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Sept. 1, 2003
Shorty fits in, looks good almost anywhere TruckCraft Corp's new TC-120S Ultra Shorty aluminum pickup insert fits short-bed pickups and handles 5,000

Shorty fits in, looks good almost anywhere

TruckCraft Corp's new TC-120S Ultra Shorty aluminum pickup insert fits short-bed pickups and handles 5,000 pounds. It fits Ford/Chevy/Dodge shortbed pickups, long-bed pickups with a cross-box, and can fit sideways on an equipment trailer.

Constructed of tempered T-6 alloy extrusions and 1/8" aluminum sheet, Shorty provides a heavy-duty insert weighing 400 pounds. All hardware is stainless, so Shorty will never rust or need painting.

With a 1.8-cubic-yard and 5,000-lb capacity, Shorty has a TruckCraft quick-mount system. This system requires installing two bolts and connecting one battery cable — two hours with hand tools.

The front-mounted telescopic cylinder has chrome rod sections for durability. It helps keep Shorty's floor low — 3¼" above the pickup floor, for a very low center of gravity. Shorty dumps to a 55° angle in 19 seconds. The electrohydraulic power unit is a self-contained, Monarch unit that connects to a truck's battery. An operator can control the dump-action from within the truck cab, or step outside with the 12-foot remote control cord. The three-way tailgate opens with one hand and slams shut just like a regular pickup tailgate — only better, because it opens at the bottom, too, and can be chained to spread gravel or dirt. Shorty carries a two-year factory warranty.

An Orion bulkhead with screened window to protect rear glass is optional. For full information, contact TruckCraft, 5751 Molly Pitcher Hwy South, Chambersburg PA 17201.
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Oval LED lamp comes in two versions

Arrow Safety Device Co offers 6" oval stop/turn/tail LED lamps in recessed and surface-mounted styles. The recessed version has a black rubber grommet; the surface-mounted version has a black flange. A chrome cover snaps over the black flange, concealing the flange and four mounting holes for a more decorative look. All these lamps are provided with red LEDs and clear lens.

The company's 437 license plate lamp now comes with a plastic housing. The housing is formed from a high-impact plastic, and these lamps can take as much abuse as their steel counterparts. They are available in a chrome-plated ABS and black Lexan.

Arrow still carries a line of incandescent oval lamps. All these lamps are grommet-mount and offered for applications including stop/turn/tail (#143-02), side/intermediate turn signal (#143-01), and back-up lamp (#143-03). Each kit includes lamp, grommet, and 8"-long pigtail.

For more information, contact Arrow, PO Box 299, Georgetown DE 19947.
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Maxon, Hydro give a lift to use of aluminum

Starting with the GPT series, Maxon has since incorporated aluminum — either as standard or as an option — into more than half of its products, from the trademark Tuk-A-Way series (GPT, 80-3, TE-20), to the Conventional (MM1300, MM1650) and Railift (RCM) series. Most recently, Maxon's BMR product, a heavy-duty Columnlift, also underwent a complete aluminum upgrade and is now dubbed BMR-A.

In the early 1990s, Maxon teamed up with Hydro Aluminum North America (then VAW) to develop tailgate lifts that would incorporate the advantages of aluminum extrusions. Some wondered if aluminum would be as strong and sturdy as steel. But Hydro laid those concerns to rest. Combining custom 6061-alloy development with an innovative tooling design, Hydro Aluminum produced extrusions with interlocking features to tighter-than-commercial tolerances, simplifying Maxon's assembly and fabrication operations.