Product Profiles

June 1, 2002
Sealant adheres to substrates, regulations Bostik Findley Inc's LoVOC Seal one-component, industrial- grade urethane sealant adheres to aluminum, wood,

Sealant adheres to substrates, regulations

Bostik Findley Inc's LoVOC Seal one-component, industrial- grade urethane sealant adheres to aluminum, wood, FRP, Filon, and other substrates. Free of xylene, toluene, MEK, or similar solvents, LoVOC Seal is also suitable for general industrial use. Volatile organic compound (VOC) content is less than 69 grams/liter, and hazardous air pollutants content is less than 6 grams/liter. Plus, it meets California air quality emissions standards.

LoVOC Seal cures by reacting to atmospheric moisture to form a tough, flexible seal. At 70°F, the product is tack-free in 45 minutes and cures fully in 24 hours. Other typical properties of LoVOC Seal include a 110-psi tensile strength, and a 35 Shore A hardness value.

Easily extruded, LoVOC Seal comes in 10- and 20-ounce sausage packages, as well as 30-ounce cartridges. It can be dispensed manually or by way of an air-powered applicator equipped with interchangeable nozzles. For more details, contact Bostik Findley, 211 Boston St, Middleton MA 01949-2128.

Circular saw cuts steel as if it were plywood

Jancy Engineering Co's new high-powered metal-cutting circular saw cuts steel as easily as plywood. The Evolution 230 features an adjustable base with beveling capability, a high-output gear-driven motor, a chip guard that protects the operator and extends blade life, and an edge guide for long cuts.

It is suited to various metal-cutting applications including tubing, pipe, floor grating, angle iron, plate steel to 1/2", and corrugated metal roofing. Blades are available for mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Additional features include cutting width and depth adjustment, overload switch, and a weight of 16 pounds. Typical blade life on 3" × 3" angle iron is approximately 300 cuts per blade. For complete details, contact Jancy, 2735 Hickory Grove Rd, Davenport IA 52804.

Powerbrace streamlines lockrod assemblies

Powerbrace Corp announces a new line of factory-produced complete trailer door lockrod assemblies, marketed under the trade name Value Line, for trailer OEMs.

The heart of the Value Line system is the new cam/keeper streamlined design. Powerbrace has redesigned the number of cams and keeper styles manufacturers need. Now symmetrical, universal keepers with square, flat surfaces for more accurate end-frame placement are matched with cams that engage with greater reach and gather for square racked end-frames.

Value Line lockrod assemblies are custom-ordered and welded complete with top and bottom cams and lever assembly. Universal keepers and other mounting hardware are included with the lockrod assemblies. Value Line is a universal model that works as both roadside and curbside. Assemblies are also available in stainless steel finish.

When small quantities are needed overnight, Powerbrace can supply them through its Value Line Express program. For full details, contact Powerbrace, 7640 60th Ave, Kenosha WI 53142.

Airtek comes with unitized aluminum hubs

Hendrickson now offers unitized ConMet aluminum hubs for its Airtek integrated front axle and air suspension. This combination combines the ride, performance, and weight advantages of Airtek with the improved performance and reduced maintenance of a unitized hub system.

Regular lubrication intervals are not needed with Airtek's rubber suspension bushings and unitized hubs. Hendrickson's two-piece knuckle assembly eliminates having to remove the kingpin to service the knuckle. Maintenance and downtime is also reduced by elimination of wheel end bearing adjustment.

According to Hendrickson, introduction of the ConMet hub marks the first time a unitized aluminum hub has been made available for front axle use in North America.

Airtek has been shown to improve both vehicle ride and handling metrics. Improvements of at least 11% in ride and 30% in roll stability can be expected. Airtek trims 90 pounds or more compared with steel spring suspensions and I-beam axles.

For complete details, contact Hendrickson, 800 S Frontage Rd, Woodridge IL 60517-4904.

Van's composite plastic body weighs less than aluminum, proves stronger than steel

Millennium/AR Haire has released the Quantum Mover's Van, which features PepCore, a thermoplastic truss-wing honeycomb design body construction material that is pound for pound, lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel.

According to the company, the Quantum Mover's Van and PepCore solve the four problems traditionally experienced with aluminum sheet and post body construction: leakage, rust and corrosion, dents and dings, and weight management.

The Quantum Mover's Van weighs up to 2,000 pounds less than sheet and post. It contains no brad rivets in the body side (versus 3,000 to 4,000 in sheet and post), which means it has fewer leak points, and will take up to 1,000 times more impact before failing. Since it is plastic with aluminum extrusions and stainless steel hardware, it is impervious to rust and corrosion.

PepCore's structure starts with plastic sheet material such as polyethylene, ABS, surlyn, polystyrene, and polycarbonate. The core material then is formed with Phelps Engineered Plastics' proprietary PepCore process, which through heat and convection expands the core sheet to the desired honeycomb thickness and geometry. When mated with the specified facing, it becomes a material with great rigidity.

For full information, contact Millennium/AR Haire, 1001 Ball Park Rd, PO Box 189, Thomasville NC 27361.

Fifthwheel built for weight-conscious fleets

The Holland FleetMaster fifthwheel has an improved lightweight design that increases strength. To achieve this, engineers modified the cast steel top plate so weight and strength are located only where needed. The top plate weighs 222.6 pounds and is machined to precise flatness to provide greater load bearing area, reduce friction, and prevent uneven wear. Additional improvements were made to the locking system to assure a reliable connection.

These improvements allowed the vertical load rating of FleetMaster to be increased safely from 45,000 to 50,000 pounds with a maximum drawbar pull of 150,000 pounds. A modified European Community Confirmation Test was employed to establish this rating. Other enhancements include:

  • LowLube technology that reduces the need for lubrication.

  • In-cab Air Release System permits drivers to control coupling and uncoupling from inside the cab quickly and safely.

Besides a five-year, 500,000-mile warranty, Holland includes a four-year, 400,000-mile Performance Guarantee when FleetMaster is used in standard, five-axle on-highway applications. This guarantee assures that FleetMaster will retain the ability to be adjusted to an acceptable wear limit between the locks and kingpin, or Holland will pay the repair expense.

For full details, contact The Holland Group, 467 Ottawa Ave, PO Box 2099, Holland MI 49422-2099.

Crane weight-to-lift-capacity ratio exceeds 5:1

Maintainer Corp of Iowa Inc's new 1114 E/ST electric-over-hydraulic self-contained crane is designed for stationary or mobile applications, and can be mounted on an 8,000-lb-GVW chassis. Weighing 580 pounds, this crane has a 3,200-lb lift capacity at 3 feet, a 10,800-ft-lb torque rating, 400° of rotation, and stands 25.35" high. A hydraulic extension reaches 11 feet, and a 3-ft manual extension makes the total 14 feet. Equipped with brake and load holding valve, the self-locking worm-gear winch has 65 feet of 7/32" cable. Override handles on the hydraulic valve simplify operation, even if solenoid power is lost.

The 1114 E/ST comes with a three-year structural warranty. A hydraulic package for power take-off applications is optional. For complete details, contact Maintainer, PO Box 349, 1701 S 2nd Ave, Sheldon IA 51201.

Hitch pin works on ‘locking ball’ principle

Big Sky Distribution's new Sky-Loc rapid-release hitch pin requires no tools for insertion or removal, yet it provides secure fastening. It works on a “locking ball” principle, which means the pin cannot be removed unless the button on the pin is depressed, allowing the balls to retract into the shank. To insert the pin, depress the button, insert through the receiver, and place the end cap on the pin. To remove, depress the button on the pin, remove the end cap, and remove from the receiver.

The shank is made from 17-4 stainless steel, and the handle is made from anodized aluminum. Measuring 5/8" × 3" the shank fits most standard receivers, and the stainless steel lanyard keeps parts together. Custom sizes can be made.

A free brochure or more information is available by contacting Big Sky, 15144 Carriage Way, Spring Lake MI 49456.

Lift Pro averts back strain, mucky interiors

The Lift Pro from Hitch Things Inc is an electric-powered lift that works off a vehicle battery and extends useful hauling capabilities of a van, SUV, or truck. Rated for 400 pounds of carrying capacity (800 pounds for the Class 4), it is designed to haul without the user getting back strain from lifting heavy items or getting dirt and grease on the inside of the vehicle.

This unit slides into a standard 2" receiver and pins in place. It comes with electrical hookup for a lighter/accessory plug, as well as a plug to fit standard hitch wiring. It is adjustable to fit various vehicle receiver heights.

No license or registration is needed for the Lift Pro. To store it, the user pulls the pin attaching the platform to the mast, and the Lift Pro can store along a wall.

For more information, contact Hitch Things, 600 E Paper Mill Rd, Chambersburg PA 17201.

Units maximize storage space

Offered in 18" and 24" depths, Adrian Steel's new Jumbo Deep Series shelf units provide versatile storage for tools and inventory. The JD Series comes in three heights to maximize vertical storage space in both vans and walk-ins. Made with 16-gauge steel, these shelving units feature channel-reinforced shelf bottoms and 4"-deep shelf lips for added strength. Optional dividers can be bolted to 18"-deep JD Series shelves for sectioning. The 18"-deep shelf units are provided in 42" and 52" lengths; 24"-deep units come in 48" and 60" lengths.

For complete details, contact Adrian, 906 James St, Adrian MI 49221-3996.

Wheel has strength of steel, weight similar to aluminum

Accuride Corp's 65-lb HSLA lightweight steel wheel provides the economy and strength of a standard steel wheel and weight similar to an aluminum wheel. When replacing a standard 82-lb steel wheel, Accuride's wheel would reduce overall truck and trailer weight by 306 pounds.

Since the wheel has a 10-handhole design similar to industry-standard aluminum, it can replace an aluminum wheel as an inner dual with no appearance change and at a cost savings.

This 22.5" × 8.25" wheel is offered for standard hub-mount applications. It is powder-topcoated in standard white, gray, or black with custom colors available. The wheel has a maximum load rating of 7,400 pounds.

For more information, contact Accuride, 7140 Office Circle, PO Box 15600, Evansville IN 47716-0600.
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LED lamp uses single diode

Truck-Lite's Super 66 red 6" oval light-emitting diode (LED) stop/turn/tail lamp uses only one diode. It is the first of a new series of single-diode safety lamps now being developed.

The Super 66 is less directional than multiple-diode LED lamp designs. Truck-Lite used its Advanced Optics Design software to provide a more homogeneous light pattern similar to an incandescent lamp. Since it looks more like a traditional incandescent lamp, the Super 66 will be less prone to theft. Other advantages offered include:

  • Lamp life rated at 100,000 hours, equivalent to more than 11 years of continuous operation.

  • Narrow wavelength light, providing the same intense color that helped make LEDs desirable.

  • Low amperage draw for fewer wiring and alternator problems.

  • Instantaneous glow time, 0.2 seconds faster than incandescent lamps.

  • Resistance to shock and vibration.

For more details, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Gateway lets status data be sent from trailer to tractor

The ComLink J-1708 trailer-to-tractor multiplexing gateway from Air-Weigh lets status data of trailer-mounted electronic devices be transmitted directly to the tractor's J-1708 data bus for monitoring or onward transmission.

This gateway is an option on Air-Weigh's truck and trailer scale products, but could be produced as a stand-alone gateway system if demand is sufficient. First use of the ComLink J-1708 gateway is for delivering brake stroke status and tire pressure data to an in-dash information display.

The multipath gateway can also monitor trailer-mounted devices for reefer temperature, trailer connectivity, and a host of security and safety devices. Air-Weigh already transmits axle weight data to the tractor's J-1708 data bus.

For full information, contact Air-Weigh, 1730 Willow Creek Circle, Eugene OR 97402.

Norseal tapes provide five new liner options

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers five new liner options with its Norseal line of PVC sealing and gasketing tapes.

A new 12-point board liner will support intricate die-cuts, and allows for easier handling of finished parts. Back-stripping is not required because the liner is oriented to the adhesive side.

The option of a 12-point board transfer adhesive liner (12BTA) combines all the features of the 12B plus a supported rubber-based transfer adhesive. The adhesive is supported by 1/2-mil polyester, which stabilizes the die-cut part when it is removed — no stretching or distortion. The rubber adhesive formulation provides quick stick and a superior bond to low-energy surfaces. Again, back stripping is not necessary.

Easy-release liners are available as either 53-lb paper or the heavier 80-lb paper that facilitates die-cutting. The easy-release feature allows controlled back-stripping of the liner for wide rolls to orient the adhesive to the liner.

A polyester liner produced as a permanent part of the Norseal construction provides abrasion resistance, and eliminates blocking to adjacent surfaces. For more information, contact Saint-Gobain, 150 Dey Rd, Wayne NJ 07470-4699.

Timken crafts Wheel Boss for longer life

The Timken Co has developed the Wheel Boss 61650 wheel-end system for N trailer axles, a standard trailer axle with a capacity of 22,500 pounds. Each component of the wheel-end system supports longer life, fuel efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs when teamed with Timken tapered roller bearings.

The Wheel Boss adjusting nut has a locking method that provides accurate bearing setting and superior retention on the spindle. Because the adjusting nut locks tight to the spindle, instead of a tang in the keyway, spindle thread life is improved. A wear-resistant surface maintains the precise preload setting during operation.

Another key component of this system is Timken's patented HDL grease seal, which recirculates grease within the bearing, keeping contamination out and lubrication in. The flanged outer seal case provides a visual confirmation that the seal is fully seated. An additional benefit of this grease seal is that it vents internal pressure and does not require a vented hub cap. Timken includes a non-vented Wheel Boss hubcap with this system that eliminates water and debris infiltrating the wheel end.

For more information, contact Timken, 1835 Dueber Ave SW, PO Box 6932, Canton OH 44706-0932.

ILK cantilever lift doubles as rear door

Interlift's ILK cantilever lift delivers years of liftgate service and operation under severe conditions, and it also doubles as a rear door and an adjustable dock plate. The ILK's 105° tilting capability lets it ramp different dock heights and/or maintain a level platform (especially in uneven terrain) throughout the liftgate's operating cycle. This cantilever lift also features:

  • A “plug-in” control system without mercury switches on the platform.

  • An improved thermo-protected power pack.

  • A 100% welded platform that resists corrosion.

  • An integrated components system.

For more information, contact Interlift, 15939 Piuma Ave, Cerritos CA 90703.

EMC gaskets guard against high frequencies

Holland Shielding Systems BV has developed a new series of watersealing EMC gaskets. With these gaskets, electronic enclosures and cabinets can be shielded against high frequencies.

The advantage of these new gaskets is that two separate seals no longer are necessary, meaning lower assembly costs and less space required.

Gaskets come in a soft compressable version, so a less rigid construction can be used.

In most cases, gaskets can be used without changing construction. The large compression range lets a single type be used for many applications. Gaskets are also available in flame-retardant versions and with electrically conductive self-adhesive. For complete information, contact Holland Shielding Systems, PO Box 730, 3300 AS Dordrecht, Netherlands.