000-mile warranty, the TL and TA Series with five-year/500,000-mile warranty, and the Triad system with three-year/300,000-mile warranty.

ArvinMeritor will be releasing a new line of Meritor hubs between May and September. The hubs will offer reduced weight without sacrificing strength, according to Rakesh Sachdev, vice-president and general manager for Worldwide Braking Systems.

Meanwhile, MeritorWABCO announced modules to electronically sense and control the operation of tractor and trailer air suspensions. The electronic leveling modules (ELM) supply air to the respective suspension on an as-needed basis only. This results in optimum control of ride height with minimal parasitic compressor load on the engine. The trailer ELM allows the vehicle operator to raise or lower the trailer at the loading dock. After loading/unloading is complete, the ELM automatically returns the trailer to optimum ride height.

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