LTR-T Spring Brake Actuator Series Provided by MGM

Feb. 1, 2001
MGM Brakes' LTR-T Series of spring brake actuators features an external breather tube system that vents air from inside the protected area of the service
MGM Brakes' LTR-T Series of spring brake actuators features an external breather tube system that vents air from inside the protected area of the service brake chamber, sealing out any liquid or solid corrosive airborne contaminants. This design can increase the working life of the brake, especially in harsh operating environments.

Heavy-duty diaphragms made of cold-weather natural rubber resist deterioration and can withstand temperatures down to -65 F (-54 C). Made of molded neoprene, the push-rod air seal provides maximum protection against air leaks. A center hole shield prevents entry of contaminants, yet also permits visual inspections of stroke alert status. A new heavy-duty power spring has a flexible epoxy coating. LTR-T non-pressure chambers are epoxy-coated also, and made from 8-gauge embossed steel.

The LTR-T series also has a tamper-resistant design, a built-in manual release bolt, stroke alert indicator, and self-locking mounting nuts. The spring side (or piggyback) of these actuators is backed by a six-year warranty. The service brake side is covered by a three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty. For full details, contact MGM, 8530 Cliff Cameron Dr, Charlotte NC 28269-9786.

Del City Provides Mirrors,Various Lighting Products Several styles of truck lamps, lamp accessories, reflectors, and replacement mirrors are available through Del City.

Stop/tail/turn lamps and clearance/marker lamps from Del City are water- and dust-resistant with shock-resistant polymer housing. With a sealed lens design, Del City lamps and markers have bulbs that retrofit with existing mounts and brackets. License/utility lamps are also offered.

Truck lighting accessories such as pigtail plugs and rubber grommets are included also. Pigtail plugs - two- or three-contact styles - are manufactured for use with single sealed contact lamps, and can replace similar styles. Rubber grommets restore shock protection, security, and improve truck appearance.

Del City offers hermetically sealed reflectors in either center-mount, side-mount, or with adhesive backing options. Reflectors are available in diameters from 2 1/2" through 4 7/16".

Mirrors are available, including West Coast style, stick-on, or round convex styles. For more information, contact Del City, 2101 W Camden Rd, Milwaukee WI 53209.

K W Muth Co Introduces Park Assist Display Technology K W Muth Co Inc has introduced its Park Assist Display (PAD) Technology. This through-the-glass system displays information relayed from a parking assist sensing unit. PAD Technology is compatible with sonar, infrared, and radar sensing systems.

PAD Technology offers three displays. The seven-LED display features five amber and two red LEDs. The three-LED display features a green, yellow, and red LED. Chevron symbols that move across the display area are featured in the third display model. Muth can design the PAD display to whatever specifications engineers envision.

With each of the PAD systems, the outermost LED lights up when a vehicle is furthest from the object it is backing up to. When the vehicle enters the final target zone, LEDs closest to the driver light up. For more details, contact Muth, 4221 High Tech Lane, Sheboygan WI 53083.

New Haldex ABS Uses PLC Technology Haldex Brake Systems is introducing an ABS product that employs power line carrier (PLC) technology to accommodate a single tractor-to-trailer electrical connection. The debut will coincide with the industry directive effective March 1, 2001, requiring in-cab warning lamps.

The three current Haldex ECU platforms are now combined under one PLC ECU, which will continue to operate using Haldex's patented SLH (select low-high) software. Additional features of the new PLC platform ABS product include:

- Standard electronic odometer function.

- Standard 256 bytes for data storage to accommodate storage of trailer manufacturers' vehicle information, operation note pad, vehicle service report, and electronic manifest.

- Standard on-board diagnostic capability, via Blink Code.

- Optional new model Info Center Tool for remote, hand-held ECU communication.

- Optional new model Windows-based PC diagnostics for ECU communication.

The Haldex PLC ECU includes a PLC Plus platform that lets the ECU be used to manage multiple monitoring and control auxiliary functions for preventive maintenance, warning, and operational features. The PLC Plus ECU offers options such as: back-up alarm control; lift axle control; lining wear sensing; and low-reservoir, door-ajar, and temperature warnings. For full details, contact Haldex, 10930 N Pomona Ave, Kansas City MO 64153-1297.

Direct Dimension Improves Upper Coupler Direct Dimension Inc has enhanced its Revolver lube-free upper coupler, which now incorporates use of stainless steel in two critical areas. The Revolver's retaining ring, which positions the UHMW polyethylene disc, is now made of stainless steel. DDI also has incorporated a stainless steel insert that is bonded to the upper coupler plate. Using stainless steel in these two areas eliminates any corrosion that could result from harsh chemicals used on highways to control ice.

With these enhancements, the company has extended its warranty coverage to 10 years. For full information, contact DDI, 8195 Pyott Rd, Lake in the Hills IL 60102.

Comfort Ride Airs Out Rough-and-Tumble Fleetco Products Inc has released the Comfort Ride air suspension system for the 2001 Chevy/GMC one-ton cab chassis dually. Like all units the firm supplies, the Comfort Ride is designed around the rear gross axle weight rating (GAWR). With this air-ride system, existing rear springs are removed. Fleetco's beams, compressor and tank, U-bolts, plumbing lines and rolling-lobe air springs replace OEM suspensions.

The air bag on the Comfort Ride has bump stops inside, and the system is manufactured to hit on the axle bump stops in case of air-bag blowout. The suspension is set up to add air to the system automatically when a load is added to the vehicle and to dump air automatically when the load is removed. A manual dump valve is available with a dash-mounted switch that allows air to be dumped manually. When parking a trailer, after unhitching the unit, normally the unit would have to be jacked up before driving away. With the dump valve, the user can dump air and drive out from under the unit. For more details, contact Fleetco, 405 E Baseline Rd, Gilbert AZ 85233.

Iso-Trude Adds Plant Production Capacity Iso-Trude Inc, a custom extruder of single- and multi-material plastic profiles, recently completed a 20% increase in plant capacity. The company produces parts in various flexible and rigid materials in widths up to 12". Iso-Trude offers fabrications, in line and off line, and provides product design and engineering assistance, Kan Ban shipping, and assembly services. For more details, contact Iso-Trude, 1705 Eaton Dr, Grand Haven MI 49417.

Grumman Olson Rolls Out FreshGuard Bodies Grumman Olson has introduced the FreshGuard line of heavy-duty refrigerated truck bodies. Intended for multi-stop distribution of both fresh and frozen products that require perfect temperature management, the FreshGuard Heavy-Duty is available in lengths from 12 to 28 feet. The line is engineered for pallet jack loading.

The FreshGuard Heavy-Duty features triple-seal back doors and up to 5" of insulation. The Heavy-Duty has been designed to maintain optimum temperatures for cargo such as seafood, meat, ice, and dairy products.

A selection of options allows the Heavy-Duty to be upfitted for specific needs. For more information, contact Grumman Olson, 1801 S Nottawa St, Sturgis MI 49091.

Redesign Reduces Cost of Super 44 Lamp Truck-Lite Co Inc has redesigned the lens optics in its LED Super 44 stop/turn/tail lamp to produce a brighter, more visible illumination pattern using 17 light-emitting diodes. This has allowed Truck-Lite to reduce the cost of its 4" S/T/T lamp.

The new lens design uses 17 concentric circles with optic rings molded into the lens directly in front of each diode. These rings disperse light beams into a large, robust illumination pattern. By eliminating a large number of diodes per lamp, the new Super 44 draws less current, allowing more available power for other vehicle functions. In the stop function, the new 17-diode Super 44 requires .3 amps compared with .7 amps in the previous version. This is about 15% of the power needed by an incandescent light with a bulb. Super 44 lamp photometrics meet all FMVSS 108 requirements and are SAE-approved for all S/T/T functions.

Truck-Lite also has reduced the overall thickness of the lamp housing by more than 1/2".

Available in various grommet- or flange-mounting kits, the Super 44 lamp is compatible with all existing 4" S/T/T mounts and brackets. Retrofitting from incandescent products is simplified by an adapter plug that eliminates rewiring.

For full details, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

UltraLite2 Provides Light Weight, Durability The new UltraLite2 mechanical slider-suspension from Holland Binkley Co is designed to fit upper rails with 6" or the new 4" lock pin spacing. UltraLite2 is 70 pounds lighter than mechanical suspensions and 229 to 505 pounds lighter than air suspension systems without sacrificing strength or durability. It features an 80,000-lb-yield sub-frame, cast torque arms with 20% thicker bushings, and heavy-duty hold down clamps. Holland Binkley's patented Qwik-Release, requiring 33% less pulling effort to operate, is a standard component. Options include an Air Release-equipped version for automatic pin retraction and the UltraLite2 Plus that includes a one-piece axle beam with XEM brakes.

A five-year warranty covers all parts and labor, including wearout, with unlimited miles. For more information, contact Holland Binkley, PO Box 370, Warrenton MO 63383-0370.

Construction Series Joins Trailtech Line Trailtech has introduced its new Construction Series bumper hitch trailers. Model CEL235, CEL260, and CEL270 trailers are constructed with channel iron main frames and crossmembers, Dexter axles with electric brakes on all wheels, and radial tires with white spoke wheels and chrome centers. Also featured are rubber-mounted recessed lighting, sealed and protected wiring, breakaway safety kits, full-length reflective taping, safety chains and hooks, and various ramping systems.

These trailers are designed to accommodate various skid steer loaders and simplify loading and unloading. For more information, contact Trailtech, Box 988, Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, Canada S0H 1X0.

Tecor Provides Line of Paint Booth Doors Tecor Inc now offers a line of paint booth doors. Tec/Doors are manufactured of box-welded structural steel tube with heavy-duty hinges; there are no spot welds or pop rivets to break or loosen. The doors also come with options such as: filter or solid; single or double skin; insulated and weatherproof; windows; lights in doors; double-swing, tri-fold, bi-fold; or surface, flush, or center-of-booth mounting. New or replacement doors are offered for truck, industrial, auto, or aircraft booths.

For more information, contact Tecor, 848 W 79th St, Bloomington MN 55420.

Pickup Truck Liftgate Built for Vending Market DEL Liftgates introduces the PT1648AFAV pickup truck liftgate to meet needs of the vending market. DEL has applied Tailored Solutions to design the PT1648AFAV liftgate with features including a larger 48-inch-deep platform for loading vending machines and palletized loads with a pallet jacket. A 12-inch slope makes loading and unloading easy, and an Above Floor Lift feature enables the user to lift above the floor of the truck and reach loading docks up to 46 inches high.

The PT1648AFAV liftgate platform is constructed of aluminum. A Levelride safety feature keeps payloads flat throughout the entire travel of the gate, with a chain-and-sprocket drive to provide optimum safety and eliminate the need for cable replacements.

All DEL liftgates are covered by a three-year warranty from date of purchase. For additional information, contact DEL, PO Box 6126, Buffalo NY 14240-6126.

Adhesive/Sealant Meets Bonding Requirements Bostik has introduced an advanced one-part adhesive/sealant formulated to meet bonding requirements for assembling or repairing transit and transportation vehicles.

Engineered with a silylated polyether polymer, Bostik 2100 SPS adhesive/sealant is a solvent-free, moisture-curing system that adheres to both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Bostik 2100 SPS offers features of both silicone and urethane compounds. Among the many production and performance benefits are a fast cure rate and long-lasting adhesion with difficult-to-bond synthetic substrates such as plastic, fiberglass, ABS, PVC, and vinyl.

This formulation offers optimal aesthetic characteristics. Bostik 2100 SPS can be painted easily, and it will not, over time, discolor or "yellow" in normal applications. It also helps meet many OEM standards for fit, finish, and appearance.

Available in 10.3-ounce gun-grade cartridges, Bostik 2100 SPS has a 60-minute skin time. The extrusion rate is 220 grams per minute; curing rate at 77 F and 50% relative humidity is about 1/4" thickness in 24 hours. After 14 days of full cure, Bostik 2100 SPS provides resistance to ozone, ultraviolet light exposure, heat, and aging. The adhesive/sealant also can withstand temperatures from -40 to 210 F. For full details, contact Bostik, 211 Boston St, Middleton MA 01949-2128.

Aerotech Cap Offers Aerodynamic Styling Reading Body Works Inc has introduced the aerodynamically styled Aerotech Cap, featuring exterior storage compartments and an enclosed cargo area. The contour design of the front and end panels, roof and compartment doors are formed by using a deep-drawn press arching the steel to hold its shape. Extra reinforcement in the roof and sides ensures years of durability.

A rear drop gate provides access to the cargo area, and locks with a two-point T-handle lock. The rear drop gate operates smoothly with a gas prop and aluminum pivot hinge (riveted). The drop gate also features a shatter-resistant permanent window. For more details, contact Reading, Hancock Blvd and Gerry St, PO Box 650, Shillington PA 19607.

Replacement Top Plate for Holland Fifthwheels Jost International Corp has added a new replacement top plate for Holland fifthwheels. The JSK 37H fifthwheel replacement unit has four moving parts. The cushioned throat ring absorbs kingpin impact, and high-hitch lock guards prevent false coupling. An external grease zerk lubes the jaw and kingpin. The release handle requires just 60 pounds of pull force, and the entire top plate is adjustable to infinite settings.

Produced at Jost's newest manufacturing facility in Greeneville TN, the JSK 37H top plate is engineered to retrofit Holland FW8, FW35, FW2000, and FW3501 models. Each replacement kit comes with top plate, bracket collar, bracket pins, and installation hardware. For more details, contact Jost, 1770 Hayes, Grand Haven MI 49417.

Tommy Gate Company Provides New Equipment A new split cart stop is available for Tommy Gate Co's rail lift series liftgates. The cart stop helps keep wheeled loads on the platform, especially when raising and lowering the gate. Since it is a split stop, loads on each side can be moved independently of each other. On one side, the cart stop can be open to keep the load in place while the other side can be closed, allowing removal on and off the platform.

Because the cart stop is built directly into an aluminum extrusion, it is available only on an optional extruded aluminum platform. However, the strength of the platform is not compromised by adding the cart stop.

Tommy Gate also offers a redesigned Gas Bottle Rack rail liftgate. These liftgates (85-20 SGBR and 89-20 SGBR) are available in 2,000-lb capacities. The Gas Bottle Rack features a folding fence and a folding 12-inch taper that gives it a lower profile while in stored position. A standard torsion bar allows the vertical gate to be lowered below bed height. If desired, the SGBR series can be ordered in above-bed height models (85-20 S AB GBR and 8920 S AB GBR).

A new 37-inch-deep steel platform with an 11-inch taper is now available as an option for steel frame Tommy Gate rail lifts. The 37+11 platform is available in place of the standard 37-inch-deep liftgates in 1,600- and 2,000-lb capacities. For more details, contact Tommy Gate, 5112 N 40th St, Suite 203, Phoenix AZ 85018.

Bosal 304 Exhaust System Can Boost Engine Output Bosal USA Inc has launched a new brand of exhaust systems within its performance group. Called Bosal 304, the new brand is an integral part of Bosal USA's performance division, which also produces the Brospeed and Prosport Lines.

Bosal 304 cat-back systems are designed to improve engine breathing efficiency, horsepower, and torque. Performance tests have shown increases in engine output from 5% to 8% (measured at the drive wheels). Addition of a header has produced increases from 8% to 12%.

All systems under the 304 brand will be designed and produced in North America. The systems will be developed at Bosal's research and development facility in Ann Arbor MI, and manufactured at production facilities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. For complete details, contact Bosal, 14 Troy Hills Rd, Whippany NJ 07981.