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Kenworth option eases dump body installation

March 27, 2004
Kenworth factory-installed exhaust option simplifies installation of heated dump bodies

Kenworth today introduced a new factory-installed exhaust system for Caterpillar ACERT engines that simplifies installation of a heated dump body. The announcement came in conjunction with the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The rearranged exhaust system is now available on T800 and W900 day cab models and is exclusive to Caterpillar C15, C13 and C11 engines.

According to Jim Bechtold, Kenworth's chief engineer, up to 45% of dump trucks in cold weather regions use a heated body.

"In the past, the exhaust was distributed through the box to heat the body," Bechtold said. "But since the introduction of catalytic converter exhaust systems on emission-compliant Cat engines, dump body manufacturers have faced a major challenge - installing dump bodies without undermining the emission compliance of the OEM-installed exhaust system. There was no convenient way for body builders to divert the exhaust. The Kenworth system will make it easier for these manufacturers to design their systems. And this will be a benefit in cold weather climates for customers who need a heated dump truck body."

Kenworth's system features an independent catalytic converter mounted under the chassis and either single or dual mufflers attached on the side of the cab. This enables body builders to mount their exhaust diverter box in a place that allows exhaust to pass through the catalytic converter before it is routed through the dump body.