Product Profiles

April 1, 2002
Xantrex Technology teams up with Delco Remy America Xantrex Technology Inc and Delco Remy America Inc have announced a partnership to market inverters

Xantrex Technology teams up with Delco Remy America

Xantrex Technology Inc and Delco Remy America Inc have announced a partnership to market inverters to the heavy-duty truck aftermarket. The inverters — which operate from a truck's battery or alternator — electronically convert DC current into AC power, and can improve driver comfort and productivity on the road, while safeguarding integrity of the starting system through a built-in, low-voltage cut-off.

Delco Remy will market Xantrex inverters under a Delco Remy/Xantrex co-brand to aftermarket customers in North America. The line of inverters will range from 150 watts to high-end 1,750 continuous-watt (3,000-watt peak) units, for operating microwave ovens, coffee makers, and power tools.

Light Trailer Air suspension employs ‘air spring in a can’ concept for extended life

Suspension Technology Inc (STI) has a new air suspension for light trailers called the Light Trailer Air (LTA) model. The completely preassembled LTA mounts entirely under the trailer frame. Mounting heights range from low for horse and racecar trailers to high for RVs.

This new patented design uses metal-enclosed air springs for a soft ride and a 4×4 cross tube for strength. The “air spring in a can” concept extends life of the air springs' rubber components, protecting them from road hazards and debris.

The LTA is designed for single, tandem, and tri-axle applications. Axle-to-axle load equalization through the air system makes all axles share the load, and prelubricated shaft bushings almost eliminate axle maintenance.

The LTA automatically rides at a constant predetermined height. This trailer may be lowered to reduce step-in height. As an independent wheel air suspension, the LTA provides roll stability and can level the trailer from side to side when an offset load is present.

Capacities are 3,500, 7,000, 8,000 and 10,000 pounds. Industry-standard hubs and disc or drum brakes are shipped assembled to the suspension. Various 12-volt air systems and control kits can customize the system. For full details, contact STI, 1424 Scale St SW, Canton OH 44706.

Hayes Lemmerz adds CentruLite hubs to line

Hayes Lemmerz International Inc has expanded its commercial highway product line to include the CentruLite hub, a new lightweight cast-aluminum hub for over-the-highway trailers. CentruLite hubs are available for TN axles with steel or aluminum wheels — with or without ABS — and are 100% equipped with SAE O-ring port lube fill plugs. Other features include:

  • Load rating: 11,500-lb per hub

  • Overall length: 7.88"

  • Bolt circle diameter: 285.75 mm (11.25")

  • Wheel stud quantity/thread diameter: ten M22×1.5

  • Hub cap hole pattern: six holes 5/16-18 UNC

  • Volume between cups (without axle spindle): 948 cubic centimeters (58 cubic inches or two pints)

  • ABS ring pitch diameter: 6.77"

  • ABS ring cup seat to face dimension: 2.34" (per SAE J1730)

  • Lube plug with SAE O-ring (hex socket)

  • Five-year limited warranty

For full information, contact Hayes Lemmerz, 15300 Centennial Dr, Northville MI 48167.

Air compressor supplies 140 cfm, 175 psig

VMAC's newest addition to the Underhood line, the VR140 truck-mounted rotary screw air compressor, has a high output of 140 cfm and 175 psig. The VR140 can provide more air for applications including municipalities, utilities, contractors, highway, maintenance and others that use large pneumatic tools. It is suitable for operating rock drills, paving breakers, backfill tampers, sump pumps, and sand blasting.

The VR140 comes as a complete installation package including belt-driven rotary screw air compressor, mounting brackets, oil/air separator, oil cooler, and electronic variable speed control. It weighs 220 pounds and measures 7½" × 9" × 133#189;".

For more information, contact VMAC, 1333 Kipp Rd, Nanaimo, British Columbia, V9X 1R3 Canada.

E-One donates rescue vehicle to NYPD

Emergency One and Federal Signal held a brief ceremony where they donated a light-duty rescue vehicle to the New York City Police Department (NYPD). The vehicle, with an estimated market value in excess of $100,000, is designed to transport rescue equipment used in emergency situations.

Mike Amsden, Ocala FL city councilman, presented representatives from NYPD with a proclamation honoring their service during the events of September 11 and presented a check for $1,000 to the NYC Police Foundation Heroes Fund. Ocala Mayor Ergle and the Ocala Police Chief presented keys to the City of Ocala while the Marion County Commissioners also presented a document honoring the NYPD. Sheriff Ed Dean spoke briefly and had his honor guard present a plaque to NYPD and a plaque to E-One for its contribution to law enforcement. Harold Pinto, president of E-One, then presented a memorial plaque and the truck.

Crane reaches new heights in performance

Maintainer Corp of Iowa Inc has come out with the new 3824 hydraulic crane. Features of this crane include:

  • Full hydraulic squirt boom from 10' to 24'. This speeds a job through increased pick height capability, and means less truck repositioning.

  • 100,000-psi yield strength hexagonal section inner and outer boom sections.

  • 6,350-lb lift capacity at 6'.

  • Proportional crane control, which improves load control and offers faster positioning of critical components.

  • Live swivel hook, which speeds positioning of loads, especially heavy components.

  • Optional planetary winch with increased line speed for reduced load pick-and-place time.

The 3824 is equipped with a high-torque swing motor and positive locking worm drive providing a full 600° of continuous rotation. The 3824 in-carry position requires only slightly more space than its predecessor model. For more information, contact Maintainer, PO Box 349, 1701 S 2nd Ave, Sheldon IA 51201.

Product puts air power aboard vehicles

Mead USA's new Air Power Pack (Air Box) is used on light trucks and trailers where compressed-air power is not part of the original vehicle specification. It is meant to provide compressed-air power to on-board conversions, including PTOs, tipper valves, air-piloted hydraulic valves, truck liftgate controls, and onboard power supplies for mobile work stations.

The Air Power Pack comes in several sizes, depending on applications needed. These include bus and coach; fire, tow, and emergency vehicles; waste management and refuse vehicles; light-duty trucks; and mobile repair. For additional details, contact Mead USA, 4114 N Knox Ave, Chicago IL 60641.

High Performance truck delivers greater maneuverability

The International 4200 is the newest addition to the High Performance line of trucks from International Truck and Engine Corp. It delivers improved maneuverability — as a result of up to a 50° wheel cut — and reduces preventive maintenance costs and overall repair time by as much as 20% with a multiplexed electrical system.

This model is powered by the new International VT 365 diesel engine, which features a four-valve, six-cylinder liter displacement that includes a new Electro-Hydraulic Generation 2 (G2) fuel system. The G2 system works in tandem with the Electronic Variable Response Turbocharger to improve engine responsiveness and efficiency.

Drivers will also feel the difference with Intuitive Shift controllers (an International and Allison Transmission exclusive), which integrate engine and transmission to change transmission ratios in relation to driver input, vehicle load, and driving conditions. The new International 4200 is available for order. For more information, contact International, 455 N City Front Plaza Dr, Chicago IL 60611.

Drive axle air-ride suspension comes in various forms

Tuthill Transport Technologies' ReycoGranning 79AR drive axle air-ride suspension offers gross axle weight ratings of 17,000 to 23,000 pounds per axle. Designed for Class 6 and 7 vocational trucks with single drive axles, the 79AR can be adapted to any truck with standard-dimension frame rails.

The 79AR was spawned from the ReycoGranning 79KB steel spring suspension and incorporates existing hangers, axle connections, torque arms, bushings, and hardware. All components are manufactured in an ISO 9001 environment under lean manufacturing methods.

Weighing 447 pounds, the 79AR is available as complete suspension for conversion/retrofit, as a conversion kit for existing 79KB, and as a complete suspension. For full information, contact Tuthill, 2715 N Airport Commerce, Springfield MO 65803.

Miller wire feeder saves money, boosts efficiency

Miller Electric Mfg Co offers the 714S bench-style wire feeder, the second product in its 700 Series family of semiautomatic, constant-speed wire feeders. The 714S wire feeder costs about $700 less than Miller's 714D feeder, yet it can be upgraded to the full-featured model by changing the front panel.

The 714S provides dual tension control, a trigger hold feature, a toolless rotatable drive, and an automatic run-in feature. Dual tension control provides independent drive roll pressure on the front and back rolls for more flexibility and helps eliminate bird nesting. Trigger hold lets the operator make extended welds without finger fatigue. The toolless rotatable drive assembly facilitates rotation of the assembly, thus minimizing stress on the gun cable.

The automatic run-in speed feature sets wire feed speed at a percentage of the actual welding wire feed speed from when the gun trigger is pulled until arc initiation. After it senses an arc, the machine switches to welding speed.

The 714S is compatible with any CV welding power source with a 14-pin receptacle and a 24-volt AC supply. For more information, contact Miller, PO Box 100, Lithonia GA 30058.

UPC merges features of crane body, platform

Venturo Mfg Inc's UPC models provide the advantages of a heavy-duty utility crane body with the load capacity of a platform. UPCs come in two lengths — 109" and 133" — and can be installed with either a corner-mounted crane with factory reinforcing or a behind-the-cab articulating crane.

Features include compartments with adjustable shelving and 14 gauge doors. The understructure is built of structural steel tubing with 10-gauge diamondplate floor and has six tiedown rings. A 12" workbench-style bumper incorporates an outrigger tube for corner-mounted cranes or a tube for a second set of outriggers when used with an articulating crane. Options include custom shelving, slide-out trays and drawer units, and oxygen and acetylene bottle holders. For additional information, contact Venturo, 12110 Best Place, Cincinnati OH 45241.

MTB liftgate takes flexibility to new levels

Maxon Lift Corp has developed a liftgate that bolts directly onto the truck body. The new MTB can be installed in a fraction of the time because it doesn't require welding or repainting.

This liftgate is shipped fully assembled in one piece, including extension and dock bumpers. The factory-wired-and-installed pump and motor are shipped with oil in the reservoir for ready use. The MTB can attach to the truck body with 19 bolts in less than one hour. Body companies can pre-drill the rear sill, in which case installation can be completed in about 20 minutes.

These liftgates can be removed and reinstalled on a new truck body. They may also be removed with the body and placed on a new chassis. For full details, contact Maxon, 11921 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670-2221.

Huck-Spin fasteners cut worker fatigue

Huck Fasteners' line of patented Huck-Spin fastening systems provides shockless, quiet installation that reduces worker fatigue. The spin-on, swage, spin-off installation sequence eliminates pintails and requires no impact wrench for a torqueless, ergonomic process. Huck-Spin fasteners create a permanent clamp that never needs retorquing.

Three lines of Huck-Spin fasteners are offered: Huck-Spin, available in 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4", as well as 12-, 16-, 20-, and 24-mm diameters; the small-diameter HuckSpin, provided in 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" diameters; and the Huck InnerDrive, a 5/8"-diameter internally threaded lockbolt. For more information, contact Huck, PO Box 8117, Waco TX 76714-8117.

Strongbox joins ranks of Spartan bodies

Supreme Corp has added to its line of Spartan service vans with the introduction of the Strongbox. Designed to compete with open-top steel service bodies, the Strongbox, with its covered cargo area, is built with a 3/8" fiberglass reinforced plywood body, making it resist corrosion.

The Strongbox is 8' long, 79" wide, and 42" high. This service body comes standard with ICC lights and reflectors, pouched 10" full-width step bumper, and 3/4" painted plywood floor. Like most Supreme bodies, the Strongbox can be customized. Options include a translucent roof and steel ladder racks, as well as doors, compartments, and shelves.

For more information, contact Supreme, 16500 CR 38, PO Box 463, Goshen IN 46527.

Big Foot jack won't sink into soft ground

The Big Foot hydraulic jack, new from Quadra Mfg Inc, gets its name from its 10" by 10" footpad that won't sink into soft ground. This jack is equipped with an adjustable mounting bracket and hardware to fit most gooseneck trailers.

Big Foot operates on 12-volt DC, 90 amps, and comes complete with hydraulic cylinder and pump, hoses, switch control box, wiring harness, and 120-amp breaker, along with the industry-standard tube-in-tube jack design (41½2" outer tube for added strength). Rated lift capacity is 12,000 pounds with a 24" stroke. This jack has a five-year warranty on the hydraulic cylinder, two-year warranty on all other parts, and a one-year waranty on labor.

This product is distributed exclusively through Redneck Trailer Supplies, 2100 N West Bypass, Springfield MO 65803.