Kenworth Clean Power No-Idle System Expands To W900, T800 Models

March 26, 2008
Purchasers of new Kenworth W900s and T800s can now go green with the Kenworth Clean Power no-idle system

Purchasers of new Kenworth W900s and T800s can now go green with the Kenworth Clean Power no-idle system, the company announced today at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

“Initially introduced for the Kenworth T660, Kenworth Clean Power will become a factory-installed option for new W900s and T800s equipped with the 72-inch AeroCab sleeper,” said Gary Moore, Kenworth assistant general manager for marketing and sales. “Customers with those models have expressed interest in our no-idle system, especially as the number of states implementing truck idling regulations continues to grow. Kenworth Clean Power offers a very practical, cost-effective solution.”

High diesel fuel prices and idling regulations continue to demonstrate the value of Kenworth Clean Power, which may enhance fuel economy by as much as 8 percent for customers with high-idling times. Among the system’s benefits are factory installation, Kenworth warranty coverage, comprehensive no-idle features, and full compliance with California Air Resources Board (CARB) idling regulations that went into effect January 1, 2008, for sleeper trucks with 2007 and later model engines.

“Kenworth Clean Power system offers a much lower life cycle cost compared to a typical auxiliary power unit over a four-year period,” said Moore. “The typical APU’s cost includes aftermarket installation, emissions compliance equipment for operation in California, and fuel consumption that is significantly higher. As a result, the Kenworth Clean Power customer can receive a payback in a little over a year, compared to more than two years for an APU user. It’s definitely important to thoroughly explore the life cycle cost equation before making a decision.”

Kenworth Clean Power uses dedicated, advanced deep-cycle batteries that power a thermal storage cooler with 21,000 BTUs of cooling capacity. The system has the capability to provide engine-off cooling and heating, plus 120-volt power for hotel loads. Once the truck is shut off, a thermostat regulates the desired temperature and a variable speed fan circulates chilled air through a duct located near the bunk. When the outside temperature is as high as 95 degrees, Kenworth Clean Power is able to keep the sleeper cool and provide accessory power for up to 10 hours.*

More information on Kenworth Clean Power is available on Kenworth’s website ( Visitors to the site can watch a 4-minute video, calculate their potential savings, view an electronic brochure, and order a Kenworth Clean Power DVD video and brochure online.