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Aug. 1, 2007
Eaton showcases its hybrid know-how Eaton Corp demonstrated its commitment to advancing hybrid power technology by hosting a seven-vehicle Ride-N-Drive

Eaton showcases its hybrid know-how

Eaton Corp demonstrated its commitment to advancing hybrid power technology by hosting a seven-vehicle Ride-N-Drive event at the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Convention and Work Truck Show 2007. The demonstration vehicles included chassis from International Truck and Engine Corp, Peterbilt, and Freightliner — each equipped with an Eaton hybrid electric system.

At the event, Eaton also announced that its hybrid systems will be commercially available in 2007 on the assembly lines of most major North American OEMs.

Eaton employs a parallel-type diesel-electric hybrid system with Eaton's Fuller UltraShift automated transmission It incorporates an electric motor/generator between the output of an automated clutch and input of the transmission. The system recovers energy normally lost during braking and stores the energy in batteries. When electric torque is blended with engine torque, the stored energy is used to improve fuel economy and vehicle performance for a given speed, or operate with electric power only. The system provides energy for use during engine-off worksite operations.

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Goodyear helps Sterling Bullet stay on target

Sterling Truck Corp's all-new Sterling Bullet will stay on the job — thanks to new Goodyear Unisteel commercial tires especially made for traction-challenged work sites. Sterling selected Goodyear tires in size 225/70R19.5 for the new model that complements its light-duty commercial truck offering.

Goodyear's new G622 RSD regional service drive tire meets the tough demands of urban pick-up and delivery work. An aggressive “blading scheme” and stiffened shoulders deliver improved traction and even wear, according to Rich Cottrell, Goodyear original-equipment account executive.

The Bullet also rides on the G647 RSS tire for severe regional service. A high scrub-resistant tread compound provides optimal service in tough pick-up and delivery applications where turning, braking, and backing are extreme.

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Ridewell provides captured axle suspension

Ridewell Suspensions has developed a new captured axle suspension system. The Model RAR-247 has a capacity rating of 25,000 lb and is a low-mount, heavy-duty underslung trailer suspension. The system is suitable for drum or disk brakes. Key applications for the RAR-247 include lowboy, oilfield float, and logging trailers.

Features of this system include:

  • Low stress axle connection — the trailing beam attaches to ½"-thick axle sleeve; window welds attach axle sleeve to the axle, eliminating weld termination stresses; beam structure is centered in-line between pivot and axle.

  • Proven reliable pivot connection — much like Ridewell's Monopivot 240 series, the 247 includes ±1/8" alignment at each hanger; solid, monopivot bushing, clamped into the beam for easy servicing; and Securelok pivot nut.

  • Integrated mounting for shock absorber and height control system on hanger and beam.

  • Drum and disc brake compatibility.

  • Mounting heights of 6.5" to 9".

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Lockrod is attractive yet strong

High-end horse, utility and stock trailers, as well as truck body applications often require lighter, and more cosmetically appealing lockrods to secure side and rear swing doors, yet without sacrificing strength and durability.

Powerbrace Corp offers an answer with its new NH-NH ¾-inch aluminum, zero-torque lockrod. Its standard option has a brushed aluminum look, but it is also available in an optional electropolished finish that gives the look of polished stainless at a fraction of the cost. With a zero-torque lockrod, the more pressure applied to doors from the inside, such as shifting cargo weight, the tighter the cams and keepers engage, providing 100% positive anti-rack control in every direction.

The ¾-inch aluminum NH-NH lockrods can be ordered three ways:

  • Custom Manufactured — Factory-assembled lockrod built to exact length specifications with both cams and riveted handle assembly factory-welded. Just add mounting hardware.

  • Top End Loose — A manufactured lockrod with bottom cam and riveted handle assembly factory welded in place. Simply cut tube to desired length, weld on top cam, and mount with hardware kit.

  • Assembly Kit and Tubing — Lockrod assembly kits include all the components needed to build one lockrod.

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Lift axle applications help Timbren thrive

Timbren's Suspension Enhancement Systems (SES) offer a simple, effective permanent answer to roll stability issues and the effects of suspension overload when lift axles are raised during off-road operation.

The systems are designed to be lightly engaged and virtually transparent during normal operating conditions. When severe loads are applied to the suspension, the progressive-rate hollow rubber springs automatically and rapidly increase the spring rate of the suspension. Since rubber has a frequency slightly different than steel, energy from road shock is absorbed into the hollow rubber springs and not transmitted into the suspension or chassis.

SES products use Aeon rubber springs. The Aeon springs of each system are carefully selected from a variety of spring products to match their specific applications. The systems work as auxiliary springs between the frame and the axle. They increase load-carrying capacity and act as a stabilizer (without the need for an actual stabilizer) to reduce sway and increase roll stiffness of the vehicles, especially heavy-duty off-road vehicles with higher center-of-gravity.

Higher roll stiffness provides better vehicle stability, handling, and maneuverability. As vehicle handling is improved, the bushings of the suspension will take less twisting, deformation, and stress. As a result, the durability of the bushings improve significantly. This reduces the need for replacing them as well as the cost associated with this activity, which requires disassembling/reassembling of many components.

SES products from Timbren are available for front axle, rear axle, and trailer suspensions. They operate effectively with air spring suspensions, multi-leaf, parabolic leaf springs, composite springs, and walking beam suspensions.

All SES products have a lifetime guarantee and a satisfaction guarantee. E-mail [email protected] for more details.