ArvinMeritor launches Clean Air Solutions

At the 2003 Mid-America Trucking Show, ArvinMeritor Inc introduced its Clean Air Solutions portfolio, a broad spectrum of technology-enabled systems, applications, and products that meet strict emissions regulations.

To meet the mandated particulate matter reduction standards for 2007, ArvinMeritor showcased its thermal regeneration device. Without driver intervention, the Thermal Regenerator initiates a heat source to eliminate buildup on the soot filter. This system is also suitable for retrofit applications.

To address nitrogen oxides (NOx), ArvinMeritor presented its Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System. “SCR is an established customer solution in Europe,” said Tom Gosnell, senior vice-president and president of ArvinMeritor's Commercial Vehicle Systems. “It also meets the United States 2007 NOx reduction requirements. We're prepared to extend the same level of support to our North American commercial vehicle customers, as demand for this emissions technology increases.”

ArvinMeritor's new gen-H technology creates a hydrogen-rich gas on board and on demand, from any fuel source. “Our work on gen-H is moving at a very fast pace,” said Gosnell. “Although more engineering and testing needs to be done, gen-H is a promising addition to our range of technology products.” Hydrogen-rich gas enables NOx trap applications and other emissions management systems.

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