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Jan. 1, 2007
External liftgate designed for Sprinter vans Leyman Lift Gates' newly innovated external Sprinter van liftgate, the LCS1320, is designed with a vertical

External liftgate designed for Sprinter vans

Leyman Lift Gates' newly innovated external Sprinter van liftgate, the LCS1320, is designed with a vertical fold aluminum platform, which enables opening and entering the right rear door without any liftgate movement.

When use of the gate is required, the vertical fold platform opens to 52 inches wide and 71 inches deep (on 2007 models), or 59 inches wide and 63 inches deep (on 2006 models or older). The LCS1320 also has the smallest loading angle in its class, according to Leyman. Standard features include:

  • Level ride platform with automatic tilt at ground level
  • Handheld radio control button (on 2007 vans or newer)
  • Push button on rear (on 2006 vans or older)
  • Cart stops
  • Flashing lights on platform
  • Flip plate
  • One tilt and one lift cylinder
  • Wiring compliant with all TMC recommended practices

E-mail Robyn Bentley at [email protected] for more information.

Thieman's improved M-series raises the bar

Thieman Tailgates has made several improvements to the M-series stowaway liftgate, including increased capacity, larger platforms, and a new receiver tube for towing.

The M-Series now comes in a 3,000-pound capacity as the M-30, which joins these current models still available: M-16 (1,600-lb), M-20 (2,000-lb), and M-25 (2,500-lb). The M-30 is available with a platform size of 72" × 36" + 6" ramp or 84" × 36" + 6" ramp.

The M-16, M-20, and M-25 are now provided with a platform (not available on the M-30) size of 84" × 42" + 10" aluminum flip ramp. This wedge-style platform has a slight tilt from the rear of the platform to the ground.

The optional pintle hook attachment is no longer a bolt-on style for the M-gate. A new attachment uses a 2" receiver tube.

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Swing doors, liftgates can work together

Waltco Truck Equipment Co introduces the optional Swing Door Compatible Bed Extension (patent-pending), to make liftgates and swing doors more compatible and efficient.

Fleet owners and operators typically face a dilemma when specifying a truck body, said Jack Wyatt, manager of field services for Waltco. Select swing doors, and it will be complicated to add a liftgate because the hardware required to secure swing doors interferes with the mounting and operation of a liftgate. Select a liftgate, and you lose cargo loading and carrying space because roll-up doors create a smaller opening to the vehicle bed and require overhead clearance.

The Swing Door Compatible Bed Extension is a 1/4-inch diamondplate steel platform that extends the bed of the truck by 10 inches. A hinged, flip-away center panel creates a smooth transition from liftgate to truck floor, then flips away to access door-securing hardware.

When operating the liftgate, the panel is flipped up to create a smooth surface for cargo transport. When the liftgate is down and it's time to close the doors, the panel flips down out of the way, to expose the hardware needed to close and secure the door.

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Retriever truck bed takes ‘LLEAP’ up

The Retriever truck bed won Best Overall/First Place in the 2006 Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Access Platforms (LLEAP) Awards. These awards honor the year's best new products in the crane, aerial lift, and material-handling fields.

Judges said Up-N-Atom's Retriever 15-ton truck bed exemplified the innovation, influence, and owner-operator benefits necessary to make it the #1 national winner.

Explaining the award, “More than the average hauling tool, the Retriever 15T transport truck bed was designed specifically to haul construction equipment, and its patented low-profile curved-and-hinged deck allows equipment to be easily driven onboard with minimal risk of tipping or operator injury. The Retriever can be fitted to almost any truck chassis — standard or low-profile — new or used.

Retriever is available in 7.5-, 10-, and 15-ton models that fit 30,000- to 58,000-lb GVWR chassis. They come in 18- to 28-foot lengths in 2-ft increments.

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Eagle Lift elevates liftgate excellence

Eagle Lift, the Council Bluffs IA-based manufacturer of hydraulic liftgates for the truck equipment industry, offers a variety of models and lifting capacities to meet service needs. All Eagle Lift products are backed by a three-year limited warranty and more than 80 years of experience in the truck equipment industry. Please check out our booth at the 2007 NTEA Work Truck Show, booth number 341.

E-mail Elizabeth Moser at [email protected] for further information.

TE-25: More platform space for smaller trucks

Maxon Lift Corp's newly designed TE-25/TE-25L Series is equipped to withstand the demands of heavy loads. The TE-25L replaces the current TKL product line.

The TE-25 Series was engineered to provide greater platform space to handle more consolidated loads on small trucks with low beds. Its platform size of 48" × 78.5" offers this large platform. The liftgate features a wedge flip section that allows for more loadable space, a torsion-assisted flip-over that reduces force required to fold the larger platform area, and a revised extension plate for greater clearance.

This series also offers a molded, potted switch that is corrosion-resistant; a four-stage, 500-hour salt-spray-tested paint process; and low-maintenance pins and bearings that eliminate periodic greasing requirements. An opener arm allows the gate to be opened with minimal effort.

More information can be obtained by phoning 800-227-4116 or accessing

Direct Hydraulic Series is Holland's standout

The flagship of The Holland Group's liftgate line is the DH (Direct Hydraulic) Series. A column liftgate, the DH is now offered with hot dip galvanizing or the standard Black Armour coating. It also features a new hydraulic pump for enhanced performance. The DH Series is offered in 4,500-, 5,500-, and 6,600-lb capacities and an array of platform sizes and ramp configurations.

This series comes standard for 102"-wide mounting, with trailer installation packages including pump and battery enclosures. The patented Level-Ride hydraulic system is available on the 5,500- and 6,600-lb-capacity models and ensures a level lift regardless of load position, weather condition, and system voltage. Its 5" rollers are constructed from a proprietary material that stays flexible to -58° F (-50° C) and has a built-in memory to maintain the shape. The rollers run in a greaseless track.

Holland also manufactures fold-away liftgates and rail lifts in capacities from 2,000 to 6,600 pounds. E-mail Jeff Peterson at [email protected] for more details.

X-Tra-Lift 2000 provides a ton of capacity

Stellar Industries Inc has released the X-Tra-Lift 2000, a 2,000-lb-capacity version of the Stellar X-Tra-Lift Pro.

The X-Tra-Lift 2000 is an electrically controlled, hydraulic lifting system designed for one-ton pick-ups and one-ton trucks with utility bodies. Lifting equipment operates parallel to the ground, keeping the load level at all times. Stability throughout the entire cycle makes it easy to load from various heights, such as a loading dock.

With the increased capacity, a user can easily load, transport, and unload a larger variety of items, such as two large vending machines, two commercial pool tables, bulky manufacturing equipment, intricate medical devices, and various types of small construction equipment. Should the operator not need the X-Tra-Lift, the carrier can quickly detach from the lifting unit to allow an operator to use the load bed without any restrictions.

For more information, e-mail Donna Popp-Bruesewitz at [email protected].

Glide Trac helps reduce trailer preparation

Waltco Truck Equipment Co introduces the Glide Trac Series Slide-Away level-ride liftgate that conveniently slides in and out from its stored position underneath the trailer bed.

Installers no longer need to supply another subframe on the trailer, relocate trailer lights, or alter the rear sill. The Glide Trac also comes with all mounting hardware; a pump filled with oil, plumbed, and wired; a pre-wired battery box; and factory-installed batteries.

The Glide Trac doesn't require a weld-on bed extension, making the GT Series ideal for 53-foot trailer applications. The GT Series can also be mounted on trailers with either roll-up or swing-type doors and will accommodate most refrigerated trailer designs.

Suitable for either cart or palletized applications and available in 3,300- and 4,400-lb capacities, the Glide Trac's platform is 80 inches wide and 70 inches deep with a single-piece flip ramp or 56 inches deep with a fixed ramp.

Other standard features include:

  • Two permanently mounted switches that make liftgate controls accessible from either the ground or trailer bed level.

  • Automatically engaging transit latch.

  • Spring-assisted platform folding.

  • A perforated aluminum platform extension.

  • Foldable step for easy operator access and egress from the rear of the trailer.

Optional power kits are available with standard zero gauge charging cable or with the Trail Charger option. Pop up cart stops and folding ramps are also offered.

Phone 330-633-9191 for more details.

Thieman TT-16 liftgate gains lift capacity

The Thieman Tailgates TT-16 with a 1,600-lb capacity is now provided as a TT-20 with a 2,000-lb capacity. The TT-16/20's large platform, offered 80" or 86" wide, and the two lift capacities make awkward material a breeze to load and unload. Designed for use on van bodies, flatbeds, and tire service bodies, the TT-16/20 can be mounted on trucks with a bed height range of 30" to 50". It showcases a completely enclosed lifting mechanism for a clean appearance and protection from the elements. Reduced-maintenance features decrease costs of liftgate ownership.

The TT-16/20 comes standard with dual cylinders for maximum lifting capacity and stability; torsion assist is also included. Options on the TT-16/20 include various platform materials (expanded metal, aluminum extrusion, and two-piece folding), light kit, in-cab shutoff switch, power lowering, and remote pendant controls.

For further details, e-mail [email protected].

Leyman adds wedge platform to liftgates

Leyman Lift Gates is offering a wedge platform on all LH and LLB heavy-duty Tuckunder-style liftgates.

The LH Hide-A-Way available lifting capacity is 1,850, 2,500, 3,000, and 3,500 pounds with a platform measuring 80 inches wide × 45 inches deep plus wedge platform. Designed for low floor applications, the LLB Hide-A-Way has an available lifting capacity of 1,850 and 2,500 pounds and a platform measuring 80 inches wide × 35 inches deep. The liftgate features greaseless bushings. Both the LH and LLB use a steel cabinet to protect motor and pump. Other benefits:

  • Chrome-plated pins

  • Pressure-compensated flow controls

  • Spring-assisted opening and closing of platform

  • Low psi due to larger cylinder surface

  • Pump and motor box can be unbolted and moved

  • Marine toggle switch (no linkage)

  • Platform extension to accommodate forklift usage

  • Power units have thermal protection on motor

  • Secondary platform has twice the amount of vertical supports for extra strength

  • Lifting arms are 1"-thick steel with cross bracing to give even more support when the load is not centered

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