Product Profiles

May 1, 2004
Aluminum wheel treatment reduces rim flange wear Alcoa Wheel & Forged Products is offering Dura-Flange, an aluminum wheel with a patented treatment on

Aluminum wheel treatment reduces rim flange wear

Alcoa Wheel & Forged Products is offering Dura-Flange, an aluminum wheel with a patented treatment on its rim that guards against excessive rim wear.

The Dura-Flange treatment was developed for applications where loads are heavy and prone to shifting, causing tire walls to rub against the wheel rims. Dura-Flange wheels provide additional protection for trucking applications most susceptible to this type of wear.

Field testing has shown that Dura-Flange treated wheels can double the life of the wheel.

Dura-Flange wheels supply the other advantages of Alcoa aluminum wheels, such as less weight for increased payload and greater fuel efficiency; better heat dissipation for extended tire and brake life; higher resale value; one-piece, forged-in strength; and a wide selection of wheel types and accessories.

These wheels will be available for purchase in third-quarter 2003. For more information, contact Alcoa, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105.

V blade clears sidewalks rapidly, yet it's easy on turf

Sno-Way perfects sidewalk plowing with its new V blade for skid steers. This V blade comes in 55", 99", or 109" widths. It quickly clears sidewalks while minimizing turf damage with a blade that fits the application.

The Sidewalk V Blade is built with the same technology, high-strength steels, and precision as all Sno-Way snow plows. The company also offers a wireless snowplow control.

Contact Sno-Way, 1353 Wacker Dr, Hartford WI 53027 for more details.

Changing a tracker bar spring? Snap to it

Phillips Industries has made changing the spring on a tracker bar a snap. The firm's new clip Snap-On Clip requires no tools to replace the cable support assembly, and the work can be done in less than 20 seconds.

Made from solid aluminum, the lightweight, rugged and corrosive-resistant clip can prolong product life and reduce labor costs. The anodized aluminum clip is stronger and more durable than typical nylon rings and comes standard on all tracker bars kits and cable support assemblies.

For more information, contact Phillips, 12012 Burke St, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

Cross-Link Technology aids braking performance

With 75 years experience in producing Grey-Rock, Haldex has improved on its formula, and introduces Haldex Friction with Cross-Link Technology.

Haldex engineers have found a way to improve braking performance by the use of polymer chemistry in this fiber coating process called Cross-Link Technology. The technology has now been formulated into the new 3000 Series — Haldex Friction products. The fiber coating process — the same type of technology specified for products used by NASA and the United States Department of Defense — links more adhesive resin to the fiber. This results in a more complete bonding of resin and fiber. The characteristic spot pattern created during coupling makes Cross-Link Technology easy to recognize.

Brake blocks manufactured using conventional technologies require excessive amounts of abrasive fibers to equal the strength of the new Cross-Link Technology. Cross-link technology, however, optimizes the bonding of key ingredients to the fibers, allowing for more friction modifiers and life-extending ingredients for enhanced lining life and friction stability. Since abrasive fiber content is a contributor to brake drum wear, Cross-Link Technology reduces the need for abrasive fibers.

Haldex continues to produce its traditional Grey-Rock formulas under the 2000 Series — Haldex Friction name. The 2000 Series consists of old Grey-Rock favorites. The company also provides various product formulations, many found in TMC's RP628 list, and each targeted to a specific application.

For more details, contact Haldex, 10707 NW Airworld Dr, Kansas City MO 64153-1215.

BluDot ABS kits fit a variety of trailers

BluDot Inc present the TA-7000 and TA-8000 Series anti-lock braking actuating system kits. These kits are designed for short-run installations where same-day or quick-turnaround ordering times are desired. Kits fit a variety of commercial-duty one-, two-, and three-axle trailers (weighing up to 45,000 pounds). They feature an electronic control unit relay valve that monitors movement of each sensored wheel, thereby modulating air pressure on the trailer brakes for sure, controlled stops.

These kits meet current FMVSS 571.121 regulations for ABS air brake systems and offer the benefits of reduced tire flat spotting and trailer swing. Kits offer custom-order capability for universal fit and come complete with packaging.

A typical TA-7000 and TA-8000 Series kit includes: air reservoir, computer/electronic control unit relay valve, sensor cables, snap connectors, wiring harnesses, and mounting hardware. Bulk hoses can be ordered, and BluDot can customize hose lengths, connector sizes, and additional components. A fully sensored two-module system is available and provides added side-to-side braking control on all wheels. The company also supplies air brake control kits for the tractor.

For more information, phone 574-277-2306 or contact Bludot, 4335 Meghan Beeler Court, South Bend IN 46628.

Manual hubs lock in power, performance

Superwinch manual locking hubs are built for the lifetime of even the most rugged off-road vehicles.

These hubs are designed for precision and durability, from their smooth dial operation to the full metal cap and body construction. Available for virtually all domestic and imported vehicles, the hubs can replace worn-out locking hubs and original manufacturer's automatic hubs.

Unlocked, they reduce engine drag and stop drive train rotation. Steering becomes easier, especially in turns, and noise and vibrations are greatly reduced. Locked Superwinch hubs enhance four-wheel drive performance with protection against slippage or partial engagement and disengagement. They work in reverse and in compression braking.

All these hubs offer a limited lifetime warranty against defects. For more details, contact Superwinch, Winch Drive, Putnam CT 06260; access; or phone 860-928-7787.

Trim-Lok now provides Grip-Tek line

Trim-Lok has introduced Grip-Tek Products, a full line of EPDM foam and plastic grips, plastic handles, plugs, and caps. Grip-Tek has supplied the grip market for the past eight years and was recently acquired by Trim-Lok Inc.

Based in Buena Park CA, Grip-Tek combined with Trim-Lok can now provide more than 40 years of experience in sales, service, design engineering, prototyping, tooling, and custom color capabilities. Phone Grip-Tek toll-free at 888-345-2226 for more information or e-mail [email protected].

Waltco liftgate lowers maintenance levels

Waltco Truck Equipment Co offers the K-Series medium-duty conventional-style liftgate with reduced-maintenance features including:

  • Self-lubricating, fiberglass-reinforced Teflon-coated bearings in place of grease zerks at all pivot points. The seamless concentric bearings are made from a composite that resists corrosion and conforms to the shaft load better than standard, 1/16 steel bearings with seams.

  • Hardened pins that reduce deflection and prolong the life of the bearings.

  • Closed-loop hydraulic system with hydraulic cylinders manufactured and tested in-house by Waltco.

Engineered to fit a range of vehicles, the K-Series is provided in a 1,600- or 2,000-lb-capacity model.

Standard features on K-Series models include:

  • Adjustable flow-control valve that provides controlled speed during lowering

  • Latch chain that permits padlocking

  • 150-amp circuit breaker protection

  • Chrome-plated cylinder rods

  • Powdercoat paint finish on key liftgate components.

The K-Series features a three-year warranty on the Superswitch and liftgate mechanism and two-year warranty coverage on the Electropak power unit. For more details, contact Waltco, 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge OH 44278.

Visiting the Rugby Manufacturing hospitality room at the recent National Truck Equipment Association show in Baltimore MD are Herb Lam, Kaffenbarger Truck Equipment Co; Charles Rayside, Rayside Truck & Trailer Inc; Jack Searle and Mike Eby, Mid State Truck & Trailer; John Palmer, Rugby Mfg; Joe Schodorf, Schodorf Truck Equipment; and Mel Stevens, Andy Ford, and Doug Hauck of Rugby Mfg, which is based in Rugby ND.