Product Profiles

May 1, 2003
Paint system has latest technology covered PPG Commercial Coatings has introduced to North America the new Delfleet Evolution system, designed to meet

Paint system has latest technology covered

PPG Commercial Coatings has introduced to North America the new Delfleet Evolution system, designed to meet the needs of fleet, truck, bus, and special work vehicle applications.

According to PPG, this stand-alone paint system incorporates the latest in coating resin technology. The system includes direct-gloss and basecoat color, primers, clears, solvents, and ancillaries. It provides 100,000 formulas including 2,300 solid and 1,500 metallic/pearl colors. It also offers a choice of VOC-compliant color qualities, low-HAPS colors, primers and clears, and most offer a blend ratio of 3:1. For more information, contact PPG Automotive Refinish, 19699 Progress Dr, Strongsville OH 44149.

Sika butyl tape line comes in three widths

A new line of butyl tapes is available from Sika Corp, Industrial Business Unit. Offered in 3", 5", and 9" widths, the tapes are initially intended to address the growing need of new window installation techniques in the fenestration market.

Using SikaLastomer-95, the tapes adhere to various substrates including Tyvek and other construction wrap products, and also contain a biocide to prohibit mold and fungal growth.

For complete details, contact Sika, 30800 Stephenson Hwy, Madison Heights MI 48071.

Express Garage system performs trailer air, electrical testing in matter of minutes

Square Wheel Inc has added the Express Garage trailer air and electrical systems tester to its product line. Express Garage combines a remote-controlled air brake testing system, Scanner light testing system, and an ABS circuit control switch in one unit. A complete trailer air and electrical test can be performed in minutes, including set-up.

Express Garage has a two-channel FM remote that operates trailer air brakes from the rear of the trailer. Besides the apply/release function, both air pressure and apply speed can be adjusted at any time. Apply and release pressures also can be tested for emergency relay valves, crack pressure, service relay valves, and leak-down testing.

Each Express Garage contains a built-in Scanner system, which operates signal and stop lights in sequence so all lighting functions are accurately tested in a single walkaround. The Scanner also finds bad grounds and identifies short circuits.

An ABS test switch automatically coordinates air and electrical actions for easy ABS testing.

Express Garage is housed in a custom-built, low-profile steel cabinet that fits under the nose of a trailer. Wheels and casters and a pull handle facilitate mobility around the shop. Air hoses and a light cord pull out of the cabinet and can reach connections up to 7'-3" from floor level, then drop back inside the unit.

Contact Square Wheel, 80 Irish Mountain Rd, Temple PA 19560 for more information.

WeatherTite door resists water penetration

TODCO's new WeatherTite overhead door is built to overcome the biggest threat to door durability: water penetration. Because it is constructed from a polycomposite material that is impervious to moisture, it eliminates swelling, warping, finish delamination, and rotting.

WeatherTite's panel joints are designed to provide a better water barrier at the seams. The joint configuration forces water flow downward, while keeping the door panels properly aligned and rigid. For further water protection, WeatherTite features side and bottom seals as standard equipment.

The smooth finish of the WeatherTite panels makes painting optional. There are no through rivets at the panel joints, so the door has a suitable surface for either decal adhesion or an automotive-quality paint finish.

WeatherTite doors come standard with aircraft-quality 7-19 stainless steel cables and a single counterbalance spring to facilitate smooth, effortless operation. Contact TODCO, 1332 Fairground Rd East, Marion OH 43302 for further information.

IMT phases out use of standard camshafts

IMT Corp, manufacturer of the Ingersoll Axle, will phase out the use of standard camshafts for its 16.5" brakes on both standard and self-steering axles during 2003.

These will be replaced by the Superlife camshafts, which can be used for both standard and Superlife brakes. Pricing for the Superlife camshafts will remain the same as current standard camshaft prices. IMT already provides Superlife camshafts for all standard and self-steering axles with 15" brakes. This change means that customers will no longer be required to stock both Superlife and standard camshafts.

For further information, phone 800-663-2953 or visit

Xantrex supplies power to truck using fuel-cell-based APU

A fuel-cell-based auxiliary power unit (APU) being demonstrated by Freight-liner LLC has a lot of future potential for commercial trucking, according to Xantrex Technology Inc.

Xantrex built the electrical management system on the Freightliner test truck, which was introduced at the Society of Automotive Engineers 2003 World Congress in Detroit MI.

“It shows the potential for generating low-noise, low-emission on-board electrical power to meet all the needs of a long-haul trucker,” said Brian Lawrence, heavy-duty truck manager for Xantrex.

The prototype liquid-fueled APU uses fuel cell technology from Ballard Power Systems Inc to generate up to 5 kilowatts of 120-volt AC power. The APU is fueled with a mixture of methanol and water, but further development will enable it to use ultra-low-sulfur commercial diesel fuel.

The fuel cell creates power by extracting hydrogen from a methanol fuel source (eventually diesel) and then converting it into electricity. A DC-to-DC converter regulates the electricity created from the fuel cell so that output power stays within the input parameters of the prototype Xantrex sine wave inverter/charger. If the fuel cell can't supply enough DC power to the inverter, a 36-volt battery will supply it with supplemental power.

Lawrence says future fuel-cell-powered systems could be set up to let truckers choose where they get their electrical power.

“Our inverter/charger on the test vehicle includes a transfer switch that controls and distributes regular 120-volt AC power (ie, shorepower) same as the inverter/charger option offered by Freightliner LLC today,” he said. “If the trucker of the future wanted to, he could plug into regular AC power when parked at a truckstop and use the fuel cell technology when at rest areas or loading docks. Our inverter/charger technology compliments both power sources.”

For full information, contact Xantrex, 8999 Nelson Way, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 4B5.

PowerLift side loader “rolling pivot” design earns patent

Heil Environmental Industries Ltd has received a patent for the “rolling pivot” design of the lift mechanism on the company's new PowerLift commercial side loader. This system uses just two pivot points — which means far fewer bearings and parts to wear out.

PowerLift's straightforward design uses a cylinder to operate each of the lift's two arms. As the cylinders extend, the arms lift and then rotate at the top to dump the container (the points where the arms rotate are the pivot points). The patent was awarded for this combination of linear and rotational motion.

Marc Stragier, recognized industry-wide as the “Father of Automation” for his work on automated collection dating back to the 1960s, invented the rolling pivot concept.

PowerLift's complete cycle time is 10 to 12 seconds — about half the time required by most other commercial side loaders. It also packs up to 1,200 pounds per cubic yard. which is more than twice as much as some other models. PowerLift works with all rectangular, steel side load containers weighing up to 3,000 pounds. Its 30" reach gets into tight spots on commercial routes.

PowerLift's operate-in-gear-at-idle system makes it possible to use the lift and run the dump cycle while the engine is idling. Not having to “throttle up,” the engine saves up to a gallon of fuel an hour, while enabling drivers to finish their routes up to 20% faster.