Product Profiles

Nov. 1, 2003
Super 44s come with hard-wired adapters Truck-Lite's new LED Super 44 hard-wired stop/turn/tail lamps are available with integrated wiring connections,

Super 44s come with hard-wired adapters

Truck-Lite's new LED Super 44 hard-wired stop/turn/tail lamps are available with integrated wiring connections, offering a choice of five hard-wired adapters. Advancements in high-brightness LED materials, improved optics, and the method for attaching diodes are now mated with integral adapter pigtails, to minimize the number of connection points and decrease the required depth needed to mount the lamps.

Hard-wired and standard Super 44 lamps use a technology that employs an advanced metal substrate for the circuit board. Because this substrate dissipates heat more effectively, the brighter LEDs can be “driven” to a more intense light output without risking damage to the diodes.

Another benefit of the technology is a process called cold clinching. Since heat poses the greatest threat to the life span of the LED diodes, cold clinching eliminates the heat-intensive soldering process found in other LED lamps. Cold clinching connects the discrete diodes to the metal substrate by mechanically and electrically creating a clinch joint. The clinch frame performs the task of a printed circuit board while creating a more reliable lighting product. Overall thickness of the LED's circuitry is reduced, resulting in thinner lamps.

For full information, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Ferrari 700 series gains two new models

Two new models have been added to F. lli. Ferrari's 700 Series of cranes using the double linkage system. The 254,100-ft-lb Class 735 and the 297,600-ft-lb Class 741 models both have the linkage system on first and second arms.

The 735 can have up to six hydraulic extensions, or four articulated extensions on the fourth hydraulic extension. Maximum working height is 81 feet from the ground. Hydraulic stabilizers extending to a total width of 17 feet are standard with optional 21-ft-wide stabilizers available.

The 741 has up to eight extensions or five articulated extensions on the sixth boom section to reach a working height of 101 feet. The footprint of the stabilizers is 17 feet wide as standard or 23'-6" in extra-extendable version.

Both cranes come with a proportional valve bank as standard. An electronic microprocessor device optimizes operating characteristics — cranes work faster with light loads and slower with heavier loads. The ECM electronic limiting device also acts as a black box to record the working hours of the crane and tell the operator when a service check is due.

For detailed information on all models of Ferrari cranes, contact Venco/Venturo divisions of Collins Associates Inc, 2309 Greenside Court, Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32082.

ArvinMeritor picks MA312 brake lining as standard

ArvinMeritor Inc has selected its Meritor MA312 friction material as standard brake lining for 23,000-lb gross axle weight rated (GAWR) trailer axle and suspension applications, effective immediately. It is also available on original equipment tractors and trucks.

MA312 is a friction material that delivers superior performance in both on- and off-highway applications with ratings up to 23,000-lb GAWR. It is also recommended for school bus, heavy-duty, and vocational applications.

J D Power honors Cat C-15

J D Power and Associates has awarded Caterpillar's C-15 diesel engine its highest levels of customer satisfaction, marking the fourth consecutive year a Cat on-highway engine has won the honor.

The C-15 engine won the award in the vocational category, which includes construction, refuse hauling, and utility trucks. The study, based on interviews with nearly 2,700 customers who own two-year-old Class 8 trucks, measures satisfaction in three areas: engine quality and warranty; engine performance; and engine noise and vibration.

Flush pull handle opens door to innovation

TriMark Corp's new 020-0700 flush pull handle is designed for compartment and entrance doors for heavy trucks, service trucks, ambulances, and fire/rescue vehicles. It offers ergonomic function and styling, is adaptable for power door lock actuation, and has a “free-floating” handle when locked. Other product details include:

  • Handle can be keyed to match common ignition locks

  • Housing flange and internal gaskets provided for resistance to water and dirt infiltration

  • Right- and left-hand configurations

  • Locking and non-locking versions

  • Engineered black plastic housing and handle or chrome-plated die-cast aluminum handle

  • Handle can be used either horizontally or vertically

  • Use with TriMark 050-0520 single rotor latch and release linkage for free-floating handle function

  • Handle is easy to install with two M6 nuts and non-handed standard mounting bracket (sold separately)

  • Meets FMVSS 206 locking requirements

System kits include handles, latches, and power lock actuators. Contact TriMark, 500 Bailey Ave, PO Box 350, New Hampton IA 50659 for further details.

Eaton, Preco to offer side object detection

Eaton VORAD Technologies LLC, a subsidiary of Eaton Corp, will partner with Preco Electronics of Boise ID to offer a stand-alone side object detection system. The side sensor will be added to Eaton's current VORAD safety product line.

This new side sensor is a compact, cost-effective, radar-based object detection system that can be used on commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, and buses. Preco has given Eaton worldwide exclusivity for on-road use of the side sensor unit under the Eaton VORAD name.

The Eaton VORAD EVT-300 Collision Warning System, part of the Roadranger System of drivetrain components, includes both forward and side radar sensors that detect objects and vehicles. In-cab display units with a series of warning lights and audible tones are used to warn the driver of the presence of these objects and vehicles. These warnings give the driver added time to take action to avoid a collision.

Extended coupler supplies an extra 9"

Towing a gooseneck trailer requires extra clearance between truck and trailer. Either more trailer swing is necessary for maneuvering, or more room is required at the tailgate for hooking up. PopUp Industries Inc has come up with a simple solution to this predicament.

The new PopUp short-bed extended coupler provides 9" more clearance between the truck cab and trailer nose, and between the truck tailgate and trailer bulkhead. This means more trailer swing and more room for hook-up.

This extended coupler latches automatically when the trailer is lowered onto the ball. To uncouple, simply pull a release cable at the trailer jack.

The coupler fits standard round trailer tubes and installs in about 30 minutes. It is rated at 5,000 pounds gross tongue weight and 25,000 pounds gross trailer weight.

Contact PopUp Industries, 220 W 14th St, Chanute KS 66720 for further details.

RF controls: more power, less interference

Force America's radio frequency (RF) controls are easy to install and eliminate almost all wires needed for power on typical systems. Operating from 902-928 megahertz, a license-free frequency, this higher-frequency band gives more power at higher data rates and avoids interference associated with noise and other equipment.

For added safety, an individual address code on a 10-kilohertz bandwidth over a constant carrier system is used for communication between the transmitter and receiver. This refined system means that up to 640 separate systems can work in a 275-yard diameter without interfering with each other.

Optional frequency hopping systems virtually eliminate any possibility of interference by constantly changing the communication frequency between transmitter and receiver.

For full details, contact Force America, 501 E Cliff Rd, Burnsville MN 55337.

PressureGuard offers Stemco technology

Reineke Co is offering Stemco Sentinel technology with PressureGuard tire inflation systems. Sentinel technology is required on both the Stemco Advantage System and the Platinum Performance System. PressureGuard maintains tire pressure at preset levels, improving both safety and performance for trailers. With PressureGuard, tires are always properly inflated, allowing them to last longer by wearing more evenly. The system's easy-to-remove hubcap venting plug permits faster and easier lubrication.

Make a connection with these crimp terminals

Del City's full line of products includes crimp terminals in standard ring, spade, push-on, and butt connector styles.

The company's most popular is the Type 4 style of terminal. This selection of terminals is vinyl-insulated with a butted seam and is suitable for basic vehicle connections.

For engine compartments, Type 6 terminals are nylon-insulated with a brass sleeve for vibration resistance. These terminals provide a reliable connection for an extended period.

When more than vibration resistance is needed, Type 9 terminals are appropriate. They come in three different shrink tube styles: crimp, solder, and performance crimp and solder. They offer a secure connection with environmental protection.

For complete details, contact Del City, 2101 W Camden Rd, Milwaukee WI 53209.

Pigtail changes tying knots ‘whole-hog’

The Pigtail Fastener, a small metal device resembling a pig's tail, allows users to secure any line or rope within seconds without tying a knot and with minimal line damage. Invented by Stephen Kuslich and Francis Peterson, the Pigtail Fastener was recently awarded the grand prize in Hammacher Schlemmer's National Search for Invention 2002.

This fastener permits a four-second attachment and detachment of ropes and lines. It offers a non-slip, secure connection regardless of tension. The technology is customizable in terms of size, strength, and material composition. At its most basic, it consists of a metal shaft tipped by a spiral loop on one or both ends. Although sizes and specifications may differ, the basic method of use remains the same. A line or rope is passed through the eye of the spiral, wrapped around the shaft of the device a couple of times, and then threaded through an opening in the spiral loop.

For more information, contact The Pigtail Fastener Co, 1815 Northwestern Ave, Stillwater MN 55082.

Peterbilt makes Dana Spicer axles standard

Peterbilt Motors Co, a subsidiary of Paccar Inc, has elected to offer the improved Dana Spicer E-1202I steer axle series as standard equipment for its North American Class 8 commercial vehicles.

Dana Spicer E-1200I series steer axles were previously standard on Peterbilt trucks, and the improved E-1202I series is now standard. Available axle models include the Dana Spicer E-1002I, E-1202I, E-1202W, E-1322W, and E-1462I steer axles for use on Peterbilt Class 8 vehicles. Dana Spicer E-1202I series steer axles are assembled in Dana's Humboldt TN and Toluca, Mexico, facilities for Peterbilt's facilities in Madison TN; Denton TX; and Ste Therese, Quebec, Canada.

RKI's new crane has full hydraulic function

RKI, formerly known as Rawson-Koenig, has a new H6400 series crane, the first RKI crane with fully hydraulic function. Designed for the most demanding environments, the H6400 has a lifting capacity of 6,400 pounds at 6 feet and a moment rating of 38,000 ft-lb.

This crane features an FM remote control with a 25-ft backup tether as standard.

Other features include a turret with 360° continuous rotation, a three-section boom that offers full hydraulic extension and retraction, and a hydraulic system proportionally controlled with a manual override safety feature. This crane meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI requirements.

Like all other products manufactured by RKI, this crane has a lifetime warranty on parts manufactured by the company. The warranty applies to the original owner for as long as he or she owns the product. For more information, contact RKI, 2301 Central Parkway, Houston TX 77092.

More suspension parts for Mack trucks

ATRO Engineered Systems Inc has expanded its product line for Mack trucks. The ATRO line of suspension parts now includes two different spring eye and leaf spring bushings, three different torque rod and trunnion bushings, and six pads including the firm's newest offset lower pad. Also offered are three insulators; three motor mounts; and a cab mount, hood pin, and shock bushing.

A patented, freely rotating pin design in the torque rod bushings delivers a more trouble-free suspension because it allows only centerline loading of the suspension while maintaining proper ride height.

For more information, contact ATRO, 1190 Airport Rd, Sullivan MO 63080.

CelsiStrips serve as temperature sentinels

CelsiStrip self-adhesive labels are easily applied to any cleaned surface and will permanently change their specific temperature-indicating areas from white to black whenever specific temperature levels are reached or exceeded.

These labels come in various arrangements of 40 sequenced temperature levels from +40° C/ 105° F up to 260° C /550° F. Applications include control of storage temperatures, to monitoring minimum and maximum temperature levels of thermal processes.

Free samples are available from SAT (Spirig Advanced Technologies Inc), 144 Oakland St, Springfield MA 01108.