Light-Duty Manufacturers Issue Snowplow Mounting Guidelines

Sept. 1, 2000
Specifications for light-duty trucks haven't changed very much since last year's product offerings. Nevertheless, there has been a noticeable trend over

Specifications for light-duty trucks haven't changed very much since last year's product offerings. Nevertheless, there has been a noticeable trend over the past several years by light-duty manufacturers to authorize more model configurations for snowplow installation.

Snowplow installation is an important part of the light-duty truck manufacturer's business. In the past year, truck manufacturers that have not historically been active in the North American snow and ice control industry have stepped up to the plate to vie for their share of that lucrative market.

Mitsubishi Fuso is one of those manufacturers that has put together a product that offers an alternative in the field of snowplow and ice control. The earlier introduction of the Mitsubishi Fuso FG with its all-wheel-drive capability has made it a natural for snowplow applications. Adding to the truck's capabilities is the new Aisin Automatic transmission coupled with the Chelsea 243-A PTO.

"We are seeing the FG being used in the snow and ice control applications, and we will continue to see growth in the vocational market," said Robert Aquaro, vice-president of product planning for Mitsubishi Fuso at the Canadian Transportation Equipment Association meeting held September 11-13 in Toronto, Canada. "We believe that's going to be a strong market for our product, and we'll help snowplow manufacturers and distributors work with our products to grow our snowplowing business."

The following option codes and installation recommendations are provided as a general guide and should not be used as a definitive reference. Refer to the manufacturer's upfitter/body builder book for specific reference.

Dodge Trucks Dodge recommends that for snowplow applications, the maximum number of occupants in the truck cab should not exceed two people. Additionally, installers should provide a complete weight analysis to insure that the front and rear vehicle weight ratings haven't been exceeded. In some cases, ballast should be applied inside the box 8" from the rear tailgate. Review the upfitter/body builders data book for a complete analysis of what models require ballast.

Snowplow applications for 2001 model year Dodge Ram trucks (only 4 x 4):

Ford Trucks The 4x4, Ford F-150 regular cab and Supercab models are available for use in snowplow applications, along with the 4x4 Super Duty F-Series. Ford does not recommend snowplow installation on the Ranger, Explorer, or Expedition models.

On the F-150 model, to provide the 7,700-lb "Payload Group," Option Code 627 should be specified. For the Super Duty F-250/350 and above models, the Option Code 86M provides a snowplow package, which provides the upfitter/body builder with the necessary installation options for snowplow attachments.

Ford does not recommend the installation of snowplows on pickup models using the 7.3V8 Powerstroke Diesel, except in the regular cab configuration.

General Motors The General Motors Upfitter Integration Group recommends that the truck carry the Snow Plow Prep Package code, VYU. Manufacturers and distributors should familiarize themselves with the following sample specifications for General Motors products.

The new 2001 Chevrolet/GMC 2500HD C/K pickup with VYU option will have, where applicable:

- Increased front spring and possibly torsion bar rate (F60).

- External engine oil cooler for LQ4 (KC4).

- 130 Amp Generator (KG8).

- Provision for roof mounted emergency light (TRW).

- High air flow front bumper impact strip (VG3).

- LT247/75R 16E HWY/OOR tires @60 psi (Required).

- Limited slip Positraction rear axle (G80).

- 42mm Hole FOD with rubber grommet.

- Forward lamp harness with in-line connector.

- Mounting location for snowplow controls.

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