Product Profiles

April 1, 2003
Larger replacement fuel tanks for GM pickups Transfer Flow Inc has larger replacement fuel tanks for 2001 and 2002 GM 2500 and 3500 HD series pickups

Larger replacement fuel tanks for GM pickups

Transfer Flow Inc has larger replacement fuel tanks for 2001 and 2002 GM 2500 and 3500 HD series pickups with six- and eight-foot beds. A 45-gallon replacement fuel tank is provided for six-foot bed pickups with an extended cab, while a 56-gallon fuel tank is offered for pickups with eight-foot beds. They are available for diesel and gasoline-fueled (non-OBD-II) pickups. These larger replacement fuel tanks are not supplied for GM 1500 series pickups due to low clearance.

Fuel systems come with all parts needed for installation, including straps and mounting hardware. The stock in-tank sending unit is reused in the Transfer Flow replacement fuel tank. Fuel tanks are made from a combination of 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel. Each fuel tank is baffled to reduce fuel sloshing, and is powdercoated black. Contact Transfer Flow, 1444 Fortress St, Chico CA 95973 for further information.

Roof seam sealant fit for all kinds of weather

Geobond Roof Repair is a one-step application, fibered, brushable roof seam sealant that can be used in any type of weather on wet or frozen surfaces. It can be used not only to repair water leaks as they are happening but also as preventative maintenance for trailers.

This product is also used as an effective seal for new manufactured roof systems. It cures to form a tough, elastic membrane that is permanently flexible, exhibiting superior adhesion to all vehicle roof types. Fibers in Geobond Roof Repair make it easier to apply and knit together to give the cured product ultimate strength. It can be used in conjunction with Geocel's polymesh fabric to repair tears or gaps. Once cured, Geobond Roof Repair is fully paintable and has exceptional UV resistance. It comes in white, aluminum, or clear colors and in pints, quarts, gallons, or three- and five-gallon sizes.

Contact Geocel, 53280 Marina Dr, Elkhart IN 46514 for further information.

Kenworth models to sport wide-base radials

Kenworth will offer Bridgestone 445/50R22.5 wide-base Greatec radial tires on its T600, T800, T2000, and W900 on-highway model trucks later in 2003.

Bridgestone developed the Greatec radials as a direct replacement for dual tire assemblies, enabling a single tire to do the work of two. The radial tires can replace both drive and trailer axle duals, according to Bridgestone, and no modifications to the vehicle or axles are required.

Replacing dual tire assemblies with wide-base singles can reduce weight by up to 650 pounds per truck, according to Jim Bechtold, Kenworth's chief engineer. Tire rolling resistance accounts for up to one-third of a truck's fuel consumption. “These new wide-base radials offer a 2% to 5% improvement in fuel economy because the rolling resistance of wide-base singles is significantly less than dual assemblies,” said Bechtold.

Walk ramp melds durability, maneuverability

TODCO's new FlipSide side-mounted walk ramp is designed with a combination of toughness and maneuverability to maximize longevity and ease of use.

The new FlipSide transverse-mounted walk ramp is lightweight for ease of maneuverability, but has extra strength and stability because it is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum. A tread plank interlock system also adds strength along the length of the ramp. Tread plank sections are slid and locked together before the sides are welded on, and skip-welding of sections then increases toughness and stability. The unit's heavy-duty welded steel legs give the walk ramp increased support at the base.

FlipSide's large rubber wheels allow easier movement over rough surfaces. They retract automatically when the ramp is unfolded. An open-grate aluminum, skid-resistant ramp surface gives the user extra traction up and down the ramp and helps prevent buildup of mud, snow, or ice.

The FlipSide also features heavy-duty handles on the leading edge and sides of the ramp to make unfolding, folding, and positioning easier and safer. A special latch mechanism speeds unfolding, with no cables to fail.

Rubber bumpers on the leg assembly of the FlipSide cushion the sections of the ramp and reduce banging, rattling, and wear when it is folded and stored. Its storage compartment is fully enclosed to protect the ramp from the elements, and can be padlocked for added protection.

To learn more, contact TODCO, 1332 Fairground Rd East, Marion OH 43302.

Kenworth boosts build rate for T300 truck

In a year when medium-duty truck sales are projected to remain flat, Kenworth continues on its growth mode from 2002 and is expecting record medium-duty sales. The company also increased the T300 model's build rate to keep pace with demand, said Mike Parrish, Kenworth's medium-duty product marketing manager.

“Last year, we grew our T300 sales by over 35% which is particularly noteworthy since industrywide, medium-duty truck sales were off 20% from the year before,” said Parrish.

Documentation system helps to reduce costs

A technical documentation management system developed for companies that manufacture, sell, or service motor vehicles and related components has been developed by Accent Technologies.

The Motor Vehicle (MV-Xpert) system is customized to meet the needs of individual companies or their departments. Typically, it includes a team of motor-vehicle documentation experts and systems specialists familiar with SAE standards and the use of open-source documentation-related software. Any company electing to use the system can choose to have its documentation tasks performed on-site at its facilities, or off-site at an Accent office. The company also can have the MV-Xpert team perform all its documentation tasks or only a portion of them.

In nearly every instance, the MV-Xpert system can be integrated successfully with existing databases and software programs. Developed over a nine-year period, the system has created more than 90,000 technical documentation pages.

This system potentially can reduce documentation costs more than 50% in many motor-vehicle applications. To determine cost savings in specific applications, Accent offers a Documentation Cost-Reduction Analysis (DCA) service.

For more information, contact Accent, 2415-I Directors Row, Indianapolis IN 46241.

Security, ease of entry supplied by e-ASK system

TriMark Corp's e-ASK system offers increased security and ease of entry both for passenger and compartment doors. It is designed for users of heavy trucks, emergency vehicles, RVs, and agricultural and construction equipment who want controlled access.

The base system enhances convenience and security via a standard remote radio frequency transmitter fob and externally mounted keypad. The fob provides automotive convenience for a vehicle, and the keypad provides keyless entry as well as visual, audible, and touch feedback. This keypad can be mounted horizontally, vertically, and with means to protect against vandalism and tampering.

Complete system kits are available and include handles, latches, and power actuators. Contact TriMark, 500 Bailey Ave, PO Box 350, New Hampton IA 50659 for more information.