2010 Work Truck Show and NTEA convention schedule

Feb. 19, 2010
A look at the events, by interest for the 2010 Work Truck Show and NTEA convention

There are more than 40 intensive educational sessions on truck specification, industry trends and benchmarks, fleet management, regulatory compliance, and much more. These informative sessions are specifically designed for work truck industry professionals. Sessions are filtered by these categories: distributors/manufacturers, truck dealers, as well as fleet and leasing companies.


“Getting Back to the Good Old Days: Avoiding Mistakes of the Past,” March 9, 1:30 pm-2:45 pm: Every recession eventually ends. The current recession is more severe than normal, but it too shall pass. In fact, there is substantial evidence that the economy has already bottomed out. Unfortunately, when it does end, many firms will revert to business practices that are not beneficial to long-term health. Learn how you can fundamentally reposition your company for greater profits. Stay competitive by examining these three issues: (1) The Repeated Mistakes — After every recession, firms make similar common errors. Most of these mistakes are centered around the euphoria associated with the end of a recession. If these mistakes are repeated, profitability will suffer. (2) Making Sales Growth Work — Sales growth does not always translate into profit growth. It is essential to generate maximum profit from a sales upturn. (3) Getting Control of Gross Margin — Gross margin is the most important factor that drives profitability. And pricing is the key factor that drives gross margin. It is essential to have a realistic pricing program in place for maximum profitability. Presenter: John R. Mackay, president, Mackay Research Group, Lafayette, Colorado.

“360 Degrees of Customer Service,” March 10, 8:00 am-9:15 am: Why do some companies continue to build their reputation and increase their potential even in this economic climate? The answer is 360 degrees of customer service. Keeping your focus on the different levels of customers and what is expected from your company is not an easy task. In this program you can expect to learn strategies for developing a customer service program that will ensure your future. Topics will include customer identification, staff training, building a customer service manual, and procedures that keep “customer service” top of mind for your team. Presenter: Jep Enck, president, Enck Resources, Fort Collins, Colorado.

“What's Your Green Story? How to Create and Leverage a Green Position for Your Company,” March 11, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Today, truck equipment distributors and manufacturers are increasingly being asked “How Green Are You?” Do you contribute to green and environmentally sustainable business practices in your company and in your product lines? As the purchasers of work trucks begin to leverage their corporate green initiatives, it is becoming increasingly important to understand how to address these changing customer expectations. Look at your business from the customer's perspective and begin to formulate a green strategy that considers more than just involvement with hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. Experts in the truck equipment industry and corporate communications will assist you in the initial development of a green business strategy applicable to what has historically been considered a non-green industry. Presenters: Doyle Sumrall, senior director of business development, NTEA; and Krishna Avva, president and CEO, Avva Communications, Johns Creek, Georgia.


“What Does the Future Hold? Industry Overview and Outlook,” March 9, 1:30 pm-2:45 pm: Review current data and forecasts for truck sales and end-user markets with expert analysis from the NTEA's staff economist. Discover where the truck equipment market is headed, identify expected trends, and learn what role the US and international economies play in short- and long-term business cycles. Review current NTEA statistical and forecasting information. Presenter: Stephen Latin-Kasper, market data and research director, NTEA.

“Grow Your Overseas Sales With US Government Support,” March 9, 3:00 pm-4:15 pm: During these challenging economic times, who doesn't need support? A global network of offices in US Embassies and Consulates is available to help you identify opportunities to increase your export sales. Learn the services and support available to qualified companies, including free market research, counseling, matchmaking services, trade show support, background checks on foreign buyers, and more. Presenter: US Department of Commerce Representative.

“How Online Sales Can Work for You,” March 10, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Now more than ever, companies are challenged to reduce inventory cost and increase cash flow. Learn how two NTEA member companies are using readily available online sales platforms to eliminate aging inventory and increase cash without any investment other than time. Hear how dedicating a few hours per week can translate into immediate results. Presenters: Richard Sippola, president, Carnegie Body Co, Cleveland, Ohio; and Steve Hayes, GM, Layton Truck Equipment Co LLC, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


“Demystifying Weight Distribution Calculations for Work Trucks,” March 9, 1:30 pm-2:45 pm: Weight distribution calculations are critical in the utilization and design of commercial work trucks. Learn the ins and outs of vehicle weight distribution to safely and legally position equipment and payloads while maintaining regulatory compliance of the vehicle. Review sample weight distribution calculations and see a demonstration of beneficial software tools available exclusively from the NTEA designed to help you perform complex vehicle calculations. Presenter: Richard Toner, principal,Toner Associates, Pentwater, Michigan.

“Your Work Truck's 21st Century Electrification Needs,” March 9, 3pm-4:15 pm: Vocational fleets are increasingly called upon to provide AC power for various job-site and mobile applications. Review all types of electrical loads being used today and learn how to properly match loads to the correct power source. The effects of voltage and frequency fluctuations as well as waveform and power quality issues will be discussed along with how to account for multiple loads and sequencing. Presenter: Gary Ford, president, Fleet Electrical Services, Inc, Worcester, Massachusetts.

“How to Avoid Costly Errors When Modifying Truck Frames,” March 10, 8 am-9:15 am: Examine basic truck frame characteristics and requirements needed for sturdy, expert mounting of truck bodies and equipment. Learn how the effects of welding and fastener usage can impact frame strength and durability. Also, learn how to identify ways to avoid modification mistakes that can lead to costly repairs. Presenter: Toner.

“I Have a Hybrid Truck in the Shop: Now What?” March 11, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Are you an equipment upfitter or fleet professional? Get educated on the general workings of electric and hydraulic hybrid work trucks and learn how to safely work with the hybrid system when installing work truck bodies and equipment, including battery packs; 330-volt electrical systems; hybrid electronic systems cautions; and high-pressure hydraulic cylinders used in hydraulic hybrid trucks. Presenters: Representatives from Bosch Rexroth Rochester Hills, Michigan, and Eaton Corporation-Vehicle Group, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

“Spec'ing Truck Chassis to Match Job Requirements and Optimize Performance,” March 11, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Matching a new truck chassis to the application ensures optimum performance. If you downsize too much for fuel efficiency, you risk an overloaded chassis. If you over-spec the chassis to reduce maintenance costs, you may chance an overpriced unit consuming excessive fuel. This session will help you get it “just right” by optimizing fuel efficiency, achieving full regulatory compliance and maximizing performance. Critical design issues include frame selection; axles and suspensions ratings; vehicle performance and powertrain design considerations; accessory component selection; payload analysis; weight distribution and completed vehicle certification. Presenter: Bob Johnson, fleet relations director, NTEA.


Hino Trucks/Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc CHASSIS UPDATE, March 9, 1:30 pm- 2:45 pm: Hino Trucks will discuss its chassis-cab model lineup changes for 2011, 2012, and 2013. Details will be shared on the 2010 emissions strategy as well as new options added specifically for the service/utility vocational market. Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc will present an industry overview and first-hand technical information on chassis specifications, design, body installation, and equipment- mounting options. Presenters: Glenn Ellis, VP of marketing and dealer operations, Hino Trucks, Novi, Michigan; and Mark Oldenburg, national fleet marketing and mobility manager, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc, Torrance, California.

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc. CHASSIS UPDATE, March 9, 1:30 pm-2:45 pm: Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc will present firsthand technical information on chassis specifications, design, body installation, and equipment-mounting options. Presenters: Representatives of Isuzu.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc CHASSIS UPDATE, March 9, 3 pm-4:15 pm: Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc. will present firsthand technical information on chassis specifications, design, body installation, and equipment- mounting options. Presenters: Representatives of Mitsubishi Fuso.

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation CHASSIS UPDATE March 9, 3 pm-4:45 pm: Freightliner Custom Chassis will present first-hand technical information on chassis features/benefits, specifications, and new products. Presenters: Representatives of Freightliner Custom Chassis.

Dodge CHASSIS UPDATE, March 10, 8 am-9:15 am: Dodge Ram now offers a comprehensive lineup of trucks and chassis/cabs in the market, from 1500 to 5500, with the introduction of the newly styled 2500/3500 pickup and 3500-5500 chassis-cab offerings. The Dodge Caravan CV complements the lineup. Presenters: Representatives of Dodge.

International Truck CHASSIS UPDATE, March 10,8 am-9:15 am: International Truck will present first-hand technical information on chassis specifications, design, body installation, and equipment-mounting options. Learn more about Advanced EGR, Hybrid, and new products and features. Presenters: Representatives of International Truck.

Kenworth Truck Company CHASSIS UPDATE, March 10, 8 am-9:15 am: Kenworth Truck Company will present technical information and product up-dates for its medium-duty and vocational vehicles. Kenworth continues to increase the breadth of its product offerings with the new T440 and T470 truck models and expanded component offerings on existing models. This session will address emissions related 2010 updates and their impact on body installation and equipment mounting, dash, and electrical enhancement and powertrain changes. Presenters: Representatives of Kenworth Truck.

Ford Commercial Truck CHASSIS UPDATE, March 10,9:30 am-10:45 am: Ford Commercial Truck will present technical information on chassis specifications, design, body installation, and equipment-mounting options. Presenters: Representatives of Ford Commercial Truck.

Freightliner Trucks CHASSIS UPDATE, March 10, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Freightliner Trucks will present technical information on chassis specifications, design, body installation, and equipment-mounting options. Presenters:

Representatives of Freightliner Trucks.

General Motors Fleet and Commercial Operations CHASSIS UPDATE, March 11, 9:30 am-10:45 am: General Motors Fleet and Commercial Operations will discuss its broad lineup of commercial trucks and provide information on upcoming enhancements. These will include significant improvements to the Silverado and Sierra HD chassis, such as new models and improved capability to better serve commercial users and upfitters. GM will display these new trucks in its booth to showcase upgraded features and benefits. Presenters: Representatives of General Motors Fleet and Commercial Operations.