Product Profiles

March 1, 2005
Stoughton picks CB4000 system as standard Stoughton Trailers LLC has announced that the CB4000 air-ride suspension system from The Holland Group is now

Stoughton picks CB4000 system as standard

Stoughton Trailers LLC has announced that the CB4000 air-ride suspension system from The Holland Group is now its standard offering on all van trailers. The CB4000 was developed by incorporating technologies from across Holland's range of product management teams from the former Holland Hitch, Neway, and Binkley organizations.

The CB4000 comes with the patent-pending SwingAlign axle alignment system, which is adjusted without disassembly and/or any special tools. Other advanced engineering features include Holland's new patent-pending pivot bushing that increases endurance, and its thin-wall casting technology provides for high strength/light weight trailing arms. Time-tested technologies include the QwikRelease pin release system; and the firm's slider, manufactured of high-alloy steel.

Allison unit an option on Kenworth T300

Kenworth Truck Company now offers the Allison 3000HS automatic transmission for Kenworth's T300 medium duty model.

The Allison 3000 HS Highway Series vocational model transmission is designed for line haul and local pickup and delivery applications. This transmission, with no PTO provision, is available in both five- and six-speeds and has a gross torque of 1,100 ft-lb for 80,000-lb gross vehicle or gross combination weights. It features increased horsepower and torque capacity and includes a standard oil level sensor.

The T300 is available as a straight truck or tractor in a variety of wheelbases, with single or tandem axles, air or hydraulic brakes, in GVWs from 19,500 to 54,600 pounds.

Sno-Way plows make short work of the white stuff

Sno-Way is now offering a 29 Trip-Edge Series snowplow for the commercial market. This plow is 29 inches high with a 10-inch base trip clearance, four high-load compression springs, the Shock Killer system, and a stainless steel base. The 29 Trip-Edge Series comes in three different widths and with steel, polycarbonate, or stainless steel blade skins.

The company also offers its patented Down Pressure system, wireless remote controls, and back drag blade as time-saving options. Drive-in-mounting is quick and solid, and removal is simple. Sno-Way provides an exclusive five-year warranty.

For more details, contact Sno-Way, 120 N Grand Ave, Hartford WI 53027.

Vantage selects Airgo

Airgo Systems Inc, a manufacturer and distributor of commercial tire monitoring, maintenance, and inflation systems, and a member of the Dominion Group of Companies, announced an exclusive agreement with Vantage Trailers Inc of Katy TX. Vantage, a manufacturer specialized in designing dump trailers, has selected the Airgo system as the automatic tire inflation system to be installed as a standard feature on all Vantage trailers in 2005, including those with wide-base tire design.

East Mfg adopts use of ECK

East Manufacturing a trailer manufacturer, is addressing the mag-chloride and cat-chloride corrosion issue by applying Van Nay Corp's ECK coating between all dissimilar metals.

Van Nay Corp received a patent for the ECK coating in 1997. The product is sprayed or brushed between any bolted assembly and applied on hardware and in holes to prevent corrosion.

CKT takes productivity to the Maxima

CK Technologies (CKT) has installed a second Cincinnati Milacron two-platen Maxima 3900 (39,000 kN) IMM at its Montpelier OH plant. The biggest model in the Maxima line, the new machine was special-ordered by CKT with electric injection drive, 854-ounce shot size capability, maximum daylight option, and extended mold thickness.

The new Maxima features 3,099 × 2,700-mm platen size, 4,200-mm maximum daylight, 2,190-mm maximum mold thickness, and 3400 clamp stroke, yet delivers fast cycle times with 762 mm/sec, clamp speed and 0.98 second tonnage build. To further enhance processing speed and productivity, CKT ordered the newest Maxima with electric injection drive, which reduces cycle time by allowing overlap of screw and clamp functions, along with cutting energy cost to operate the machine.

The features allow the Maxima to run larger molds with high efficiencies. Maxima's design allows reconfiguration to meet CKT's focus on continuous improvement.

Designed to save fuel through lighter weight and aerodynamic design, truck parts produced by CKT include: bumper fascia components, cowl tray assembly, engine cover assembly, fender extensions and flares, grille assembly, and side fairings.

For more information on the new metric Maxima machine line, visit Milacron's web site at

Freightliner can help drivers get Sirius

Freightliner Trucks announced that vehicles equipped with a factory-installed Delphi stereo system and Sirius Satellite Radio tuner will include one full year of Sirius Satellite Radio service for the customer. This offer is available for vehicles built after Feb 1, 2005.

Sirius Satellite Radio provides coast-to-coast entertainment, including 65 channels of commercial-free music. Sirius also offers more than 55 channels of news, talk, weather, traffic and entertainment, as well as coverage of professional and collegiate sporting events from around the country.

This offer of Sirius satellite radio service is available on the Freightliner Coronado, Century Class S/T, Columbia, Classic XL, Classic, FLD SD, Argosy, and all vehicles in the Business Class M2 product. These vehicles must be equipped with a factory-installed

Delphi stereo and Sirius Satellite Radio tuner and antenna in order to receive the one-year subscription. These audio products are supplied to Freightliner Trucks by Pana-Pacific, the distributor of Delphi products to the commercial vehicle market.

Toyo issues targeted truck tire recall

Toyo Tire (USA) Corp is recalling a targeted batch of 24 medium-duty radial truck tires produced in the GTY plant in Mt Vernon IL the week of Dec 12-18, 2004. A safety defect is possible on tires manufactured with DOT production date codes of “5004”. To date, there have been no reports of accidents, injuries, or property damage.

The affected tires were built with a non-specified rubber compound in the shoulder area of the tire. As a result, the overall durability of the tire is reduced. During extended operation, the shoulder area of the tire could lift, resulting in a degraded ride and handling. Failure to replace the tires will lead to tread separation and possible loss of vehicle control that could result in a crash.

All affected tires may be identified by the size, tread pattern, and DOT numbers detailed in the list (below). All tires display a white barcode label on the tire's lower sidewall near the tire bead with specific barcode identification numbers. Only these tires with the specified barcode identification numbers are affected by this recall:

  • Toyo 11R22.5 M122 Load Range G, DOT: 3C3T1PE5004
    Barcode Identification: 4041610054, 4041610059, and 4041610060.

  • Toyo 11R24.5 M122 Load Range G, DOT: 3C4F1PE5004
    Barcode Identification: 4071571563, 4071571564, 4071571571, 4071571572, 4071571573, and 4071571584.

  • Toyo 11R24.5 M127 Load Range G, DOT: 3C4F1MD5004

Barcode Identification: 4051603681, 4051603683, 4051603684, 4051603688, 4051603692, 4051603693, 4051603694, 4051603704, 4051603705, 4051605706, 4051603707, 4071571609, 407 1571610, 4071571615, and 4071571616.

Tires in this list should immediately be removed from inventory or removed from service and sent via freight collect to Toyo Tire (USA) Corp, Western Regional Technical Center, 3855 E Jurupa St, Ontario CA 91761. For tire pickup and shipment, phone Yellow Freight at 800-459-7834.

All tires involved in this action will be replaced at no charge if received by Toyo on or before Aug 7, 2005. For affected tires received after this date, the tire credit will be based on the remaining unused tread depth. For example, if the tire is 35% worn, the credit received will be 65% of the purchase price.

Questions regarding this recall action may be directed to Toyo at 800-442-8696.

Most Heil vehicles now can Operate-at-Idle

The Heil Operate-at-Idle System has been standard on Heil automated side loaders for years. Now this system can be installed on most Heil rear loaders, front loaders, and side loaders.

The Heil Operate-at-Idle System lets a vehicle perform all its normal functions to load and/or compact garbage at standard operating speeds while the vehicle engine is at idle.The vehicle's engine is constantly running at a much lower rpm, so fuel consumption is decreased — often by up to 20%. Stress on the chassis and vehicle systems is also diminished. Besides its much quieter operation, the system eliminates the time spent shifting and waiting for the engine to get up to speed.

The Operate-at-Idle System is standard on many Heil refuse collection vehicles and optional on others.

Guillotine shears offer accuracy, repeatability

Strippit/LVD's new line of MVS-C guillotine shears is designed to provide high shearing accuracy and repeatability to address a range of cutting requirements. A new cutting beam driven by double-acting pull-down hydraulic cylinders provides accurate cutting and reliable operation.

MVS-C shears are equipped with adjustable rake angle and blade gap adjustment features that provide the flexibility to cut a range of material thicknesses, permit narrow strips to be sheared with minimal distortion, and reduce burrs.

MVS-C shears are equipped with three pairs of roller guides for control of the cutting beam and to minimize wear and maintenance. Each blade has four cutting edges and can be turned three times before grinding. The lower blade is mounted to a blade holder fixed to the table of the shear.

The control panel of the MVS-C shear is mounted on a swivel arm and features a push-button control to adjust back gauge settings, rake angle, blade clearance, and cutting length.

The MVS-C shear can be equipped with options such as sheet support and scrap selector for additional productivity.

For more information, contact Strippit, 12975 Clarence Center Rd, Akron NY 14001.

American LaFrance selects Air Link

Raydan Mfg Inc has announced that American LaFrance, one of America's oldest fire apparatus manufacturers, has selected Raydan's award-winning Air Link air-ride walking beam suspension as standard equipment on its 54,000- and 58,000-lb tandem axle firetrucks.

American LaFrance first installed the Air Link at New York City's request on the “Spirit of Oklahoma,” a firetruck given to New York City by Oklahoma City OK after the September 11 tragedy. Following the success of this installation, the Air Link was offered as an option on its lighter trucks, and has now become the standard suspension for its heaviest truck models.

Heavier horses are optional on Coronado

Freightliner Trucks is offering two new horsepower ratings for the Coronado heavy-duty vehicle. The Caterpillar “King of the Hill” C15 engine is now available with 600 horsepower with 1,850 ft-lb of torque or 625 hp with 2,050 ft-lb of torque. These ratings are governed at 2100 rpm.

The Coronado's oversize 1,500-square-inch radiator provides superior cooling capacity for these C15 engines, which are certified and compliant to the EPA 2004 standards. Additionally, the C15 uses ACERT technology to reduce emissions. The Coronado is available with Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines with up to 550 hp as standard. Caterpillar C15 600- or 625-hp engines are optional.

Suspension loses weight but stays strong

The new ReycoGranning Model 20AR/RS3162 air-ride van slider suspension system addresses dock walk and weight, without compromising strength or durability. With 20,000-lb capacity per axle, the 20AR/RS3162 was developed to maximize every pound of the fleet payload.

Research and development has found that by using narrow beams and hangers, only one main crossmember, and by eliminating U-bolts in the axle attachment, weight has been removed without reducing strength. Hundreds of hours of testing shows the axle attachment outlives competitors by 300%.

Strength has been added by a new unitized hanger design that attaches the hangers to the sides of the rails, not just at the bottom of the rails. Fillet welds to reduce stress risers join hangers and rails. Also adding strength are the 9" seven-gauge side rails, industry-standard double convoluted air springs, and 4.5"-wide bushings. The Model 20AR/RS3162 also includes the ReyAlign axle alignment feature that requires ordinary tools and no cutting.

For more information, contact ReycoGranning, 1205 Industrial Park Dr, Mount Vernon MO 65712.

General Tire brand rolls on after nine decades

Continental Tire North America Inc (CTNA) is celebrating the 90th anniversary of its General Tire brand in 2005. This brand was born Sept 29, 1915, when two Akron OH businessmen, William F O'Neil and Winfred E Fouse, founded the General Tire and Rubber Co.

With more than 300 companies making tires at the time, O'Neil and Fouse decided to first produce a replacement tire, along with a line of pneumatic truck tires. During the next decades, General Tire invented the low-pressure General Balloon Jumbos, followed by inventions like carbon black latex, oil-extended rubber, and Gen-tech adhesive for tire cord.

As the company diversified, General Tire became a multi-business corporation investing into industries such as tennis ball manufacturing, aero jet engineering, radio/TV, plastics, and chemicals.

In 1987, Continental AG — a tire manufacturer based in Hanover, Germany — purchased the tire division General Tire Inc. Later reformed as Continental Tire North America Inc, it became with this acquisition the fourth-largest tire manufacturer in the world.

ABS control-line air filter boosts warranty

East Manufacturing has designated standard equipment a new design of control-line air filter developed by MeritorWABCO to help protect the trailer ABS system's integrity. East trailer customers using the control-line air filter will now have their valve parts warranty extended one year to four years/400,000 miles. The labor warranty will remain at three years/300,000 miles.

The new control-line air filter provides for maximum air flow with minimal restrictions and protects the system from dry contaminants.

Speed Reducer can increase productivity

Hougen Mfg Inc's 14,000-Series Holcutters can make short work of large-diameter holes in thin materials. To complement the annular cutter's performance, the company introduces the Holcutter Speed Reducer. Designed for operation with most models of hand-held electric drills, the Speed Reducer offers a 4:1 gear reduction ratio to deliver high torque developed at the drill's top rpm range while maintaining the tool's optimal speed.

This speed reduction feature has proven suitable for applications involving tough-to-cut materials such as stainless steel and other alloys. Slower speed/high-torque performance in such materials will help eliminate work hardening and heat-affected zones that otherwise could degrade component integrity.

The Hougen Speed Reducer attaches directly to drills having a 1/2" male threaded spindle (after removal of the chuck) or to 3/8"-diameter models with the use of an adaptor.

Hougen has also incorporated several new design and construction elements into the Holcutters. Among the upgrades are the development of a single arbor size for all cutter diameters (when not using the Speed Reducer), an arbor-to-cutter mounting system, and the incorporation of a shoulder on the outside diameter of the cutters to prevent the entire tool body from plunging through a completed hole.

Contact Hougen, PO Box 2005, Flint MI 48501-2005 for more information.

Tag ‘moves’ through manufacturing process

Badger Tag & Label Corp has created a tag that “moves” with products through the manufacturing process and allows for multiple operations to occur while it is attached. This new configuration is a multi-piece tag made of synthetic materials.

The bottom layer is a synthetic tag that can either be written on or have a bar code that has been thermal-printed on a separate label stock applied to it. Features of this synthetic stock: UV-stabilized, waterproof, chemical resistant, withstands temperatures from 220° to -70° F, and puncture and tear resistant. This bottom layer can alternatively be a variety of paper or other synthetic stocks. The metal eyelet can include a pre-inserted wire, be provided with a separate wire for hand stringing, or-can accommodate a cable tie.

The middle layer is a self-sealing laminate with a mylar flap. Before manufacturing begins, the mylar flap is eased off and the laminate is pressed on top of the information on the base tag. This laminate overlay offers permanent protection and fade resistance of the information on the tag. It also protects the information when the piece is spray-painted.

The topmost layer is a pre-mask that covers the tag throughout the spray paint process. A light coat adhesive on the back of the pre-mask assures that this layer remains tight down to the self-sealing laminate layer so paint doesn't get under it. When the paint is dry, the handy pull-tab makes it easy to remove the pre-mask layer. For full details, contact Badger, 83 Bentert St, PO Box 306, Random Lake WI 53075-0306.

Peterson gives stop/turn/tail lights makeover

Peterson Mfg Co has made a significant redesign of its 417 and 418 lamp series, 4" round, stop/turn/tail LED lamps for the vehicle lighting market.

This redesigned light features several improvements that increase lamp performance and protect it against road and weather conditions for longer life. These include hard-wired terminals, eliminating the need for extra plugs; a linear weld, providing a more robust seal; and a “skirted” weld joint that offers more protection against moisture, salt, and corrosion. For more information, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.

UltraRide conversion offered for F53 chassis

Link Mfg Ltd is offering a complete UltraRide air-ride conversion for the 2004-05 F53 motorhome chassis; specifically, the F53 20K and 21K chassis with Dana S135 axle.

The company provides full air-ride conversions for the Ford F-Series Super Duty F-250 through F-550, the Ford E-350, and Ford E-450. Link also supplies a full air-ride conversion for the General Motors C4500, C5500, and C550OHD Top Kick and Kodiak medium-duty vehicles. For more information, contact Link, 223 15th St NE, Sioux Center IA 51250-2120.

Fully machined brake drum has advantages

Consolidated Metco Inc (ConMet) is offering a new brake drum known as TruTurn. The drum's fully machined finishing process, both inside and out, creates improved dimensional consistency and a uniform wall thickness.

TruTurn's fully turned process gives it its strength because there's no need for weld-on weights or balance cuts that can weaken a standard drum. The result is a drum with less potential for cracking, lower per stop temperatures, and more uniform distribution of temperature and braking forces. TruTurn's uniform wall thickness also contributes to more consistent thermal expansion and, therefore, minimizes brake judder and vibration.

For complete details, contact ConMet, PO Box 83201, Portland OR 97283-0201.

Software expands FEA modeling arena

Abaqus Inc has released Abaqus for CATIA V5, Version 1.1. Integrated with Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) system, the new Abaqus software puts nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) simulation technology at the center of product design. The software extends the FEA modeling environment and enables the use of Abaqus technology in Dassault's PLM system.

This software allows engineers to perform nonlinear simulation from within the CATIA V5 analysis environment, using associative digital geometry of the CATIA V5 product model.

Abaqus for CATIA V5 is organized into two CATIA V5 workbenches. Using the Thermal Analysis Workbench, engineers define thermal attributes such as temperature-dependent film coefficients and gap heat conductance, along with heat transfer simulation steps. Using the Structural Analysis Workbench, engineers define mechanical attributes such as bolt-tightening connections and pressure loads, along with structural simulation steps. Simulation steps from both workbenches can be combined in a single CATIA V5 model to perform a coupled thermal-structural simulation.

For complete details, contact Abaqus, 1080 Main St, Pawtucket RI 02860-4847.

Chevron Delo 400 disperses soot better

ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants (CTGL) offers a new formulation of its Chevron Delo 400 Multigrade heavy-duty motor oil. The newly formulated Delo 400 provides improved soot dispersancy and anti-wear characteristics, resulting in superior performance and extended drain intervals in new low-emission engines as well as older on- and off-highway engines.

This formulation also meets the upcoming CI-4 Plus standard, a modification of the CI-4 standard that primarily improves soot thickening performance in new low-emission engines. The new standard takes effect in September 2004.

Delo 400 continues to use ISOSYN technology, which provides equal or better extended drain capability and fuel economy as synthetic oils, but at a lower cost.

The new Delo 400 formulation will be supplied in quarts, gallons, pails, drums, and bulk. For more details, access

Base axle plus air suspension equals CB4000

The Holland Group Inc has added a base axle offering to the CB400 air suspension platform, creating the CB4000 Series. Introduced to the North American van and reefer market in early 2004, the CB400 incorporated an advanced axle alignment feature, a cast trailing arm, and patent-pending bushing technology on its slider.

Holland's CB4000 serves as the beginning of its 1000 axle series that supplies the option of adding an axle to the base suspension offering. Model numbers that are extended to a fourth-numeric digit will serve to differentiate suspension/axle systems from base suspension offerings.

The CB4000 is being displayed throughout the United States on Holland's Transportation Solution Vehicle (TSV). This air suspension/slider/axle system with Swing-Align is provided at most major OEMs in North America. Contact Holland, 467 Ottawa Ave, PO Box 2099, Holland MI 49422-2099 for further details.

Product prevents tires from leaking profits

Tire Lyna is a bright green gel, sparingly applied via measuring pump through the tire valve (core removed). It remains in for the life of the tire or until the tire needs to be removed from the rim. Advantages of this anti-leak product include:

  • Retains air pressure by evenly coating the inner wall and bead of tire with a thin gel film.

  • Retains air pressure over long periods of time.

  • Maintains consistency for the life of the tire and operates up to 360° F without change.

  • Moisturizes the rubber to maintain flexibility and reduce breakdown of belts.

  • Tire Lyna materials migrate into puncture, plugging it so tire retains full pressure until professionally repaired.

  • Anti-corrosion substances eliminate harmful effects of moisture.

  • Point of tire injury is easy to find as Tire Lyna's color is distinctive and concentrated at the injury.

  • Biodegradable Tire Lyna easily dissolves in water and washes out with the standard rinse.

  • Has inert and non-toxic compounds that maintain proper conditions and reduce changes in rubber compounds.

  • Decreases breakdown of casing and belts.

  • Operates from -60° to +360°F without changing consistency or performance.

  • Proven to work with all manufacturer's tires without a negative effect, does not void warranties of tire manufacturers.

Tire Lyna is shipped in various container sizes, including 5-gallon pails that typically treat 18 semitrailer tires. The aircraft-aluminum pump fits onto the pail top and is marked in 1-ounce increments. Other sizes include a tote on a pallet. For complete details, contact Lyna Mfg Inc, 1125 W 15th St, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7P 1M7.

Saf-T-Fit Plus: better comfort, communication

Willson has improved its line of Saf-T-Fit Plus disposable respirators. The line features a new, larger facepiece design to improve comfort and fit; new, more durable materials; and a larger, redesigned optional exhalation valve to evacuate moist exhaled air faster. Models are offered in all N, R, and P filter classes, featuring optional nuisance-level organic vapor or acid gas filtration.

Saf-T-Fit Plus has a larger inner volume that increases wearer comfort and facilitates verbal communication. The new facepiece design also incorporates an increase in the surface area of the filtering media.

New PVC material in the Boomerang Nose and Polo-face seals of the Saf-T-Fit Plus line also enhances wearer comfort and improves fit, even when users perspire. The exhalation valve offers maximum frontal protection of the membrane while generating minimal exhalation resistance.

Saf-T-Fit Plus respirators are latex- and silicone-free. Most models come in three color-coded sizes: small (red), medium/large (green), and extra-large (blue). All provide NIOSH-approved TC-84A-3745 protection.

For additional information, contact Willson, 7828 Waterville Rd, San Diego CA 92154.

Larger replacement fuel tanks for Fords

Transfer Flow has introduced larger replacement fuel tank systems for 1999-2004 Ford heavy-duty F-250 and F-350 pickup trucks. A 46-gallon replacement fuel tank is provided for crew cabs and extended cab pickups with 6-foot bed pickups, while a 57-gallon fuel tank is available for crew cabs and extended cab pickups with 8-ft beds. Fuel tank systems are supplied for gas and diesel pickups.

These fuel systems come with all parts needed for installation, including straps and mounting hardware. The stock in-tank sending unait is reused with the Transfer Flow fuel tank system. Fuel tanks are made from 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel and are powdercoated black.

For more details, contact Transfer Flow, 1444 Fortress St, Chico CA 95973.

Tapa-Circuit turns one fuse slot into two

Waytek's Tapa-Circuit has a dual fuse holder, allowing the user to plug two fuses into one slot on a circuit panel. Tapa-Circuit plugs into occupied or vacant energized fuse block slots. It provides one fuse holder to protect the existing circuit, and a second fuse holder to protect the new circuit. This device has a 10-amp rating at 12 volts. The 16-gauge lead for a new circuit is 5" long and includes an insulated crimp-type coupler. Tapa-Circuit is available for ATO or mini-fuses.

For more information or to request a free catalog, contact Waytek, 7660 Quattro Dr, PO Box 690, Chanhassen MN 55317.

Force distribution sensor quantifies stress

Sensor Products Inc (SPI) reveals its tactile force indicating sensor film (TPSF) Pressurex. The sensor is useful in assessing compression magnitude and distribution between any two mating surfaces. With a maximum gauge of 0.21 mm (8 mils), this non-destructive testing concept technology can enhance yields and improve quality.

Pressurex TPSF comes in the form of a large thin sheet. When placed between impacting or mating surfaces, the sensor film instantaneously and permanently changes color. The intensity of this color is proportional to the amount of force applied, allowing the user to quantify stress characteristics across the surface. Precise kg/cm2 (psi) can be determined by comparison of the sensor film to a color calibration chart (conceptually similar to litmus paper), or by using one of several imaging systems the company supplies.

For more information or to obtain a free product sample, contact SPI, 188 Route 10 West, Suite 307, East Hanover NJ 07936-2108.

Handheld electrical tester tackles many jobs

Snap-on Tools Co has introduced the new Multi-Probe (CT3000KT), a handheld tool that tests and troubleshoots various electrical systems. The unit operates on DC systems ranging from 6 to 48 volts.

Multi-Probe has a range of applications, such as powering electronic devices for short durations to ensure functionality. The unit tests continuity of electrical circuits to guarantee they are operational and properly functioning. Multi-Probe also tests and identifies correct wiring polarity. The LED light and audible tone indicate positive, negative, or ground polarity.

The power control module operates low-voltage electronic switches and isolates the user from high-power components. Other features help prevent injury to the technician and damage to electrical components. An audible alarm sounds and shut down switch activates when the unit exceeds electrical current or temperature limits. Recessed membrane-covered switches prevent accidental “power up” and conserve energy.

Multi-Probe is powered by either the vehicle's battery or cigarette lighter adapter. A 20-foot extension cord offers sufficient reach for operators to move around a vehicle in service.

Constructed of a solvent-resistant, high-impact ABS plastic exterior, the unit successfully performs in an active shop environment and provides durability. Battery clamps are made of corrosion-resistant copper. For complete details, contact Snap-on, PO Box 1410, Kenosha WI 53141-1410.

FusionMate dispenses adhesives reliably

FusionMate adhesive dispensing systems by Plexus are suitable for high-volume bulk adhesive dispensing in the marine, transportation, and engineering construction industries. Each component of the FusionMate has been selected to provide optimum performance with Plexus methacrylate adhesives. All wetted components, seals, wi-pers, and O-rings are guaranteed compatible with the adhesives.

The all-pneumatic system is powered by shop air at 100 psi and provides precise, continuous metering at ratios from 6:1 to 15:1 and flow rates from 0.1 to 1.3 gpm. Separate chain drives for adhesive and activator allow each to be purged independently. Simple, reliable valve guns accept standard static mix nozzles and provide precise bead control. Stainless steel braided hoses for both adhesive and activator are Teflon-lined.

FusionMate is mounted on a rolling cart that can be moved and positioned easily. An optional mast and boom holds hoses above work surfaces. For more information, contact ITW Plexus, 30 Endicott St, Danvers MA 01923.

Peterson light does strobe, rear-turn duties

Peterson Mfg Co's new, LED multi-function light provides both strobe and rear-turn functions. Consisting of 39 brilliant, light-emitting diodes, the new multi-function light meets SAE J318 strobing functions as well as DOT rear-turn specifications. “Smart” electronics enable the light's turn function to override strobe functions when the turn indicator is engaged.

Because of its combination strobe and rear-turn capabilities, Peterson's new light is suitable for refuse vehicles, wide-load haulers, towing and recovery trucks, and other service vehicles in need of enhanced safety features. The new multi-function light also features a triple-flash, alternating strobe pattern, low amp draw, hard-wired terminals, and a 100,000-hour life.

For more information, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.

Door edge guards pre-cut for convenience

Scotchgard brand Paint Protection Film from 3M is available in narrow rolls to help protect door edges. The new door edge guards help reduce paint dings and nicks that are common on these vulnerable edges.

These door edge guards are easy to install. Pre-cut to fit virtually any vehicle, they don't require the use of software or electronic cutting equipment.

Transparent and tough, Paint Protection Film is a clear-coated, urethane film that takes the brunt of damaging road debris when applied on high-impact painted vehicle surfaces. The film helps keep vehicles look great by reducing paint chips and bug damage, and helps boost vehicle trade-in value.

3M's new door edge guard is available in .4-inch × 40-yard rolls. For more information, phone 888-663-1394, ext 38; or visit

With Heavy-Duty Hanger, no ladder required

Micro Plastics' Heavy-Duty Hanger is designed to fit the firm's Ceiling Hook Installation Tool using a M6 x 1.0 hex nut (not included) in the installation tool. The Heavy-Duty Hanger is used to hang articles on elevated pegs or hooks without the use of a ladder.

Open and closed suspended ceiling hooks, installation tools, hanger hooks, adhesive clips, ceiling accessory clips, and extendable poles are also provided.

Free samples are available upon request. For a free copy of catalog #34, contact Micro Plastics' Customer Service Department, PO Box 149, Hwy 178 North, Flippin AR 72634.

Dual-pole cables solve grounding problems

Dual-pole electrical cables from Phillips Industries resolve grounding problems caused by heavy-amp-draw accessories on trailer equipment, such as liftgates. With common single-pole connectors, the ground return path can be obstructed at the fifthwheel, causing power to flow through the white wire in the seven-way connector. This condition overloads the wire, leaving no power for the trailer lights or ABS or potentially causing permanent damage to the electrical system.

Phillips' dual-pole system safely and consistently recharges the battery pack in the trailer. The dual pole uses a ground wire as part of a ground return system. It removes the additional electrical load from the chassis or kingpin fifthwheel. All dual-pole cables have temperature ratings of -55° to 230° F and have superior ratings for recoil memory and chemical and abrasion resistance. For fleets pulling equipment with single- and dual-pole trailers, Phillips also offers a “Y” adaptor with both dual- and single-pole plugs on the trailer side.

For more details, visit or contact Phillips, 12012 Burke St, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

NEF Gen-Drives fit in almost any gen-set

Iveco Motors of North America Inc, a subsidiary of Iveco Motors, has unveiled its NEF Gen-Drives. Based on NEF engines, these Gen-Drives are a complete engine package that includes a base engine, cooling system, and an air filter optimized for power generation applications.

NEF Gen-Drives are manufactured with all components necessary to couple to existing generators, allowing OEMs to create their own generator set package. Engines are available with mechanical and electronic fuel systems. The electronic, common rail fuel injection system enables Gen-Drives to offer improved performance, less fuel consumption, and lower noise levels. Also, electronic capabilities protect engine and on-board diagnostics. The performance of the mechanical fuel system versions is such that additional engine controls are not required. All Gen-Drives have 40% fewer components than older models and come in versions for 50- and 60-Hz power generation systems.

These Gen-Drives are available in naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and turbo after-cooled versions, with a power range of 57 to 215 kilowatts. A rear gear drive design enables the noise levels to stay below 91 dBA and improves the cooling performance because of the better airflow on the front section of the engine. A component option includes 12- or 24-volt electrical systems, and Gen-Drives can be equipped with a puller or pusher fan. For full details, contact Iveco, 245 E North Ave, Carol Stream IL 60188.

Johnson makes TripleSeal gasket standard

Johnson Truck Bodies has announced design and development of a new triple sealing point door gasket that simplifies door opening/closing, and is effective in limiting heat and moisture transfer that enters the refrigerated truck body.

Instead of a single contact point, the new TripleSeal door gasket has three sealing points: an outer “bulb” that seals against the outer door frame, a center contact point that seals on the center of the recess, and a large third sealing point that seals between the door pan radius and door frame inner radius.

Now standard on all Johnson refrigerated truck bodies, the TripleSeal gasket has proven effective in solving a door-opening problem created with a warm, humid ambient outdoor atmosphere, and a driving rain combined with a dry/very cold or frozen environment inside the truck body. In refrigerated delivery are many stops and door openings during a daily route, and the above condition creates a low-pressure situation inside the truck body that frequently “sucks,” or pulls the outside elements past traditional door seals and into the body. With the TripleSeal gasket, the potential for heat and moisture to enter the body is reduced, improving thermal efficiency.

Extruded in neoprene rubber, the new gasket's softness and compressibility reduce the effort required to operate the door handles each time doors are closed and opened. This enhances driver safety, and since less pressure is required to close the doors, the potential of a door handle swinging or kicking back on the driver is eliminated.

For more details, contact Johnson, 215 E Allen St, Rice Lake WI 54868.

Caterpillar C15 offered on Kenworth W900L

Truckers and fleets can now order the Caterpillar C15 engine in 625- and 600-horsepower ratings in Kenworth's W900L long-nose conventional.

Caterpillar's “King of the Hill” 625-hp C15 provides 2,050 ft-lb of torque at 1,200 rpm and constant torque to 1,500 rpm. Maximum 625 hp is developed at 1,800 rpm with 595 hp at 2,100 rpm. The new product is built on a Cat engine platform with the same bore and stroke as the 550-hp C15. Advances include new pistons and injectors for the higher-flow series turbochargers, and the Caterpillar electronic control module that is four times faster than the previous C15 ECM and has twice the memory.

Caterpillar's new 600-hp rated C15 has 1,850 ft-lb of torque at 1,200 rpm.

Kenworth is also offering an optional Caterpillar compression brake, which is the only compression brake available for these engines. The Cat compression brake provides 600 retarding horsepower. For more details, contact Kenworth, PO Box 1000, Kirkland WA 98083-1000.

Pocket Wintrac software from Thermo King

Thermo King Corp announces Pocket Wintrac software for Pocket PC devices running Windows Pocket PC operating systems. User-friendly and fast-operating, Pocket Wintrac is an extension of the Wintrac download, data management, and report generation utility for Thermo King truck, trailer, container, and rail microprocessor controllers.

Data can be downloaded from multiple dataloggers and controllers for transfer to Wintrac or FleetWatch management software. Supported devices include the SmartReefer2 (SR-2) controller, AccuTrac in-cab datalogger, TranScan datalogger recorders, and the Data Acquisition System.

Because Pocket Wintrac simplifies data downloading, diagnostic reports can be accessed quickly for improved preventative maintenance practice implementation. The increased flexibility of Pocket Wintrac allows drivers to verify cargo temperatures at the point of delivery, download the last trip, and either display the temperature information as a graph or transfer data to the customer's PC for instant verification. Setting up new units or updating basic parameters on dataloggers and controllers is easy. Flashload files can be created from the comfort of an office, and Thermo King reefers and dataloggers can be updated even if the unit is in a remote location.

Contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420 for more details.

Brake Control adjusts for smooth stops

Valley Industries introduces the Odyssey Brake Control (#52810) featuring patent-pending double-axis accelerometer technology that continually adjusts (self-levels) for varying road terrain changes.

During a braking event, Odyssey senses the vehicle's rate of deceleration and applies a proportionate amount of braking force at precise intervals for a smooth and seamless stop.

Designed for light- to heavy-duty applications (one- to four-axle trailers) with two to eight brake systems, Odyssey has four independent power level settings. Each level increases power to the trailer brakes, making the Odyssey fully adjustable for different trailer types and loads.

An adjustable manual override allows the user to manually apply the trailer brakes if needed. Odyssey also incorporates a polarity-protected control that will not be destroyed in case the power and ground wires are connected backwards.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the Odyssey Brake Control includes mounting bracket, hardware and instructions. A 30-amp circuit breaker, (purchased separately) may be required for some vehicles. For more information, contact Valley, 1313 S Stockton St, Lodi CA 95240.

New hydraulic brake actuator coming to US

New Zealand technology development company Edge International Ltd plans to launch its new air-over-hydraulic brake actuators in the United States.

Sens-a-Brake's NA-1400 provides a safe method for towing heavy or high value loads. The air-over-hydraulic actuation is fast, and the simple, attractive design won't detract from the trailer.

Factory specifications have NA-1400's reaction times exceeding 1000 psi in 0.29 seconds and continuing through to a maximum output of 1400 psi. The NA-1400 is a fully incorporated breakaway braking system that doesn't require any additional installation, batteries, chargers, or controllers. The entire actuator including breakaway feature can be installed in minutes with f our bolts, one hydraulic line, and three wires.

The NA-1400 has been designed to operate with standard electric brake controllers, and as an additional safety feature, also incorporates on-board diagnostics and a driver communication interface.

This unit is only a part of the Sens-a-Brake system. The company also offers ABS and load-sensing options, and the EVO electric brake controller that uses a new pressure-sensing technology for smooth proportional braking.

Sens-a-Brake will be distributed in the United States by Quality Trailer Products, 633 NW Parkway, Azle TX 76020.

Ductile hub means less weight, more muscle

Webb Wheel Products has introduced a new lightweight ductile hub for TP trailer axles. Significant design improvements have been incorporated into this new product to reduce weight while improving fatigue strength. Laboratory testing has shown this hub will save fleets approximately 72 pounds per trailer over standard ductile hubs.

The lightweight TP 2243 is interchangeable with Webb's current ductile and aluminum hubs for this trailer application. Additional applications are being designed and tested and will be announced when available.

For more details, contact Webb, 2310 Industrial Dr SW, Cullman AL 35055.