Reducing Installation Times With Special Navistar Options

Nov. 1, 1998
ORDERING the right truck can reduce the amount of time required to install truck bodies and equipment in addition to improving performance once the truck

ORDERING the right truck can reduce the amount of time required to install truck bodies and equipment in addition to improving performance once the truck is placed in service.

Speaking at the Navistar International segment of the NTEA Truck Product Conference, Mike Elwell, Jim Ham, and Al Ambrosini presented some of the special options available on International chassis that will accomplish both of those objectives. Among them:

*Custom frame piercing. When requested before the truck is built, Navistar will pierce holes in the frame for mounting bodies and equipment.

*Front frame extensions. The 20-inch integral front extensions are offered that are reinforced throughout the frame.

*Navistar offers a range of exhaust options, including frame-mounted, cab mounted, horizontal or vertical. Either way, the exhaust systems are pre-engineered for a clean CA dimension.

*A special ABS wiring harness allows an additional six feet of wiring, enabling wheelbase or frame modifications to be performed without requiring the splicing of wire. The longer wiring is particularly useful for the beverage industry.

*Relocation of components. Air dryers can go underneath the cab near the fuel tank. Air tanks can go between the frame rails. For utility equipment applications, the air tanks can be mounted vertically to provide clearance for outriggers.

*An accessory switch panel has up to 10 switches that can be used for PTO or other applications such as lights and snowplows.

Electronic Conveniences Electrical capabilities of Navistar electronic engines can be programmed for preset or variable engine speeds, including stationary or mobile applications. The same control is available remotely.

"With remote engine control, you have the option of disabling control from the cab," Ambrosini said. "This prohibits someone in the cab from changing engine speed while someone in an aerial device is working. A code can be programmed into the system to kill the controls in the cab."

A choice of remote controls are offered, including a hand throttle that enables engine speed to be adjusted and held in place, and a potentiometer for applications such as digger derricks where variable engine speed is desired.

Engine diagnostic codes can be diagnosed at the dash. Every truck comes with an engine diagnostics button. Toread fault codes, pull the button down and turn on the ignition switch. The engine warning lights will blink out a three-digit fault code.

Among the events that the electronic engine logs are high coolant temperature, low oil pressure, low coolant level, and engine overspeed. When these variables go out of acceptable range, the fault is recorded within three minutes on the hour meter and 1/10 mile on the odometer. In all, Navistar has 157 different fault codes. They can be read with the dash light, a Pro Link tool, or a laptop computer that Navistar dealers have. A list of the fault codes is available from Navistar International dealers (part number CGE520).

Details about International chassis can be found in the company's body builders book (Part Number PBB15112V). Also available is a video tape that explains many of the concepts included in the body builders book.

Navistar personnel encouraged truck body and equipment installers to contact them for special requests.