Product Profiles

Dec. 1, 2002
Sophistication, simplicity in a sawing cell Kaltenbach Inc's KKS 401 touchscreen CNC miter-cutting system has sophisticated yet simple controls. All machine

Sophistication, simplicity in a sawing cell

Kaltenbach Inc's KKS 401 touchscreen CNC miter-cutting system has sophisticated yet simple controls. All machine functions operate via MS Windows-compatible software and a touchscreen graphical interface integrated in the machine. Even set-up uses “soft” buttons on the screen.

Data entry is by intuitive help screens, with graphics and a maximum of three screen depths. Material shape and attitude selection is via graphical menu. Material and pre-programmed cut pattern is graphically displayed on screen throughout the production cycle and updated in real time. Software options include remote programming with downloading, full incorporation of customer's own parts designations, “Materials” and “Parts” databases, plus special functions such as data importation from Excel spreadsheets.

The 401 can handle any cut angle to +/-60° (both ends) and any cut length. Virtually every machine setting is either CNC or automatic. Short cycle times are achieved through hydraulic feed, rapid blade return, and CNC blade stroke adjustment. Handling options, including bar loading and output sorting systems, can be customized.

For further information, contact Kaltenbach, 6775 Inwood Dr, Columbus IN 47201.

Adhesive bonds metal to various substrates

Devcon Metal Welder is a structural methacrylate adhesive designed for bonding metal to other metals or to dissimilar substrates such as ABS, PVC, plexiglas, PMMA, polycarbonate, polyesters, and FRP.

Bonding with Metal Welder eliminates the need to punch or drill holes. By distributing stresses and vibration across the entire bond line, Metal Welder eliminates the potential for loosening or leaks that can occur when stresses are concentrated at individual fasteners. Adhesive bonding also creates aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing products.

Metal Welder requires minimal surface preparation and cures at room temperature in about one hour. It produces permanent, load-bearing bonds resistant to weathering, humidity, temperatures up to 250° F, and thermal shock. Tensile shear strength is 2,450 psi as tested on grit-blasted steel with a bond-line thickness of 0.010". Peel strength is greater than 80 pli.

This adhesive is mixed as dispensed using hand-held manual or pneumatic dispensers with static mixing nozzles. It comes in 50- and 490-ml cartridges and is fully recyclable.

For more information, contact Devcon, 30 Endicott St, Danvers MA 01923.

Adhesive provides 90-minute working time

With a working time of about 90 minutes at room temperature, Plexus MA557 two-part methacrylate adhesive is designed for structural bonding of large assemblies.

MA557 is ideal for bonding composites, thermoplastics, and thermosets, including ABS, acrylics, FRP, polyesters, PVC, urethanes, styrenics, and vinyl esters. It requires virtually no surface preparation, bonds to gel coats, and eliminates grinding.

Mixed at a 10:1 ratio, this adhesive cures to a tensile strength of 2,200-2,500 psi, providing fatigue endurance, impact resistance, and toughness. It also resists hydrocarbons, salt solutions, and acids and bases in solution from 3 to 10 pH.

MA557 offers stackability for larger jobs. It eliminates problems associated with adhesive swim (slide) and sag, even when applied to vertical surfaces. Available in 490-ml cartridges, five-gallon pails, and 50-gallon drums, M557 can be dispensed with standard meter-mix equipment or Plexus purpose-built FusionMate dispensing systems.

For more information, contact ITW Plexus, 30 Endicott St, Danvers MA 01923.

Tiny sensor detects various power glitches

The new PQ1 Power Quality Relay announces when disturbances on a power line are damaging or disrupting automated welders, CNC machine tools, and other sensitive electronics.

Less than one-tenth the size and one-twentieth the cost of traditional power quality monitors, the tiny PQ1 has the simplest possible interface: AC power in, relay contacts out. Facility engineers and technicians can use it as a diagnostic tool, or it can be built into larger conveyor and PLC systems as part of a remote diagnostic system.

Despite its small size, the PQ1 detects all common power quality events: voltage sags, interruptions, voltage swells, and high-frequency impulses. It has a response time of 500 nanoseconds for impulses, and has built-in standard depth-duration curves for responding to voltage sags and swells. Automatically adjusting to 50, 60, and 400 Hertz power for worldwide use, the PQ1 adapts to every standard voltage in the world.

Contact Power Standards Lab, 3908 Adeline St, Emeryville CA 94608 for further details.

Punch strippers built for Weideman tooling

Acrotech Inc is now manufacturing punch strippers for #112 and #114 style Weideman tooling. To satisfy performance requirements such as holddown pressure and durability, strippers are made out of K-Prene urethane. To ensure quick delivery, they are stocked in several sizes. Non-standard hardnesses are available.

To learn more, contact Acrotech, Box 466, Lake City MN 55041.

Crane gives pickups extra ‘pickup’ power

Venturo Mfg Inc has added to its line of mast cranes the ProLift T1400, which fills the niche for a mast-style crane for Class 2 and 3 pickups and utility trucks.

With the T1400, lifting, loading, and positioning is simple. It's a great crane for jobs too heavy for manual lifting or too light for rental cranes. Lifting capacity is 500 pounds on Class 2 vehicles and 750 pounds on Class 3 when properly installed. The boom is manual, extended to two positions with 360° manual rotation.

A bi-directional removable winch is operated by an easy-grip remote control pendant, enabling the operator to raise and control rate of descent of the load from a safe distance. The winch has a high-torque motor, vented disk brake with double-action calipers, coated contact tips, and 30-amp circuit breaker. Standard equipment includes 12 feet of aircraft cable with hook.

The T1400 has an overall height of 54" with a base of 16" × 16" and a total of weight of 152 pounds.

For complete details, contact Venturo, 12110 Best Place, Cincinnati OH 45241.

PTO built for Ford TorqShift transmission

Chelsea Products Division of Parker Hannifin Corp has a new power take-off (PTO) designed for Ford's TorqShift automatic transmission. The Chelsea 245 F-Series PTO has no backlash to set, troublefree electronic interface, weathertight connectors, operation in all gears, and specially matched PTO and pumps.

This PTO and pump are specifically designed for 4×4 applications. The pump should be used exclusively with this PTO for maximum clearance. The 245 F-Series PTO allows use of either a remote- or direct-mount pump.

Thirteen optional pumps have flow ranges from 2.9 gallons per minute (10.97 liters per minute) to 31 gpm (117.3 lpm), and pressure ratings from 1,700 psi (117 bar) up to 3,900 psi (274 bar). For two-wheel drive, an 1¼" round keyed output shaft is available for remote-mount equipment. Shift options include the standard 12-volt diode-protected solenoid valve as well as the electronic overspeed control.

For complete details, contact Chelsea Products Division of Parker Hannifin Corp, PO Box 321, Toledo OH 43697-0321.

Slugger portable drills receive chip guards

Jancy Engineering Co has added operator chip guards to all electric Slugger brand portable magnetic drills. The guards enhance safety by reducing inadvertent contact with the cutter, and lessening the likelihood of chips striking the operator.

For full details, contact Jancy, 2735 Hickory Grove Rd, Davenport IA 52804.

Shaped inserts help cut costs

New shaped inserts from W A Whitney Co offer the same accuracy and durability as full-bodied tooling, yet more flexibility, saving fabricators up to 50% on tooling costs. One insert holder accommodates a range of shaped inserts.

Standard or special positioning orientations are available. Standard orientation slots are positioned at 0° and 90°. A pin and slot system aligns the tooling at any angle for accuracy. The positioning pin is easily removed for use of standard round inserts. Special orientation slots can be added for a small charge.

For complete information, contact Whitney, 650 Race St, PO Box 1206, Rockford IL 61105.

Press brakes join series

Hydrapower International Inc developed its new Global Series press brakes to compete with Asian and European imports. The firm's CNC machines offer Delem DNC controls with graphics and American/European tooling and allow users to choose how many gauge axes they prefer. These press brakes complement the company's Global Series shears.

For full details, contact Hydrapower, PO Box 2649, Marco Island FL 34146.

Autoform Forming Center comes in 60-ton version

Cincinnati Inc has developed a new 60-ton version of its Autoform CNC Forming Center. This version is for applications that need a press brake for high-quality part production with a smaller machine footprint.

With a Windows operating system, a touchscreen interface, and a network-compatible industrial PC, the Cincinnati machine provides user-friendly interface and fast programming capabilities.

Autoform options include Cincinnati bend simulation software for input of existing CAD drawings used to develop part programs.

For a copy of the brochure or further information, contact Cincinnati Inc, Box 11111, Cincinnati OH 45211.

Curtain rises on Fontaine curtainside trailers

Fontaine Trailer Co has begun manufacturing curtainside trailers, which open up from the side via a tarp-like curtain. Features and benefits of these curtainside trailers include:

  • 7" neck depth and 48" king pin height; 55" front deck height.

  • Rear deck height of 53".

  • Inside height of 105¾".

  • Side opening height of 1029/16".

  • Curtains are 28-ounce 12 × 12 panama weave (two threads running in each direction), providing equal strength and tear resistance in either direction.

  • High-frequency welding on all hems; pockets and webbings permanently fuse welds that do not pull apart and add strength to curtain wall.

  • Aluminum top rails are custom-designed for lightweight, strength, durability and easier curtain operation.

  • Custom-designed tapered top rollers provide a smooth, easy opening and closing for the life of curtain.

  • Tensioning devices simplify locking and unlocking.

  • Graphics are silkscreen, one to four colors with specialized ink that will not crack or peel for life of curtain.

Contact Fontaine, PO Box 619, 430 Letson Rd, Haleyville AL 35565 for further information.

Mini Wing Body soars as design alternative

Millennium/AR Haire's Mini Wing Body features PepCore, a thermoplastic, truss-wing honeycomb design body construction material lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel. The body has automatically opening wings, or sides, that give nearly 360° access to payload and open and close in seconds.

The Mini Wing Body provides seven benefits:

  • Light weight

  • Impact resistance

  • Sides that open out and up with the flick of a switch, giving almost 360° access to freight around the unit

  • Two-tier vertical freight storage capacity in the unit

  • Optional slide-out drawers

  • Optional shelving

  • Optional cart box with the Fold Up and Store cart

A body made from PepCore will weigh substantially less than its sheet-and-post and FRP competitors, will contain no brad rivets in the body side, will take up to 1,000 times more impact before failing, and is plastic with aluminum extrusions and stainless steel hardware. For full details, contact Millennium/AR Haire, 1001 Ball Park Rd, PO Box 189, Thomasville NC 27361.