Product Profiles

Dec. 1, 2001
Portable Magnetic Drill from Hougen Mfg Inc Shortens Bobtail Assembly The new HMD100 portable magnetic drill from Hougen Mfg Inc has a low profile and

Portable Magnetic Drill from Hougen Mfg Inc Shortens Bobtail Assembly

The new HMD100 portable magnetic drill from Hougen Mfg Inc has a low profile and compact size that allows holes to be accessed and drilled in chassis areas where previously employed frame drills were awkward to maneuver and slow in use.

The Hougen drill only requires that the operator position the drill over the hole location, push one button to energize its electromagnetic base, thus securing it to the frame, then push a second button to start spindle rotation and pull on one of two feed handles. Since the drill weighs 20 pounds, it is portable and easy to carry, position, and operate.

This drill has a new quick-release tool mounting system that does not require any tools to change cutters, and a height of 6½" (8½" × 10⅛"). In spite of the drill's minimal size and weight, it provides 5/8" through 11/16" diameter and 3/4"-deepcut hole capacity while its magnetic base, measuring 4" × 7", offers a 1,283-lb dead lift rating on 3/8" plate. The HMD100 fits in wheel wells and other locations along framerails, crossmembers, support braces, and bumpers.

This drill operates from a standard 115-volt power source and features two feed handles, one on each side, and rear-positioned controls to optimize ergonomic operation. A mechanical pull-and-twist pin lock allows these handles to double as a stationary carrying handhold, while thread mounting permits one handle to be removed if extra clearance is required. With both feed handles removed, a hex-head drive allows use of a socket wrench for ratcheting the feed mechanism when drilling in tighter, more confined spaces. The HMD100 also has a rigid quill feed that prevents tool vibration, eliminates gibs and slide/way adjustments and maintenance, and provides a constant low profile.

In addition, the HMD100 has been given a new arbor design with bayonet-style twist-and-lock tool mounting for fast changeover. Complementing this feature, Hougen also developed the 17,000-Series Rotabroach annular cutters with quick-release shanks. Because they are hollow and have Hougen's tooth geometry, the 17,000-Series cutters provide longer service life. A 3/4"-diameter cutter, for example, will drill through stacked 1/4" plate, 1/2" thickness, in 40 seconds. The cutters are made from M42 tool steel, and are available individually or in packaged kit containing 1/2"-, 9/16"-, 5/8"-, 11/16"-, 3/4"-, 13/16"-, 7/8"-, 15/16"-, 1"-, and 11/16"-diameter sizes.

For more details, contact Hougen, PO Box 2005, Flint MI 48501-2005.

Ironworker Accommodates Two Operations at a Time

Scotchman Industries has added a 120-ton dual-operator — dual-cylinder ironworker, Model DO 120/200. It has four built-in work stations; punching capacity is 1" through 1¼" flat shear capacity is 200 tons. It can shear 1" × 12" and 1/2" × 24" material. This machine is designed with a low rake angle for distortion-free cuts. The rectangular notcher is 3" × 5¾" × 1/2", and the tool table work station accommodates the 6" × 6" × 1/2" angle shear. Optional tooling is available.

No loss of speed or capacity occurs when two operations are in use. For further details, contact Scotchman, PO Box 850, Philip SD 57567.

Comeq Adds Shear Length

Comeq Inc, North American distributor for the Adira line of press brakes and shears, has added 16-foot power shears to its range of shears and press brakes.

Adira swing-beam and variable-rake guillotine shears come in lengths of 16 and 20 feet. Accessories include programmable controls, front support arms, squaring arms, sheet support devices, and feed devices.

Adira downstroke hydraulic press brakes with mechanical stops (repeatability of ±.0004") are offered in 16- and 20-ft lengths. Downstroke hydraulic press brakes with servo-control (repeatability of ±.0004") come in working lengths up to about 32 feet and combined lengths of 64 feet. Accessories include multiple-axes DNC controls, tooling, front support arms, and material followers.

A sampling of machines can be seen under power at Comeq's display facility in White Marsh MD. Further details can be obtained by contacting Comeq, PO Box 207, White Marsh MD 21162-0207.

Ten-Meter Seamer Welds Steel and Aluminum Ship Panels

Pandjiris has provided an overseas ship manufacturer a seamer system to weld panels up to 10 meters wide with the ability to join plates continuously until the desired panel length is obtained.

The panels, either steel or aluminum, range from 4 to 16 millimeters (0.16" to 0.62") in thickness. While the panels are usually of the same thickness, the seamer also can join panels of unequal thickness with the flat side down. The system uses a single-sided welding process that does not require tacking of the joint or flipping of the panel. A Tandem Sub-Arc weld package is mounted on the seamer for welding steel along with a flux recovery system. The weld package can be changed over to perform aluminum GMAW (MIG) welds. A copper backing bar is used during steel SAW welding while a stainless steel backing bar is used for the aluminum GMAW process.

Elevating multidirectional rollers on both the infeed and outfeed sides of the seamer facilitate transfer of the plate to the conveyor system. An air-operated sheet elevator system elevates the plate during movement into and out of the seamer, thereby protecting the backup system. Entry and exit conveyors can be synchronized together to provide even drive pressure. The infeed conveyor allows for transverse adjustment to line up a new sheet with a welded panel section.

A 22"-wide walkway along the entire length of the seamer on the infeed side allows the operator access along the welding seam.

The equipment is CE-compliant. For more details, contact Pandjiris, 5151 Northrup Ave, St Louis MO 63110.

Vac-Force Goes Where Magnetic-Base Drills Can't

Sioux Tools Inc has added Vac-Force to its line of accessories. This vacuum base portable drill press goes where magnetic-base units can't. It adheres to most surfaces including wood, composites, aluminum, stainless steel, granite, marble, and thin materials. Vac-Force adapts to various portable air and electric drilling equipment, and the vacuum gasket will not damage a work surface.

Vac-Force uses an air cylinder, controlled by an indirect lever, to feed the cutter through the material. This system provides a consistent feed rate, and requires virtually no operator effort. Vac-Force removes the operator from torque reaction, and is light enough for use in almost any position, including overhead.

Accessories include hole-cutting broaches in metric and imperial sizes, an air feed lubricator, and a pipe-vac adapter for cutting through pipe.

For more information, contact Sioux Tools, 2901 Floyd Blvd, PO Box 507, Sioux City IA 51102.

Circular Cold Saws Provided

S & S Machinery Corp offers a line of circular cold saws with various degrees of automation. All versions employ positive hydraulic clamping, using two self-centering infeed vises to assure precise length control. Cut length is controlled by a positive micrometer-adjusted mechanical stop or servo motor.

The CNC miter-type machine features an Allen Bradley control. All models are available with a low-speed spindle for steel or a high-speed spindle for nonferrous cutting. Material is clamped on both sides, eliminating hanging burrs. The coolant system's large-capacity tank and a saw blade chip cleaner ensure clean cuts and long life. Automatic gravity and bundle descrambler-type magazine loading systems are offered.

The oil bath gear box has hardened and ground gears, a bronze wheel, and heavy-duty bearings running in a cast-iron housing. Maximum machine capacity ranges to 4"-diameter round.

For full details, contact S & S, 140 53rd St, Brooklyn NY 11232.

Welding Lens Optimized for TIG Inverters

Hornell developed the new Speedglas 9000Xi auto-darkening welding lens to adapt to TIG inverter welding technology. The new, TIG-optimized Speedglas 9000Xi lens has been tested and proven effective across a range of new inverter machines.

When the welder strikes an arc, the 9000Xi lens auto-darkens from shade 3 to the user-selected dark state: shades 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13. At the same time, the lens also switches to a high-sensitivity mode so its photosensors can sense the extremely steady (flat-frequency) arc produced by new TIG inverter machines. When the user stops welding, the lens automatically changes back to the shade 3 light state and the lower sensitivity mode, allowing the user to prepare for the next weld.

The high-sensitivity mode is also appropriate for partially obscured arcs. To keep the lens in this mode at all times, the welder uses the green number settings (dark shades 9, 11, or 13).

The new lens has a 4.091" × 2.13" viewing area and a solar cell that extends average battery life to 3,000 hours.

Options include the Hard Hat model and patented Speedglas SideWindows shade 5 lenses, which increase peripheral vision by 100%. All Speedglas helmets and lenses meet ANSI Z87.1 standards for industrial eye and face protection. For full details, contact Hornell, 2374 Edison Blvd, Twinsburg OH 44087.

Unit Lifts, Inverts, Positions Heavy Loads

Air Technical Industries (ATI) has developed a new combination Mobile Scissor lift-upender-positioner that can lift, invert, and carry heavy loads to a desired position or place.

This unit lowers to 12" from the floor and can raise a load to 72" high. The unit also can upend-load from a horizontal to a vertical position, or any point between a zero to 90° angle. Deck and backup plate can be equipped with a roller conveyor for easier loading and unloading.

Two swivel casters and two rigid wheels are provided with a floor lock. For frequent mobility, an optional self-propelled drive offers variable speed control, and 90° steering capability to each side.

The lift-upender comes in capacities of 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 6,000, 10,000, and 20,000 pounds. Sizes range from 24" to 60" wide and 36" to 96" long, with lifting heights from 24" to 72".

The lifting and tilting is hydraulically operated and electrically powered by 110-volt AC for smaller units and 220- to 440-volt AC three-phase for larger ones. For more information, contact ATI, 7501 Clover Ave, Mentor OH 44060.

P K Lindsay Co Adds To Air Compressor Line

P K Lindsay Co Inc has introduced an addition to its E L Smith air compressor product line. The V480BS compressor offers a two-bolt motor mount configuration and generates 16 to 29 cfm at 100 psi.

The V480BS is suitable for vehicles with hydraulic systems such as service trucks, utility trucks, construction equipment, spray equipment, and any other pneumatic requirement that can use a compact, direct-connect compressor. For full details, contact P K Lindsay, 63 Nottingham Rd, Deerfield NH 03037.

Unit Puts ‘Versa’ in Versatility

The Versa ST from Genesis Systems Group (GSG) handles a high volume of small- to medium-size parts. It has a compact design that requires minimal floor space to operate. This design enables quick workcell relocation and lets workcell configurations be customized.

With a table dimension of 48" × 30", the Versa ST offers 1,200 square inches of usable robot surface and a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. Its standard safety package includes gate interlocks and a fence barrier. For complete information, contact GSG, 8900 Harrison St, Davenport IA 52806.

Finn-Power Unit Automates Punch Process

The Finn-Power Express is a Flexible Manufacturing Unit (FMU) that allows full-size sheets to be automatically loaded onto a turret punch press table, punched, formed, and unloaded. The Finn-Power Express FMU is available with either a 25-ton machine with a 50" × 100" table; or a 33-ton machine featuring either 50" × 100" or 60" × 100" tables.

Finn-Power's new F-series 33-ton hydraulic turret punch presses have hit speeds in nibbling that reach 900 hits per minute and 400 hpm on 1" centers. The A series 25-ton hydraulic turret punch press features nibbling hit speeds of up to 600 hpm and speeds of 300 hpm on 1" centers.

A range of options can customize both the loading and unloading side. For more details, contact Finn-Power International Inc, 710 Remington Rd, Schaumburg IL 60173.

Complete TIG System Comes in One Package

Miller Electric Mfg Co offers the new TIGRunner package, a water-cooled TIG welding application system for its Syncrowave 250 DX and Syncrowave 350 LX TIG/Stick power sources. Combined with the Syncrowave power source, the TIGRunner package provides everything operators need for AC/DC TIG welding, including a Cool Runner water coolant system, remote foot control, and running gear for portability and maximum use of space.

Another TIGRunner option incorporates the Diamondback TIG Torch package, which includes an ergonomic 250-amp water-cooled Diamondback torch, ground clamp and cable, cable cover, flowmeter/regulator, and all accessories.

Syncrowave 250 DX, Syncrowave 350 LX, and TIGRunner packages are covered by the True Blue factory warranty. For more details, contact Miller, PO Box 100, Lithonia GA 30058.

Hand Rotary Bender Fabricates Steel Stock

The Richards #3 hand rotary bender is an alternative for hand-bending tubing and round, square, and flat mild steel stock for short production runs or for custom-fabricating parts in virtually any configuration. This compression bender features roller bearing construction for smooth bending action, and can be bench-mounted or mounted on an optional pedestal.

The #3 bender accepts up to 1¼" 16-gauge tubing and up to 1/2" Schedule 40 pipe. A selection of tooling is available including a bend pack containing 3/16"- and 5/8"-radius pins, 1½"- and 2¾"-radius collars, and a zero-radius block. A Quick-Lok clamp and a range of tube tooling packages are offered. Richards also will custom-design tooling. For full details, contact Richards, 903 N Pitcher St, Kalamazoo MI 49007.

Robot Tackles Varied Material-Handling Chores

Cloos Robotic Welding Inc has introduced the Romat 500, an advanced material-handling robot that can move a part being welded, perform tack welding, and handle load/unload operations. It can operate in six axes with a range of 135° to 720°, depending on the axis being used.

Performing with a separately mounted welding torch, the Romat 500 can move a part or assembly via its programmed axes while the same robot controller can move the welding torch. With its increased range of movement, the robot can perform tack welding, using a work piece gripper with an integrated welding torch. In this function, it reduces welding cycle times and expenses for fixtures.

The Romat 500 has a repeatability of +/-0.3 mm. Mounted in an upright position, it can handle up to 360 pounds (165 kgs), depending on the model. This robot weighs 4,765 pounds (1550 kgs). For additional details, contact Cloos, 911 Albion Ave, Schaumburg IL 60193.

New ITW Plexus Adhesives Dispel the Smell

ITW Plexus has added new low-odor adhesives to its line of Plexus methacrylate structural adhesives for bonding engineered thermoplastics, composites, FRP, metals, and dissimilar materials. Designated the 900 Series, these adhesives provide the convenience and performance of standard Plexus adhesives with 90% less odor.

Environmentally friendly, Plexus adhesives have less than 1% volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and are 100% recyclable. They can be reground without having to cut the adhesive away from the part. These adhesives have been used to bond more than 5 million plastic automotive bumpers with zero failures, according to ITW Plexus. For more information, contact ITW Plexus, 30 Endicott St, Danvers MA 01923.

Lightweight Bevel-Mill a Heavy-Duty Worker

Heck Industries has added a new lightweight machine to its line of beveling equipment. The Model 5000 Bevel-Mill is designed for plate-edge beveling in weld preparation and finish chamfering. The Bevel-Mill uses indexable carbide inserts in a mill cutter to produce clean and accurate bevels. The Model 5000 uses a 2-hp motor for beveling up to 8 feet per minute on aluminum to stainless steel, and weighs just 18 pounds. Other features include variable angle 15° to 45°, adjustable depth of cut, trigger operation, and variable-speed controller. Corner rounding or radiuses also can be performed with interchangeable inserts used for cleaning welds off box corners or rounding edges before painting. For further information, contact Heck, PO Box 425, Hartland MI 48353.

Ceiling Fan Moves More Air for More Cooling

HVLS Fan Co is introducing a 24-foot-diameter ceiling fan. Under development for the past two years, this fan is 20% larger than the largest ceiling fan previously developed and marketed by the firm for industrial and commercial use. A single 24-ft-diameter HVLS fan will cover 20,000 square feet and circulate 125,000 cfm of air.

These patent-pending fans range in size from 8 to 24 feet in diameter, and use aerodynamically designed, hollow-core aluminum air foils to maximize airflow. HVLS fans move a large volume of air slowly (about 3 mph). During the summer, this air movement enhances the body's ability to cool itself through evaporation of perspiration. For more information, contact HVLS, PO Box 11307, Lexington KY 40575-1307.

Personnel Lift Takes Safety to Higher Level

Designed for areas where FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards must be maintained, LPI Inc's stainless steel personnel lift allows operators to position themselves for safe, optimal performance of work tasks. This particular lift is shown with a straddle base, allowing it to be positioned over equipment to reach overhead areas. Alternate variations allow for cantilevered or direct application access. With a pneumatic/hydraulic sealed power unit using FDA-approved fluids, this lift can be used in hazardous or volatile environments. For complete details, contact LPI, 800 Wisconsin St, Mailbox 10, Eau Claire WI 54703.

Spang Develops 853 Digital Power Controller

Power Electronics has developed the 853 Digital SCR power controller for manufacturers that use three-phase SCR power controllers in applications requiring furnaces, ovens, dryer kilns, annealing, and other types of electric industrial heating. Features of the 853 Digital SCR power controller include:

  • Improved management of processing operations.
  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Reduced installation and wiring costs.
  • Superior on-board diagnostics and setup.
  • Advanced process and fault monitoring.
  • Touch-Proof mechanical design.

Optional features of the 853 Digital include network communications, which allows for remote control and monitoring of power controllers with a PLC or industrial computer through connection to a DeviceNet Ethernet or other communication. Another option is local digital control for guiding unit output, modifying the desired set point, monitoring voltage, current and power, and monitoring of faults for troubleshooting. For more details, contact Spang, 9305 Progress Parkway, Mentor OH 44060-1855.

MileMarker Provides 8,000-lb Electric Winch

MileMarker Inc now offers an 8,000-pound electric winch with a 3/8" cable. Other features of the winch include powers “in” and “out” and free spooling, and the winch comes with a hawse roller fairlead. For more information, contact MileMarker, 1450 SW 13th Court, Pompano Beach FL 33069.