QT provides service equipment rental

March 1, 2008
QT Equipment has launched a nationwide rental program for service equipment

QT Equipment has launched a nationwide rental program for service equipment, making it one of the country's only locations to rent mechanics trucks, lube trucks, and articulating cranes. QT Equipment is a Diamond Authority Distributor for Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc. (IMT), and its fleet of rental service equipment consists of IMT Dominator mechanics trucks, SiteStar lube trucks, and articulating cranes, as well as the QT Lube Trailer. Customer benefits include:

  • Immediate access to service equipment while replacing a wrecked truck or waiting for a new service truck to be built

  • Avoiding capital expenditure

  • Project-by-project flexibility

  • 100 percent tax-deductible business expense

  • Predictable total cost of ownership with the QT Equipment maintenance program

  • Easy trial period for companies that want to test a newly hired mechanic

  • Optimized cash flow and minimized risk for new companies that might only need service equipment for a short time

QT Equipment requires a minimum rental of four weeks on their service equipment. For equipment buyouts, a percentage of the rental payment is applied to the purchase price, and this percentage is dependent on the type of equipment and length of rental. Rates are determined by type of equipment, length of rental and buyout option.