Product Profiles

June 1, 2004
Reineke Co to distribute Tire-SafeGuard Reineke Co has become the exclusive distributor to the heavy-duty truck market for the new Tire-SafeGuard tire

Reineke Co to distribute Tire-SafeGuard

Reineke Co has become the exclusive distributor to the heavy-duty truck market for the new Tire-SafeGuard tire monitoring system.

Tire-SafeGuard automatically monitors tractor vehicle tires and provides a timely warning of abnormal tire pressure and temperature. It automatically monitors all tractor tires while the vehicle is moving, and displays current pressure and temperature readings. Tire-SafeGuard immediately alerts the driver of abnormal tire pressure and high temperature, both visually and by sound. Accurate pressure readings can be easily seen on the system display, eliminating the need for the driver to check tires with a pressure gauge.

This device reduces air-loss-related tire failures, uneven tire wear, and severe tire damage. It boosts tire life, improves fuel economy, and enhances vehicle braking and handling.

Tire-SafeGuard's sensor mounts to a tire's rim and monitors up to 10 tires plus a spare in real-time. Up to 145-psi tire pressure can be monitored with +/-1 psi of accuracy, and for a higher pressure of up to 199 psi, an accuracy of +/-3 psi is achieved. An LCD monitor mounts in the cab to indicate pressure and temperature for each tire. The monitor's pressure and temperature warning threshold may be adjusted. Because Tire-SafeGuard is wired into a vehicle's battery, it continues monitoring tires even while the vehicle is parked.

Contact Reineke, 1025 Faultless Dr, Ashland OH 44805-1294 for more information.

Telescopic service crane for medium duty

Stellar Industries Inc's Model 4420 telescopic service crane comes in either a 12-volt electric/hydraulic or full hydraulic configuration. This crane is designed for situations requiring an economical crane in the medium lifting range.

The Model 4420 crane has a 16,000-ft-lb capacity and can lift a maximum of 4,000 pounds (1,815 kg) at four feet. It uses a planetary winch system with a hydraulic/mechanical brake system. It has a 25-foot/minute single-line winch speed and a maximum reach of 20 feet (6.10 meters) from the centerline of the crane (15 feet hydraulic, 5 feet manual).

This crane has a hexagonal tube boom construction that provides a stronger cross section than square tubing. The design, which eliminates boom flex and side-to-side movement, is standard on all Stellar telescopic cranes.

Contact Stellar, 280 W 3rd St, Box 169, Garner IA 50438 for further information.

This spreader's worth its salt

Sno-Way is offering a new salt spreader that uses skid steer hydraulics for an efficient operation. This spreader has a 10.25-cubic-foot capacity with an adjustable speed control and shutoff switch. It also spreads from 4 feet to 30 feet in an even pattern. The spreader has a polyethylene hopper, steel support frame, and stainless steel spinner components. Sno-Way offers the same spreader with an electric motor.

For more details, contact Sno-Way, 1353 Wacker Dr, Hartford WI 53027.

SES takes suspensions to a smoother place

Timbren Industries' Suspension Enhancement System (SES) is a durable, hollow rubber spring that mounts between the vehicle's frame and axle. SES has been designed to protect vehicles against road shock, bottoming out, roll, sway, and broken springs. Hollow rubber springs increase the strength of the suspension and cushion the ride while absorbing hops and bumps from the road. This system works in conjunction with existing suspensions and is easy to install — no special tools are required.

For more information, contact Timbren, 4645 Witmer Industrial Estate, Niagara Falls NY 14305.

Stylish S Series pulls off the toughest tasks

Superwinch's S4500, S3500, and S2500 are the latest models to combine a new design and stylish, rugged exterior. Sporting a weather-resistant, black powdercoat finish, S Series winches are compact and angular for mounting to most pickups, trucks, trailers, vans, ATVs, and RVs.

The S4500 winch has a rated line pull of 4,500 pounds, the S3500 rates at 3,500 pounds, and the S2500 pulls up to 2,500 pounds. These winches share in common a low-noise planetary gear box, heavy-duty cable tensioner for level winding, and 50 feet of wire rope. A integrated pre-wired solenoid system with 12-ft handheld switch is standard on the S4500 and an option on the S2500 and 3500.

Standard equipment continues with power-in and power-out, freespooling, built-in hawse fair-lead or roller fair-lead, circuit breakers, and battery cable with terminals. Models with roller fairleads and supplemental mechanical brakes are available. All models have a durable, weather-protective motor cover.

Contact Superwinch, Winch Drive, Putnam CT 06260 for further information.

System brings together bodies, side tarping

Roll-Rite Corp is working with body manufacturers to help introduce a new generation of bodies designed to integrate its side-to-side tarp system.

With the 2004 Roll-Rite Integrated Top-Rail Design (patent pending), the integrated tarp system eliminates small exterior hardware accessories from the top sides of trailers. This is important for trailer applications where added exterior accessories are more prone to damage. The integrated system will install completely into an aluminum top-rail on bodies exclusively manufactured to accept Roll-Rite tarp axle kits.

A new, larger 4"-diameter axle will provide more self-support when spanning longer distances, reducing the required number of interior trailer cross supports. Systems include the Roll-Rite TarpStretcher electric gear motor.

For full information, contact Roll-Rite, 2574 School Rd, Alger MI 48610.

Maxon redesigns pump box for liftgate

Maxon Lift Corp has redesigned its pump box to be more weather-resistant and simpler to install.

The new pump is a vertical panel-mounted assembly with a watertight, four-sided box cover. Both gravity-down and power-down models will be vertical and enclosed within a plastic housing. The pump cover is lined with a rubber seal that provides protection from the elements. All hose entries to the box have grommets to help prevent moisture or corrosion within the unit. The cylinder and hoses now have Face Seal fittings that use O-rings at all contact points, reducing the chance of system leaks. This pump is delivered pre-installed on the liftgate and will require only a hook-up to hydraulic hoses and electrical wiring.

The 72-25/30 Tuk-A-Way series will be the first to undergo the pump changeover. Maxon's entire series of Tuk-A-Ways is slated to be changed to this new style of pump.

For more information, contact Maxon, 11921 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670-2221.

Flip-Over gooseneck ball dares to be different

PopUp Industries Inc's new Flip-Over convertible gooseneck ball is different from other removable or convertible gooseneck hitch balls because of two design breakthroughs. It has a foolproof ball release mechanism, and the hitch ball freely rotates in its socket.

This ball switches to a level bed seamlessly. Just rotate a handle in the wheel well of a truck 90°, turn the ball over in its socket, and return the handle to its locked position. The handle retracts or engages a spring-loaded stainless steel retaining pin via a cam that ensures years of reliability.

Ball life is extended because the ball rotates freely in its socket, stopping friction between the trailer coupler and hitch ball. This ball rotation also keeps the ball free and easy to flip over for a level bed.

The Flip-Over will take a trailer wherever its operator is going with its 30,000-lb gross trailer weight and 7,500-lb gross tongue weight ratings. Fitted with retracting safety chain anchors, these hitches are ready for the highway or the trail.

For complete details, contact PopUp Industries, 220 W 14th St, Chanute KS 66720.

Fiberglass insert designed for pickup trucks

Astoria Industries of Iowa has introduced a fiberglass pickup truck insert designed for the auto glass industry. This new insert can be equipped with any of these options: an inverter providing 110 volts to three different power outlets, a mounted adhesive oven, an air reel with more than 50 feet of retractable hose, a windshield rack and cradle for access to full-size windshields, an air compressor, and vacuum.

Other options are provided. The insert is transferable from one truck to another and comes with a five-year warranty.

For more information, contact Astoria, 301 Northwestern Ave, PO Box 715, Chariton IA 50049.

Minimizer adds its durability to toolboxes

Spray Control Systems (SCSI) has added a new product line to its Minimizer series: the Minimizer underbody toolbox. Made from high-density polyethylene, this toolbox will stand up to bumps, dings, heat, and cold. Measuring 20" × 20" × 36", it weighs 30 pounds; black is the standard color, but other colors are optional. The 36" box comes with either top- or front-opening doors. Both key and padlock locking systems in the handle are provided.

Made of molded plastic, the toolbox won't dent and mark and never needs paint or polishing. Mounting brackets are available that will bolt on to nearly any frame in about 10 minutes.

SCSI has added 5,800 square feet of manufacturing space for production of the toolbox and will add 10,000 more square feet in spring 2004. For more details, contact SCSI, Route 3, Box 247C, Blooming Prairie MN 55917.

Publication details ‘Global Ride Solutions’

The Global Ride Solutions brochure highlights Hendrickson's full range of products for the commercial transportation industry. This brochure separates the Hendrickson Global product line into these sections: On-Highway, Medium-duty and Bus, Vocational and Heavy-haul, Lift Axles, Bumpers, and Aftermarket.

The On-Highway section features Airtek front air suspension and steer axles, and Vantraax lightweight, low-mainteriance slider systems for dry freight, refrigerated, and specialty vans. In the Vocational section are the Intraax family of top-mount and low-ride liftable primary trailer systems; Primaax for heavy-haul, construction, emergency rescue, refuse, and mixer trucks; and Composilite fixed and steerable systems.

The Hendrickson Aero Bright (HAB) bumper, a new chrome-like, non-metal product, leads an array in the Bumpers section along with aluminum, stainless steel, and other non-metal offerings.

Download Hendrickson publications in PDF format from the web site at or phone toll-free at 866-743-3247 for additional information.

Traction control data for Meritor drive axles

ArvinMeritor's Commercial Vehicle Systems business group is providing a new, multimedia information kit. The kit has operation instructions for an optional Driver Controlled Differential Lock (DCDL) and the standard Inter-Axle Differential (IAD) lock for Meritor drive axles. Information is designed to inform heavy-duty truck operators and technicians of benefits and operating procedures of the devices, as well as provide information about an optional pump and filter system.

A DCDL provides maximum vehicle traction and control on unfavorable road or highway surfaces. An IAD is a driver-controlled, air-actuated traction device that allows for speed differences between the forward and rear tandem axles, while providing equal pulling power from each axle of the tandem.

The Drive Axles Traction Controls information may be ordered as a complete kit or by individual items. Access the online ordering system at, or phone 800-535-5560 with requests for:

  • Complete kit — SP03103

  • Driver instructions:

    • Audio cassette — SP03107
    • Compact disc — SP03104
  • Technician and driver instructions:

    • DVD — SP03105
    • VHS tape — SP03106
    • Operation and installation technical bulletin — TP9579

Catalog aids in selecting coupler products

A new coupler products catalog and selection guide from the Holland Group Inc has been developed to aid coupler component users in the proper selection of pintle hooks, couplers, drawbars, tow hooks, and tow shackles.

The catalog divides products into light-, medium-, and heavy-duty categories with detailed images and descriptions. Product application, product features and benefits, mounting, safety, and operational considerations are covered. A seven-step procedure is also provided to simplify selection.

For more details, contact the Holland Group, 467 Ottawa Ave, PO Box 2099, Holland MI 49422-2099.