Product Profiles

July 1, 2005
Poured-on liner protects fleet investments Fabick Inc, developers of the patented process, offers construction fleets tough, resilient protection. The

Poured-on liner protects fleet investments

Fabick Inc, developers of the patented “poured-on” process, offers construction fleets tough, resilient protection. The Poured-on coating offers a mirror-smooth finish for cleaner load release, and it can withstand up to 350° F — including asphalt. It wears better than steel, so it can protect a new truck investment or repair old worn floors in existing used trucks.

Qualities of Poured-on include:

  • Fast release
  • Self-leveling liners, airtight and waterproof
  • No bolts, no holes — entirely seamless
  • High-impact liners poured directly to the surface
  • Bonds directly to steel
  • Works well on aluminum dump trucks
  • No vapor or fumes
  • No overspray
  • No taping/masking

Applications include dump and service trucks, trailer floors and walls, sand and salt spreaders, utility trailers, and truck bodies. For more details, contact Fabick, Madison WI.

Stealth70 delivers over-the-top air power

Vanair Mfg has introduced the Stealth70, a compact, lightweight, underhood rotary screw air compressor that offers continuous, on-demand air power at 70 cfm up to 175 psi.

Because the compressor is totally contained under the hood, mobility in traffic and on job sites is enhanced. Integrating the Stealth70 into light- to medium-duty trucks means that companies only have one vehicle to license and insure.

Another advantage of the Stealth70 is that it is an ideal choice for vehicles within a PTO system, yet it offers the innovation of Vanair's rotary screw delivery system, which produces true 70 cfm of power.

Standard with the Stealth70's installation kit is the Throttlemax universal engine speed control. This system offers easy OEM “plug and play” installation on any electronically controlled engine, modulates engine speed according to demand, and regulates engine speed for safe operation.

Combine the Stealth70 with Throttlemax and the optional SmartSensor electronic monitor system for a package that delivers over-the-top air power under the hood.

For more information, contact Vanair, New Buffalo MI.

All Link Mfg loading ramps to include SNS

Link Mfg Ltd's new Super Non-Slip Surface (SNS) is still constructed of all-aluminum and will be used on all of the company's lines of loading ramps. This aggressive flooring aids in traction during rain, snow, and everyday use. For more information, contact Link, Sioux Center IA.

Pipe plugs guard against contamination

New from Micro Plastics Inc is a line of nylon pipe plugs. Designed with NPT threads, these plugs protect valves and hydraulic and pneumatic devices from contamination.

The grub-style drive allows installation and removal with a common screwdriver, and is available in five sizes that include 1/8-27, 1/4-18, 3/8-18, 1/2-14, and 3/4-14.

Free samples are available upon request. For a free copy of the full-line catalog #35, contact: Micro Plastics' Customer Service Department, Flippin AR.

TV inspection camera optional on Camel

Super Products has added the option of installing a TV inspection camera system directly on its Camel sewer cleaning unit. This option adds to the versatility of the Camel by allowing two technologies in one. The operator can now safely inspect the sewer lines and clean them without having to haul two pieces of equipment to the worksite.

For more information, contact Super Products, New Berlin WI.

WDL RM provided with aluminum platform

Waltco Truck Equipment Co introduces Waltco Direct Lift (WDL) Aluminum Platform (AP) Reduced Maintenance (RM) rail-type liftgate.

The WDL RM series offers a variety of lifting capacities and platform sizes that make it suitable for wide, heavy, wheeled, or palletized loads. This series accommodates unobstructed dock loading because the platform can be lowered to below the vehicle bed height and backed up to the dock.

Now in an aluminum platform construction, the WDL/AP RM series offers the same performance in a more corrosion-resistant material that will further minimize the need for maintenance — and look better and last longer.

The WDL/AP RM series offers models in four weight capacities: 3,500, 4,500, 5,500, and 6,600 pounds. Further contributing to the reduced maintenance requirements, the WDL/AP RM features large pins and hinges at key pivot points to minimize debris buildup and reduce risk of breakdown. For more information, contact Waltco, Tallmadge OH.

Hankook Tire America Corp rolls out new radial tires

Hankook Tire America Corp has introduced three new truck and bus radial tires for a variety of applications, from short-haul to long-distance trucking.

The AM02C all-position, wide-base tire was developed for added mileage and superior traction in mixed conditions. Its tread compound and four-belt structure yield superior durability. Shoulders offer added sidewall protection, while applied tie bands prevent irregular wear and reduce noise. The square shoulder shape ensures optimal road contact.

Also new to Hankook's TBR lineup is the AM06 on- and off-road all-position tire, designed for aggressive traction in all driving conditions. The square shoulder shape and contact pressure yield superior wear resistance, while the surface grooves provide excellent water drainage. The tread design expels stones and extends the life of the tire.

The new DM04 off-road drive position tire was engineered primarily for off-road conditions. It's a drive axle traction radial with deep, wide treads for high mobility. Its open shoulder offers agile maneuvering. Large tread blocks and special compound resist cuts and penetrations. Four-steel-belt structure allows maximum loads, provides fuel efficiency and high mileage.

Contact Hankook, Wayne NJ, for more details.

SteelSafe stops vehicle theft in its tracks

The SteelSafe Truck Immobilizer is designed to stop the theft of trucks, trailers, buses, and semitrailers by immobilizing the vehicle using its own air systems. It is designed to stop the initial theft of the vehicle. If GPS is added and the vehicle is already on the road, the combination of GPS tracking and remote immobilization will ensure the vehicle is brought to a standstill.

Any attempt to tamper with the vehicle will render the vehicle immobile and activate the air horn as a warning signal. Any air pumped back into the vehicle to move it will vent through the air horn acting as a loud alarm.

Manufactured in Australia for now, Steelsafe is provided worldwide and can be delivered anywhere. The manufacturer is seeking a buyer for the worldwide rights to SteelSafe. For more information or to place an order, phone 330-456-7381 in the United States or +613-93-52-6519 in Australia.

Goodyear adds G338 UniCircle tread

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co's Unisteel G338 tread design is provided as a UniCircle precured retread. The G338 features an aggressive drive position tread pattern with high-blade density that provides superior all-weather traction.

The G338 is available in base widths and sizes to accommodate applications on Class 7 and 8 trucks. It joins a complete product lineup of UniCircle retreads in drive and trailer positions.

For more on UniCircle, contact Goodyear, Akron OH.

Low-profile cable ties have less head height

Waytek's new low-profile cable ties offer reduced head height compared with standard designs. Suitable applications include wire harnesses, confined spaces, marine, construction, safety equipment, and control panel applications. The low-profile design eliminates cuts or abrasions to wires, cables, hoses, products, and users.

Available in 7½" and 14" lengths, the ties provide a tensile strength up to 120 pounds. They come in black or natural colors.

For more information or to request a free catalog, contact Waytek, Chanhassen MN.

ArvinMeritor produces RideStar suspension designed for Mexican, vocational markets

ArvinMeritor Inc has a new trailer suspension specifically designed for Mexican and vocational applications in the United States and Canada. The RideStar RFS30T builds on proven RFS Series suspension technology and adds features to offer more durability to handle the heavier-duty loads associated with this segment.

The new suspension is engineered for 30,000-lb gross axle weight rated applications and will be available beginning February 2005.

As with all RideStar suspensions, the RFS30T offers an exceptional ride. An exclusive bushing design utilizes interleaf shims for greater fore and aft stiffness to help address potential backslap. Specially developed shocks work directly with the RFS suspension geometry to increase damping force, resulting in less fatigue damage, and improved braking performance and tire life. Meritor axles and brakes are a standard feature of this series.

Unique to the RFS30T is its heavier axle beam for added durability and its more robust rebound straps to help prevent the suspension from overextending shocks and air springs.

This new suspension is suited for applications such as raw wood haulers, dump vehicles, beverage haulers, and tankers.

For more information, contact ArvinMeritor, Troy MI.

BTS drum for rear drive, trailer axle uses

The BTS self-cleaning drum from Webb Wheel Products now comes in 16½" × 7", 16½" × 8", and 16½" × 8.62" drum sizes for rear drive and trailer axle applications.

Webb's BTS drum effectively reduces heat and debris accumulation that negatively affects the brakes on heavy-duty vehicles. This is especially important in extreme conditions, and the company is conducting field tests in severe environments to support its developmental objectives for the product. The BTS drum was developed by the company, in part, to answer The Maintenance Council's Tomorrow's Truck Program task force recommendation for a self-cleaning drum.

The BTS drum optimizes performance of Lynnfin brake turbines for a cleaner system to improve brake life and performance. Heat and debris ruin brakes. Brake turbines remove both from brakes by forcing air between the drum and friction material. In addition to the cooling process of the brake turbines, the ribbed exterior of the drum provides more surface area to improve heat dissipation, and the specially engineered vents allow for the removal of debris, heat, and dust. Reduction in noise levels from brakes is an added benefit for the fleets that use this product.

For more information, contact Webb, Cullman AL.

Dump/shift control, tower developed by Wescon

Wescon has developed a new dump/shift control and tower designed on a building-block concept. The hoist and PTO controls can be either mechanical or air, and the mechanical controls come with a standard warning light. Mounting brackets for various air controls or electric switches can be added wherever the user desires; no cutting or welding is needed. Knockouts for the air lines or wires are standard, as are easily removable access panels.

For more information, contact Wescon, Wichita KS.

XZUS single tire built for all-position use

The Michelin X One XZUS tire, the fifth version of the X One wide single tire introduced by Michelin Americas Truck Tires, is designed for use in the waste industry, on urban delivery trucks, and in other urban/regional applications. It is the first Michelin X One tire designed for all-wheel-position use in such applications, offering higher carrying capacity plus lighter weight to increase payload and improve productivity.

This tire, size 455/55R22.5 load range M, features:

  • Increased load capability of 11,700 pounds per tire.

  • Improved rolling resistance and fuel economy compared with other Michelin and competitor tires designed for such applications.

  • Increased payload capability of up to 200 pounds or more per axle.

  • Improved driver comfort and vehicle stability.

  • Simplified tire maintenance and management, with a single size tire to be used on both steer and drive axles

  • Optimized retreadability using Michelin's Co-Ex technology featuring a cool undertread that reduces heat while maximizing the life of the tire and tread.

For more details, contact Michelin, Greenville SC.

Hagelnut makes jam nut yesterday's news

The Hagelnut is an improved adaptation of the conventional three-piece jam nut used for years as the primary wheel end retention system in the tractor/trailer industry. The old three-piece design was recognized as being the most secure and reliable spindle nut system when installed in accordance with the TMC (Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations) Recommended Practice RP 618, Wheel End Adjustment Procedures. However, the old-style three-piece jam nut configurations were unable to be used for preload adjustment because the final jam-tightening operation of the outer nut would introduce excessive and uncontrollable preload. For that reason, the only assembly practice approved by most roller bearing manufacturers was limited to installing “end play”: a procedure unable to provide consistent results.

With the new SAE Standard J2535, it is now possible to assemble wheel end systems with controllable preload. The TMC recently published Recommended Practice RP 640, Alternate Wheel Bearing Adjustment Systems, which says in the section, “Adjustable Wheel End Systems” that “A nut fastener system is installed on the axle spindle to adjust the bearings either with limited end play or slight preload. Each fastener system manufacturer has definitive installation instructions.”

For more details, contact Rather Engineering, 414 S York, Dearborn MI 48124.

Kidron sees advantages of using Eagle Eye

Kidron, provider of refrigerated trailers worldwide, will immediately begin marketing and supporting the Eagle Eye obstacle detection system from Indianapolis IN-based Transportation Safety Technologies Inc (TST).

Eagle Eye uses ultrasonic technology to monitor blind areas around commercial vehicles and alert drivers to the presence of obstacles they cannot see. It has helped fleet operators avoid costly accidents.

Based in Kidron OH, Kidron designs and manufactures truck bodies and trailers for distribution of refrigerated cargo. Owned by Specialized Vehicles Corp (SVC), the company offers both Kidron and Hackney brand reefer bodies.

For more information, contact Kidron, Kidron OH.

Circuit breaker ready for marine duty

Bussmann Automotive Products, a division of Cooper Industries, has introduced the Series 187 Marine Rated Circuit Breaker (MRCB).

The Series 187 MRCB is a Type 3 manual reset style circuit breaker with a switching function. A yellow lever on the cover identifies the on-off switching function, and is easily accessible. It allows the MRCB to be used as the main circuit breaker in DC electrical systems. Avail-able in ratings from 25 to 150 amps, the MRCB comes in panel- and surface-mount models.

The MRCB is molded of UL 94VO materials and is weatherproof and CE-registered. Other features include:

  • Ignition protected per ABYC E-11 requirements (Tested per SAE J1171).

  • Main breaker protection interrupt rating (5 kA per AYBC E-11 @ 12 volts DC). Overall interrupt ratings: 5 kA @ 12 volts, 3 kA @ 24 volts, 2 kA @ 36 volts, and 1 kA @ 48 volts.

  • 5/16-18 electrical termination studs — corrosion-resistant materials, optional stainless nuts, and lock washers.

  • Mounting hole clearance is designed to allow use of 5 mm or 10-32 screws.

For more information, contact Cooper Bussmann, Wood Dale IL.

Air Cuff Lock guards against brake release

Transport Security Inc has added the Enforcer Air Cuff Lock to its line of Enforcer high-security products for the transportation industry. Made from high-impact-resistant polycarbonate material, the lock prevents unauthorized release of tractor and trailer brakes, protecting idling trucks from theft by completely encasing the air valves. This lock is secured with the ABLOY lock cylinder, providing maximum security and more than 300 million keying combinations, making duplication virtually impossible. The Air Cuff Lock is portable and requires no permanent installation, allowing it to be used on multiple trucks.

For more information, contact Transport Security, Waconia MN.

SIS fully inspects axles in mere minutes

Josam Products Inc is introducing the Safety Inspection System (SIS) to assist in checking steering and suspension components on all axles, on all vehicles, in minutes. It will show wear and tear, and help minimize untimely breakdowns. The company provides hassle-free shipping and installation. Josam will also train mechanics to operate the equipment and teach service writers to sell this service.

For further information, contact Josam, Orlando FL.