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NTEA Truck Product Conference:

Nov. 1, 2011
Top truck manufacturers let the truck equipment industry know what to expect for the 2012 model year. Here's our complete report on this year's NTEA Truck Product Conference.
Leading truck manufacturers made their products and their personnel available to the scrutiny of NTEA members during the three-day Truck Product Conference held in September at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn MI.

Concept trucks were there to see. So were high-tech hybrids and the commercial trucks that are the truck equipment industry's bread and butter.

For three days in September, a dozen truck brands were on display, and engineers from those companies were on hand to answer questions about how upfitters can adapt those vehicles for use by commercial customers. The venue was the annual Truck Product Conference produced by the National Truck Equipment Association, held again this year in Dearborn, Michigan.

Even though 2010 will be a carryover year for most manufacturers, there was plenty of news from the event. The following pages contain the highlights of the conference.

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