Patriotic order: 1,776 Great Dane vans sold

July 2, 2004
In commemoration of Independence Day, a Wisonsin fleet buys 1,776 Great Dane vans.

In commemoration of Independence Day, Great Dane Trailers today announced a new exclusive partnership between its authorized dealer, Trudell Trailers of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Millis Transfer Inc of Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

The venture provides for the production and delivery of 1,776 P-Series freight vans over the next 60 months. This particular quantity of trailers and a special patriotic graphic were specifically chosen by Millis Transfer to symbolize the company’s support for American ideals and the spirit of the country at a turbulent point for the nation.

Millis Transfer has been in the trucking industry for more than 50 years and has been privately held and family-owned for four generations. Primarily leveraged in the beverage and bottle industry, Millis currently owns 2,100 trailers, the majority of which are Great Danes. Millis Transfer has teamed with Trudell Trailers in the task of replacing its fleet of vans.

The Millis order will deliver more than 25 trailers per month throughout the length of agreement.

“The Great Dane P-Series is perfect for us because we need the interior cube for hauling glass bottles and the sound structure for carrying 50,000 pounds of beverages per load,” said David Millis, president of Millis Transfer, Inc.

The special order for the production of 1,776 vans was placed with Trudell to honor the year in which America declared independence. In addition to the traditional red, white, and blue Millis Transfer marks, all of the trailers in the order will receive a distinctive red, white, and blue logo inspired by the American flag.

“We decided to add the patriotic graphics to show our company’s support for the nation during a difficult time,” said Millis. “As a family-owned company, Millis Transfer proudly represents the American dream, and we appreciate the values of small-town America. Considering the current world environment, we feel it is important to celebrate the principles of freedom and liberty many of us take for granted in the United States.”