Product Profiles

July 1, 2002
Sealing plugs protect various threaded ports Niagara Plastics Co introduces its new line of UT, MT, and BT Series sealing plugs to protect unified, metric,

Sealing plugs protect various threaded ports

Niagara Plastics Co introduces its new line of UT, MT, and BT Series sealing plugs to protect unified, metric, and BSP threaded ports. Each plug has a unique and integral Tight Fit sealing lip along with five complete threads. This design prevents contaminants from entering or fluids from escaping fittings or ports without the need for an O-ring.

All three types can be inserted or removed by hand or with a screwdriver, socket wrench, or power tool. The MT and BT Series are constructed of Nylon 6 to help prevent cracking or splitting. Standard UT Series plugs are constructed of high-density polyethylene and are optionally available in Nylon 6.

UT Series unified sealing plugs are available in nine sizes to plug threads from 7/16"-20 to 1⅝"-12 and come in red as a standard color and yellow as an option. MT Series metric sealing plugs are available in 11 sizes to plug threads from M10×1 to M33×2 and come in standard yellow. BT Series BSP sealing plugs are offered in nine sizes to plug threads from G1/8" to G2" and come in standard yellow.

UT, MT, and BT Series plugs can be ordered online in standard cartons or in a Red-E-Pak for smaller quantities. Free samples and literature can be obtained by contacting Niagara Plastics, 7090 Edinboro Rd, Erie PA 16509-4497.

Align axles without getting under vehicles

Bee Line's axle indexing fixture (#21102) has a new design that allows axle alignments to be referenced to the axle's center with efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability. This fixture eliminates the need to get under a vehicle; in fact, nearly all alignment measurements can be done in a standing position. When an alignment is finished, the fixture is detached and rolled away.

The 21000 Laser Tube Assembly can be switched back and forth between the axle indexing fixture and standard wheel cradles in less than a minute, making it ideal in shops where alignments are performed on standard and non-standard vehicles. The fixture is mounted on casters that help create equal tension on the axle arms and allow freedom of movement when not in use. If the user wants to switch the fixture to a center shooting aligner, the legs can be removed, allowing the unit to operate near floor level. Additional gauges are available to use the side shooting feature on trailers.

For complete details, contact Bee Line, 2700 62nd St Ct, PO Box 130, Bettendorf IA 52722.

LPE merges seven functions into one machine

Finn-Power International's new LPE is a high-precision flexible manufacturing cell (FMC) that combines a six-axes, servo-motor-driven E5 turret punch press; carbon dioxide laser; and an automatic loading, stacking, and unloading robot. The LPE provides punching, marking, tapping, nibbling, upforming, bending, and laser cutting all in one machine.

Using one setup, raw material can be processed into finished parts without any extra material handling, or releasing of the material. The LPE allows a choice of using the turret punch press where it is easier or faster, and the laser where it is most effective. Users have the option to look at parts, materials, intricacies, and time and overall cost of parts, to determine the best production process for every project.

Once the raw material goes in, the fabrication processes in the LPE can produce a finished part. The LPE provides a bending tool and a laser cutting head in the turret punch press. Upforming provides a precise process for knock-outs, louvers, and other forming. Finn-Power resolved the problem of die height impeding free sheet movement. Its design allows forming heights up to 0.62" (16 mm) with the forms made by the die moving upwards and then retracting, allowing free sheet movement, eliminating scratched or jammed sheets.

The loading and stacking, and unloading robot (LSR) loads sheets to the turret punch press and stacks finished parts onto stacking pallets. Various part sizes can be handled, along with parts that are formed, and they can be picked up from beside the cutting head or from a conveyer. Parts are accurately and neatly placed in designated finished part locations.

For more information, contact Finn-Power, 710 Remington Rd, Schaumburg IL 60173.

Single-diode lamp outshines incandescents

Grote engineers have developed the company's first single-diode stop/tail/turn lamp. LED lamps offer greater resistance to vibration and the elements than incandescent lamps. Grote SuperNova LED lamps will last the life of a trailer when used in conjunction with the firm's Ultra-Blue-Seal harness system.

With the lens on, the single-diode stop/tail/turn lamp is practically indistinguishable from an incandescent lamp. That means fleets will be able to replace old incandescent lamps with LED counterparts and reap the benefits without changing the appearance of the trailer. Fleets will be able to retrofit gradually rather than all at once. Another advantage is a decrease in theft, since it is less apparent to potential thieves that the lamps are LEDs.

For complete details, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

Hybrid adhesive supplies secure instant bond

Permabond HT20, a one-part moisture cure hybrid adhesive for body assembly, provides a high instant tack for securing side and roof panels without fasteners. Panels can be aligned even after initial tack, and surface preparation is minimal.

HT20 has 500% elongation that allows the adhesive to absorb energies created by trailer racking, thus alleviating stress on the actual bond. This degree of flexibility — plus a secure bond to most materials and a low shrink rate — offer long-term durability for bonded panels.

With no odor, isocyanates, or solvents, HT20 is 100% VOC-compliant. It eliminates scratched panels, minimizing surface preparation time and increasing production throughput, and reduces the cost per linear foot by up to 50%.

For technical advice, application assistance, or a free sample of Permabond HT20, contact Permabond, 10 Finderne Ave, PO Box 6500, Bridgewater NJ 08807-0500.

APU extends engine maintenance intervals

TruckGen has designed a small, light auxiliary power unit (APU). This anti-idle system offers many of the same features found in the firm's Total Truck System. The APU extends truck engine maintenance intervals, while averaging only 1/10 gallon of diesel fuel per hour itself.

It is used in conjunction with factory underbunk heater/air-conditioner units and will provide 12,000 Btu of air conditioning and up to 20,000 Btu of heat. It is also compatible with inverters for operating onboard electrical appliances.

The APU, with its patent-pending load management design, combines a Kubota diesel engine, compressor, 120-amp alternator, and in-cab remote start switch. The complete unit weighs 185 pounds and measures 30" long × 18" wide × 16" high. It will fit in many step locations or toolboxes, or any of the standard enclosures built by TruckGen. For full information, contact TruckGen, 1732 St Johns Bluff Rd, Jacksonville FL 32246.

MeritorWABCO updates Toolbox software

MeritorWABCO Vehicle Control Systems has released its Toolbox software version 4.2, offering technicians advanced antilock braking system (ABS) diagnostic capabilities.

A personal computer diagnostics program, the software provides these functions: a display of both constant and changing information for the system under test (eg, ECU number and RPMs, respectively); a display of both active and stored system faults, as well as the appropriate repair instructions; and activation of system components to verify system integrity, proper component operation, and installation wiring.

Version 4.2 updates include full PLC functionality; sensor orientation testing for Enhanced Easy-Stop trailer ABS; lift axle function parameter change procedures; and brake bleed procedures for hydraulic ABS. The new edition is configured for MeritorWABCO D and E Versions pneumatic ABS, as well as D Version hydraulic ABS.

Cab Power brings home comforts to the road

Cabs of older trucks can be equipped with new appliances through installation of Cab Power, a new electrical system. Cab Power, developed by Phillips & Temro Industries, allows drivers to use standard household appliances in truck cabs without idling the engine. The result: a more comfortable, convenient cab with reduced fuel consumption and less engine wear.

The Cab Power system distributes power to 120-volt electrical outlets mounted in the cab and sleeper. Electrical space heaters, air-conditioning systems, microwave ovens, refrigerators, toaster ovens, computers, printers — in fact, almost all standard household appliances — work off Cab Power as easily as off a home wall socket. Cab Power can also provide a cable television and telephone connection.

This system includes a 120-volt AC electrical load center, up to three duplex receptacle outlets, and a weatherproof inlet housing. It can be powered by a direct connection to AC power or by a DC/AC inverter connected to the truck's battery. The system can be customized to fit the interior layout of individual truck cabs. More information is available from Phillips & Temro, 9700 W 74th St, Eden Prairie MN 55344.

Towing accessory line gleams stainless steel

Towpower by Reese has added a new line of stainless steel products. A new series of hitch balls and draw bars is now available, crafted from stainless steel. Each of the products features a lifetime guarantee.

For more information, contact Reese Products Inc, PO Box 1706, 51671 State Rd 19 North, Elkhart IN 46514.

TV antenna for vehicles also Internet-capable

With its integrated Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technology and automatic satellite acquisition, the TracVision S3 from KVH Industries makes pop-up style satellite antennas obsolete. For use aboard parked trucks, RVs, and motorcoaches, the system automatically identifies and acquires satellite signals from DirecTV and DVB-compatible satellites, including the multi-satellite Dish 500 service. TracVision S3 is compatible with KVH's TracNet Mobile Internet Server and exclusive mobile DirecPC high-speed Internet service. Other features of the S3 include:

  • A stylish, low-profile antenna dome 14.5" (37 cm) high.

  • Compatibility with high-powered DVB satellite TV services.

  • Reception of more than 300 channels of digital programming, including premium satellite television, commercial-free music, HDTV, and local stations.

  • A preloaded satellite library of North American and European services is selectable via PC or the KVH TV/SAT Switch.

  • A flush-mount design for easy installation and upgrade to in-motion tracking.

For more details, contact KVH, 50 Enterprise Center, Middletown RI 02842.

Xtreme XT body has versatility down cold

Johnson Truck Bodies' Xtreme XT Series insulated truck body is suited for leasing and distribution customers. This body features Johnson's aerodynamic FRP exterior offering thermal efficiency with a seamless, ultra-smooth surface — no rivets or screws. Colors are permanently impregnated to eliminate paint chipping or peeling. The fiberglass will not rust or corrode and is puncture- and tear-resistant. Recessed exterior lighting results in less breakage, wind resistance, and improved visibility. All wiring is color-coded in plastic conduit and accessible.

Xtreme's bright-white glasboard interior is waterproof and easy to clean. The floor is designed with cross sills encapsulated in the structure, protected from the elements and reducing bed height. A selection of standard floor options is available.

Urethane insulation is foamed-in-place under pressure to guarantee a void-free product and provides 2.1-lb density for temperature retention. The exterior and interior fiberglass panels are 182 times more resistant to heat penetration than steel and 896 times more resistant than aluminum.

The Xtreme series also features molded fiberglass-reinforced doors and frames. Foam-filled under pressure, they provide minimum conduction of heat and superior insulation value. Standard powdercoated hardware simplifies operation.

Johnson offers this product in lengths from 8 to 24 feet in 2-foot increments, as well as three heights and two widths. Contact Johnson, 215 E Allen St, Rice Lake WI 54868 for further information.

Platinum Series joins JOMAC line of bodies

JOMAC Ltd has added the Platinum Series aluminum mechanic's service body to its line of custom bodies.

The Platinum Series is available in standard 11- and 14-foot lengths, with crane mounting capabilities of up to 80,000 ft-lb. Numerous equipment options (welders and air compressors, for example) are available for the commercial construction industry. Contact JOMAC, 182 Scio Rd, Carrollton OH 44615 for more information.

Eliminator ‘walks the walk’ regarding safety

The new Eliminator aluminum walkramp from ITW Insulated Products is built with safety as the main goal. ITW engineers designed this walkramp to eliminate common problems associated with ramp failure and repair.

Most common walkramp injuries involve slips and moving the ramp. Eliminator deckplates have an anti-slip tread to provide maximum traction and still have 50% open space, allowing snow, ice, and debris to fall through. The lightweight ramp has wheels at both ends to facilitate removal from the carriage and movement on the ground. An optional lift-assist system saves time and drivers' backs.

Eliminator attachment hooks are non-load-bearing; wheels are solid rubber with sealed ball bearings for smoother and easier positioning. All hardware is Grade 5 zinc-plated steel. Side rails are made from structural grade extruded aluminum for a superior strength-to-weight ratio. A modular design simplifies replacement of parts.

For more information, contact ITW, 200 Lukken Industrial Drive East, LaGrange GA 30241.

PlateLASER-II machine adds size, flexibility

The PlateLASER-II from W A Whitney Co is a larger, more flexible laser cutting machine for fabricators cutting thick to thin material. A 10' × 20' Flying Optic System is standard on this machine, with 10' × 40' and 13' × 40' systems optional.

Its increased size allows the PlateLASER-II to offer several shuttle table capacity options. Standard is 7,200-lb capacity, with options of 10,000, 20,000, and 24,000 pounds.

Stainless steel and mild steel from 1¼" down to 22 gauge, and aluminum from 1/2" down to 22 gauge, is laser-cut with speed and accuracy. Rapid-pierce and pierce-on-the-fly capabilities begin the cutting process sooner with less heat and virtually no “crater eruption.” Fabricators can cut smaller internal feature holes in thick material without having to pre-pierce, change nozzles, or clean the plate.

Other PlateLASER-II features include direct-drive linear motors, 7.5" and 12.5" focal length lens, independently programmable focal height and standoff, quick-change lens holders, automatic scrap removal, and Intelligent Laser Control with a Material Parameter Library for cutting various material types and thicknesses. For full information, contact Whitney, 650 Race St, PO Box 1206, Rockford IL 61105.

When approach is low, HT-35 is the way to go

Witzco Challenger Trailers' new Model HT-35 features folding hydraulic loading ramps. This series is designed for lower approach angles to accommodate low-profile paving, excavation, drilling, and construction equipment. Deck height can be as low as 34" with a 9° loading angle.

Powered by twin cylinders, rear folding ramps employ a positive hydraulic locking system. The trailer quickly loads and off-loads roller, wheel-driven, and track equipment.

The HT-35 has an air-ride suspension with air-activated dump valve, and load space is adequate for carrying multiple pieces of equipment. Highlights of this trailer include:

  • Truck-operated wetline hydraulic system or Pony Motor
  • 22,500-lb-capacity axles
  • Two-inch hardwood lumber decking
  • 235/75R15 tires
  • Budd wheels with air S-cam brakes
  • 30°, 60°, or 90° load deck-to-gooseneck package offered
  • Custom configurations

Contact Witzco, 6101 S McIntosh Rd, Sarasota FL 34238 for further information.

Sequenced delivery system for tires, wheels

Loading Automation Inc (LAI) has designed, built, and installed the JIT sequenced delivery system, an automated tire and wheel assembly system for vehicle production facilities.

With JIT, an off-site facility is dedicated to receiving all unfinished products including tires and wheels. Tires typically are received from a third-party carrier and off-loaded from the trailer onto a telescopic conveyor. This conveyor feeds a receiving conveyor that matches tires with the proper wheels from another staging conveyor. Tires and wheels are mounted and balanced on a customer-supplied machine, and finished tire and wheel assemblies then are conveyed into a staging area. After sequencing the tires for JIT delivery, a trailer receives the pre-staged load from the automated loading conveyor at the dock door. Loading time is about three minutes.

Tire and wheel assemblies typically can accommodate 60 vehicles in each trailer load. At the receiving door of a vehicle production facility, sequenced tires are off-loaded via an indexing conveyor. The entire operation is a hands-off system that doesn't involve a forklift operator. For more information, contact LAI, PO Box 4820, Wilmington NC 28406.

Adrian designs trade-specific interior packages for Freightliner Sprinter van

Adrian Steel offers trade-specific interior packages, partitions, shelving, and modules for the new Sprinter van from Freightliner Corp. The new Sprinter is available in three wheelbase lengths and two roof heights with a cargo area that has a driver sliding side door and hinged rear cargo doors.

Sprinter interior packages from Adrian feature trade-specific layouts for builder/remodeler, general delivery, electrical contractor, and HVAC contractor trades. Interior package layouts are based on the Sprinter 118"-wheelbase van. Interior shelving and module heights used are 46" for standard-roof and 60" for high-roof Sprinter van models. Interior layout guides provide information for 118"-, 140"-, and 158"-wheelbase Sprinter models. Users can add shelving and modules to interior packages for longer wheelbases, or design custom arrangements.

Each Sprinter van interior package includes a full cab/cargo area partition with a hinged center key-locking door. Adjustable shelving provides storage for parts and tools, and optional dividers can be added for sectioning shelves. Lockable drawers and cabinets keep contents safe and secure. For more information, contact Adrian, 906 James St, Adrian MI 49221-3996.

Cup brush beats sanding fatigue hands down

Ultimate Linings' new cup brush for sanding and surface preparation is an alternative to hand sanding. The company's low-speed, air-assisted cup brush can debur metal, wood, or concrete surfaces of rust, corrosion, paint, or even primer without damaging surfaces. When combined with a lightweight vertical sander, the user can glide through jobs with no hand fatigue and consistent results.

The brush is the equivalent of 80 grit and features a 5" sanding diameter with nylon abrasive filaments made with silicon carbide. For complete details, contact Ultimate Linings, 603 Cherry St, PO Box 2291, Sumas WA 98295-2291.

Exhaust diverter helps keep burns at bay

Grand Rock is providing an exhaust diverter for Mack Granite heavy-duty vocational trucks.

Between the movement and the tight space under a cab, diverting exhaust to heated dump beds is difficult. Grand Rock has developed a simple, cost- and labor-effective solution. Its exhaust diverter clamps in place with the handle to the outside for easy use and no burns. This diverter installs in minutes. For full information, contact Grand Rock, 395 Fountain Ave, Painesville OH 44077.

Dynamics reduce danger of vehicle tipovers

Around 80% of all accidents caused by tipovers can be prevented by the new TR-ESP (Trailer Electronic Stability Program) system, says Schmitz Cargobull. This development is now an integral part of ROTOS mechanisms.

With TR-ESP, transverse acceleration sensors fitted to the electronic braking system (EBS) measure power distribution in the semitrailer and check traveling stability. In situations such as going too fast into a swerve, the semitrailer brakes automatically. Centrifugal force is reduced, and the vehicle returns to its stable traveling position.

Other parts of the ROTOS mechanism are EBS and the safety technology of the disc brakes. The disc wheels, with an insertion depth of 120 millimeters, eliminate the need for another spare wheel. The truck's spare wheel can also be used for the semitrailer in case of a puncture.

The hub unit (compact-bearing), used in conjunction with the Sauer axle, is also a permanent component of the ROTOS mechanism. This guarantees a maintenance-free period of six years or a million kilometers for on-road vehicles.

The Multi-Ride-Height (MRH) air suspension, developed by Schmitz Cargobull, offers more advantages besides the maintenance-free period of more than one million kilometers (without consumable parts). Weight of the air suspension can be reduced by up to 50 kilograms. The raise/lower valves' “reset to ride” function can be used to reset the air suspension automatically to the riding height when 15 km/hour is reached. This will prevent damage to the spring sheathings.

For more information, phone +49-02558-81-1323.

Xantrex shore power package provides one piece in truckstop electrification puzzle

Xantrex Technology provides an inverter/charger that comes with a shore power package when ordered as an option through most truck OEMs. The Xantrexps system allows drivers to operate AC (alternating-current) devices for a finite amount of time when using battery power. However, once plugged into AC power, operators get 15 amps of continuous power that can run space heaters and fans, electric HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) systems, and AC devices such as microwaves, TVs, and VCRs. In addition, the system charges batteries.

A new online survey at allows owner-operators to voice their opinion about the need for truckstop electrification. The survey takes a few minutes to complete, and results will be forwarded to truckstops as feedback. According to the Argonne National Laboratory, which is sponsored by the United States Department of Energy (DOE), trucks idle away more than 838 million gallons — or $1 billion — of fuel per year.

Mercedes-Benz transmissions for Acterra

Sterling Trucks, a division of Freightliner, now has manual transmissions from Mercedes-Benz available for order on its Acterra medium-length trucks in Classes 5 through 8. The six-speed transmissions use a hydraulic clutch. The MBT520 has a direct-drive gearbox with torque capacity of 520 ft-lb for applications up to 40,000 pounds gross weight. The MBT660 is an overdrive transmission with 660 ft-lb torque capacity for trucks up to 60,000-lb GCW. Both transmissions have six forward speeds and are fully synchronized. Transmissions are compatible with Mercedes-Benz, Caterpillar, and Cummins engines.

Trigger latches built for lo-pro applications

Eberhard Mfg Co's new #634/637 Series trigger latches are activated by a push-button. These adjustable compression latches are designed for installation on a range of cabinetry panels where a low profile is desired.

With a grip range from .13" to 2.25", latches come in both key-locking and non-key-locking versions. They are also available in black or chrome finishes. All versions feature a universal mounting hole.

All components on the latches are die-cast. Black or chrome finishes complements a range of cabinet finishes.

For more information, contact Eberhard, PO Box 368012, Cleveland OH 44149-9712.

Extended daycab puts accent on roominess

Kenworth Truck Co's new extended daycab for its T600, T800, and W900 models adds 6" to cab length, mounts the seat 2" further back from the steering wheel, and offers a seat recline up to 21°. The extended daycab increases storage by 2½ cubic feet on the rear wall. It also offers another 3" of headroom, has an option for Kenworth proprietary corner windows, and will be available with back-of-cab- and side-of-cab-mounted exhaust.

According to Kenworth, the extended daycab has only a slight weight increase over the current cab. The company is targeting the extended daycab for those involved in fuel and regional hauling, pick-up and delivery, dump trucks and mixers, and logging. Production availability is planned for fourth-quarter 2002. For more information, contact Kenworth, PO Box 1000, Kirkland WA 98083-1000.

Spicer Quick-Ship adds eight axle assemblies

Commercial Vehicle Service Parts of Dana Corp has added eight new trailer axle assemblies to its Spicer Quick-Ship Trailer Axle Program. This program now features 17 trailer axle assemblies, and each is guaranteed to be shipped within 48 hours after the order has been received.

The expanded line of axles includes ABS-ready spiders that are made from forged steel and have sintered, oil-impregnated bronze bushings. Spicer XtraLife II S-cam brakes, with more usable brake lining than standard S-cam brakes, are available on certain models.

All trailer axles, including standard assemblies and drop-tube assemblies, are delivered with weld-on spiders, 28-spline S-camshafts, brake assemblies, air chamber brackets, ABS sensor brackets, and spindle nuts and washers. Four cam lengths are offered, as well as three brake sizes: 12¼' × 7½", 16½" × 7", and 16½" × 8⅝". Rated capacities include 20,000, 22,500, and 25,000 pounds.

Retractable roller track has air-bag protection

The Retract-A-Roll II pneumatic retractable roller track from Ancra International is simple to install, operate, and maintain. These systems come with a seven-year system limited warranty and a two-year air bag warranty.

Systems feature a Wear Guard air bag protection jacket that completely encircles the air bag, preventing punctures from the bottom and sides. Should a problem occur within the warranty period, Ancra will deliver a replacement air bag by the next business day at no charge.

All Retract-A-Roll systems use internal stops in the main channel. This eliminates excessive stress on the top plate and allows Ancra to secure top plates with two screws per track module.

Ancra systems have beveled roller openings that help keep debris from falling into the roller channel. This design also increases top plate stiffness without adding weight.

Retract-A-Roll II Model PF systems for palletized freight come with 3"-wide rollers and can be combined with a powered drive for automated loading/unloading. The Model AF track for air freight applications comes with 2"-wide rollers. For more information, contact Ancra, 2685 Circleport Dr, Erlanger KY 41018.

Poly Quarter Fenders provide light weight

New, lightweight Poly Quarter Fenders from Life-Time Fenders LLC come with a “chrome” lettered top flap, and various mounting options are offered. Lifetime also provides a line of modular-design Poly Fenders for singles, tandems, and triples, as well as mirror stainless, aluminum, galvanized steel lines of fenders. The company's installation kits are completely pre-engineered.

For additional information, contact Life-Time, 430 W Main St, PO Box 707, Canfield OH 44406.

Clearcoat requires minimal baking time

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Corp's Ultra 7000 CC930 Speed-Plus clearcoat produces superior gloss holdout and through cure in both air dry and baking environments. It also requires minimal baking time. Features include:

  • CC930 is offered in 3.5 and National Rule VOC markets.

  • The product is out of dust in as little as 20 minutes and can be cut and buffed in approximately 90 minutes.

  • It can be applied with Wet-on-Wet limited-flash applications.

  • Superior through cure allows for improved cycle time and faster assembly.

  • CC930 minimizes contamination from dust and dirt.

  • The product can be used for small to multi-panel repairs.

  • It does not require a flex additive.

For more information, contact Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes, 4440 Warrensville Center Rd, Warrensville Heights OH 44128.

Electronic registration system aids dealers

Kenworth Truck Co has an electronic vehicle registration system to assist its dealers. The system focuses on vehicle warranty registration, pre-delivery inspection processing, and retail sales reporting. Using the system, dealers can electronically issue vehicle warranty certificates, report retail sales, process the pre-delivery inspection, manage new truck inventory, and transfer units between other Kenworth dealerships.

Kenworth offers Haulmaax

Kenworth Truck Co offers the lightweight Hendrickson Haulmaax heavy-duty truck suspension for vocational truck and tractor applications. Haulmaax is available in 40,000- and 46,000-lb capacities on new truck orders placed with Kenworth dealers.

Weight savings with Haulmaax can result in more than 500 pounds of additional payload, according to Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems.

Mack specifies Stemco parts

Mack Trucks Inc has decided to make Stemco Voyager wheel seals and Stemco hubcaps factory-standard products for its medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

The Voyager seal is hub-installed and uses Stemco's dirt shield technology, a solid metal shield that prevents contamination from entering the sealing areas. A double steel case permits a positive hub installation without warping or bending.

Stemco hubcaps have a red plug that allows venting. Cast-aluminum body construction prevents warpage and enhances durability and heat dissipation.

Kodiak electric actuators bear up to rugged duties

Bear Linear LLC has developed a series of electric linear actuators for on/off highway equipment, turf care, special industrial, and other harsh-environment applications. Kodiak K2 electric actuators can lift or move loads of up to 2,000 pounds. Standard operating speeds are 0.5" to 2.4" per second at rated loads, and standard stroke lengths are from 4" to 18". These units are available with various mounting configurations.

Kodiak actuators have a ball-bearing-supported (patent pending) extension rod that can tolerate greater misalignment and side load than older competitive designs. The ball-bearing driveline support system also reduces motor current draw, and operates more quietly than previous designs. Exterior surfaces are protected with TGIC polyester powdercoat with 500-hour salt spray rating. O-rings and heavy-duty wiper seals are used throughout, and an integrated manual override is standard.

For more details, contact Bear Linear, 6593 Revlon Dr, Belvidere IL 61008.

Dorsey Trailer selects ArvinMeritor products

ArvinMeritor Inc has announced that several of its products were selected as standard equipment on Dorsey Trailers, including the RideStar Highway Parallelogram (RHP) air-ride suspension, IN, TP, and TQ axles and automatic slack adjusters.

Effective immediately, ArvinMeritor will begin supplying all Dorsey models with these components, as part of a three-year commitment through 2005.

The RideStar RHP tandem suspension is centered around a single unified frame bracket and provides parallel movement of the upper and lower control arms, eliminating dock walk. The Dorsey trailers will also come standard with Meritor TN, TP, and TQ axles.

Brake-Link makes troubleshooting easier

NEXIQ Technologies' Brake-Link is an antilock braking system (ABS) scan tool that simplifies and expedites the brake troubleshooting process for trailer technicians on all major trailer ABS systems and Power Line Carriers (PLC).

Trailer technicians using Brake-Link can connect to vehicles and trailers using the SAE J1587 communication protocol over J1939/CAN and J1708 buses, as well as the new trailer PLC bus using the SAE J2497 protocol. Brake-Link is an RP1210A vehicle-to-PC interface for connectivity with OEM PC diagnostic applications that are RP1210A-compliant.

With Brake-Link, technicians can test functions including battery voltage; the ABS warning lamp; wheel sensors and traction disabling; chuffing, holding, and exhaustion modulators; cycling of brake retarder relays; and retrieval of ECU information. Technicians can also use Brake-Link to view and clear current and historic faults for a vehicle.

NEXIQ also offers a Brake-Link update kit that can be purchased separately. This kit allows technicians to download software updates as they become available. For more details, contact NEXIQ, 6405 Nineteen Mile Rd, Sterling Heights MI 48314.

RiveDrill converts drills into blind rivet guns

S-B Industries' patented RiveDrill attachment converts cordless electric and pneumatic power drills into efficient blind rivet guns. This attachment sets double the amount of rivets compared with manual tools in a given amount of time, setting up to 14 rivets per minute. RiveDrill is also more ergonomically comfortable than manual, pliers-type hand riveters. It requires 6.6 pounds of pressure to operate, compared with 77.2 pounds required for hand tool operation.

RiveDrill attaches to standard 3/8" reversible power drills in the same way the drill accepts a standard drill bit. It can set any standard blind rivet up to 3/16" aluminum, and comes equipped with nosepieces for 1/8", 5/32", and 3/16" sizes. For cordless electric drills, a minimum of a 14.4-volt capacity battery is optimum.

For additional information, phone S-B at 800-543-1011 or access

AG380 use adds 400 more pounds of payload

Kenworth Truck Co's AG380 lightweight air suspension lets users haul up to 400 more pounds of freight, get a superior ride with extra roll stiffness, and not have to deal with maintenance.

This suspension can be specified on Kenworth's Class 8 line of over-the-road tractors for highway applications — up to 80,000 pounds (GCW) — with full production slated for June 2002.

The AG380 weighs about 650 pounds fully installed, or 200 to 400 pounds less than the trailing arm suspensions typically used on other Class 8 trucks. It also is lighter than most four-spring suspensions. This suspension received more than two years of ride, handling, stability, and durability testing on the road and in the lab before being brought to market.

Key components also underwent the equivalent of six million miles of road service during quality testing conducted in the lab at the Paccar Technical Center. Kenworth engineers designed the AG380 with about half the parts of other truck suspensions. In addition, the new suspension is maintenance-free with no lubrication points. For more details, contact Kenworth, PO Box 1000, Kirkland WA 98083-1000.
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Angle notcher joins Heck product line

A new hydraulic angle notcher has been added to the fabricating line of Heck Industries Inc. The new Model 206/V features variable angle cuts from 30° to 140°. It offers 1/4" capacity, automatic blade adjustment, LED readout, hydraulic hold downs, internal depth stop, and easy-to-use gauging. The Model 206/V also features an oversize hydraulic reservoir for continuous production use. A complete catalog is available from Heck, PO Box 425, 1480 Old US 23 South, Hartland MI 48353.

Software helps track maintenance history

EZ Maintenance, a maintenance control software from Link-It, allows new users to track equipment units, schedule maintenance calendars, issue work orders, parts, or materials inventory control, and do management reporting.

This software supports bar-coding for unit or parts identification. Work orders automatically print maintenance instructions, along with a required parts and materials list. With the password control, only a supervisor can approve or edit a maintenance history, or alter schedules. An optional module links the software to Microsoft Excel. For further information, contact Link-It, PO Box 22666, Memphis TN 38122-0666.

Encrypta pinpoints current location of trailer

Encrypta Electronics has adapted INCA, a satellite tracking system, for use in trailers to provide customer supply chain and asset management.

Each trailer is equipped with a Crypta Trak unit that includes one of Encrypta's reusable, electronic sealing units bolted on the trailer door. The automatic sealing unit provides the precise status of load security, and indicates when the door is opened and closed. The Crypta Trak system has a self-contained battery pack that can provide continuous operation for a couple of weeks and automatically recharges when the trailer is coupled to the tractor unit via the standard SUZIE connector. The Crypta Trak unit can be programmed at the start of every journey from the scheduling software via the GSM link with up to 12,000 delivery points, depots, or geofence locations. Current location data is accurate to within five meters, and the system uses the GPS to recognize when the trailer is at these different drops and even if it is on the right road using geofenced data points.

With this system, calls to base are due to pre-programmed events such as illegal openings, trailers moving out of geofenced sites, trailers not having moved for a pre-determined number of days, arrival at a geofenced site, or overlong waiting time at a depot. Even complete data dumps of seal numbers, times, and locations only take about three seconds to transmit over the GSM data link.

For further information contact Encrypta, Waterside Court, Albany Street, Newport, South Wales NP20 5NT.

WZ Slider combines capacity, convenience

Waltco Truck Equipment Co has added the WZ Series Slider, a rear-mounted liftgate that combines capacity and large platform size of a rail-type liftgate with the convenience of a folding gate. It slides out of the way with a push of a button.

The WZ Series Slider has a level-ride platform that accommodates bulky, wide, or heavy cargo. The slide-away design accommodates either roll-up or swing-type doors.

The liftgate's torsion-assist platform is constructed with lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum. It can be loaded from the rear or the side.

Other standard features of the WZ Series Slider include:

  • Thermally protected power unit
  • Double-action hydraulic cylinders
  • Cylinder tilt feature
  • Auto-tilt feature
  • Electronic cylinder locks
  • Split cart stops
  • Platform marker lights
  • Stationary push-button control box
  • Hand-held remote control
  • Weather-resistant power unit enclosure

Optional equipment includes:

  • Foot-activated controls built into platform
  • Cab-mounted power shut-off switch
  • Customized options for specific applications

For more details, contact Waltco, PO Box 354, 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge OH 44278.

Wire feeder welder excels at variety of tasks

The new Power MIG 300 from The Lincoln Electric Co offers synergic multi-process capabilities including GMAW, GMAW-Pulse, FCAW, stick, and TouchStart TIG. This wire feeder welder uses Lincoln's Chopper Technology for a smooth, stable arc, better starts, and a wider sweet spot. It can even perform on stainless and aluminum.

Power MIG 300 has single-phase power requirements that range from 200 to 575 input voltage. The unit welds at 300 amps at 60% duty cycle, and wire feed speeds go up to 700 ipm. An optional gear change can increase feeding torque.

Synergic pulse capabilities of Power MIG 300 allow it to do true aluminum pulse welding. They also provide one-knob control, allowing the user to set parameters such as wire feed speed. The unit will automatically adjust itself for voltage and will constantly monitor changing characteristics of the arc.

With Power MIG, a gas bottle can be loaded without having to lift the cylinder. Reconnecting input voltage can be done through a large access panel without removing the entire case side. Other features include a lockable tool storage compartment with built-in tool tray, as well as a built-in undercarriage with heavy-duty wheels and handle.

Power MIG has a three-year warranty on parts and labor (90-day warranty on gun and cable). For more information, contact Lincoln, 22801 St Clair Ave, Cleveland OH 44117-1199.

HuckLok can join a range of assemblies

The HuckLok, a blind rivet from Huck Fasteners, features a quarter-inch grip range. HuckLok's large footprint, or “bulb,” spreads the load over a broad area. This results in a more durable connection and eliminates most pull-throughs when joining thin or lightweight materials. HuckLok is designed to lock assemblies from both sides.

By using the Huck AK275 or 2025 tools, or any other blind riveting tool of proper pull capacity, HuckLok blind rivets install precisely in seconds and require only a glance to confirm an accurate set.

The pin of a HuckLok fastener incorporates a lock groove below the pintail neck and a shear ring below the rivet sleeve. The shear ring makes the sleeve form a bulb during the pulling sequence. As the shear ring moves deeper into the sleeve, it extrudes a support ring from the sleeve's inner surface. When the lock groove engages the shoulder of the rivet head — locking the pin within the head — the shear ring snaps, pulling motion ceases, and the sleeve wall “back fills” behind the shear ring as it travels through the sleeve. The sleeve back-fills and locks the pin within the bulb, pulling motion ceases, and the pintail snaps.

The shear ring also makes HuckLok's grip range possible. After the maximum clamp of the fastener has been achieved, from minimum to maximum grip, the shear ring breaks free from the pin and settles into the appropriate catch groove.

For more information, contact Huck, PO Box 8117, Waco TX 76714-8117.

Improved bedliner makes skids even more unlikely

Penda Corp has improved its Pendaliner SR bedliner to provide more impact resistance and protection from dents and truck bed damage. Made from super skid-resistant material that gives the Pendaliner SR a glossy look, the bedliner offers twice as much skid resistance.

This skid-resistant material is co-extruded into the patented bedliners so it won't ever rub off. To highlight these skid-resistant characteristics, the Pendaliner SR features a headwall with the letters “SR” (Skid Resistor) spelled out.

The Pendaliner SR also comes with a patented no-drill installation, ribbed construction and a limited-lifetime warranty.

Custom-designed for every application, the Pendaliner SR allows airflow under the bedliner to promote moisture evaporation. Boardholder slots, designed to compartmentalize the truckbed and maximize bed space, and cupholders in the tailgate are also featured.

Complete information is available from Penda, 2344 W Wisconsin St, PO Box 449, Portage WI 53901-0449.

Mechanic's creeper rolls where others wouldn't dare

This new mechanic's creeper is named the Bone Rough Rider, because it's designed to go outdoors and off pavement.

The one-piece molded body has specially designed 5"-diameter wheels and still cradles the user close to the ground. Wide, high-flotation tires don't sink in soft surfaces, and wheels roll easily on gravel, dirt, or broken pavement. Each wheel has a heavy-gauge steel frame with 2½" roller swivel bearings.

Molded of an engineering-grade co-polymer, the ribbed body resists common solvents and support heavier users, and cleaning consists of a casual wipe. The comfortable one-piece design has no cracks, corners, or other pinch points, and outboard wheel pods prevent tipping and flipping.

The Bone Rough Rider is 47" long, 25½" wide, has about 2" ground clearance and weighs 25 pounds. Wheels are warranted for the life of the creeper, and the body carries a limited one-year warranty.

For further information, contact Pegasus Products Co, 315 Gougler Ave, Kent OH 44240.

MileMarker winch mount line

MileMarker presents its new line of winch mounts for most truck, Jeep, and sport utility vehicles. These units are rated to accept popular 9,000-, 10,500-, and 12,000-lb two-speed winches.

For more information, contact MileMarker, 1450 SW 13th Court, Pompano Beach FL 33069.

Bulldog square jacks debut

The HammerBlow Corp's new Bulldog 7,000-lb-static-capacity square jack provides a 5,000-lb lift capacity. These 190700 Series square jacks serve the agricultural, construction, industrial, horse, and livestock markets. They permit a suitable transition from lighter-capacity round jacks to square jacks.

Bulldog 190500 series square jacks have been improved to an 8,000-lb static capacity.

The new Bulldog 10,000-lb-static-capacity (180 Series) square jack has a 7,200-lb lift capacity and 3" outer tube. It is designed to meet industry requirements where 8,000-lb-static-capacity square jacks are too small and 12,000-lb-static-capacity square jacks are too big.

For more information, contact HammerBlow, 1000 First St, Wausau WI 54403.

Intraax platform slider trims weight from flatbed trailers

The Intraax AAZNT 46K platform slider from Hendrickson delivers weight savings and low-maintenance advantages of an integrated air-ride suspension system. This tandem platform slider has a 46,000-lb capacity.

Offered in ride heights from 13.5" to 17", the AAZNT 46K features a combination of a smooth-sliding “Z” profile box and a tandem of the AANT 23K integrated suspension system. The slider box fits up between the trailer I-beams with lock pins engaging through holes in the web of the beams.

The platform slider is designed to fit I-beam centers of 37", 38", 43", and 44" and can accommodate 49", 60", and 72" axle spreads. A brake chamber activated by a push-pull valve powers the pin release mechanism.

Options include long-life wheel ends including the Stemco Advantage System and the HUS unitized hub system, and HXS (Hendrickson Extended Service) brakes. The firm's Value Package Option simplifies wheel-end spec'ing by matching extended-service hub assemblies with configurations meeting the needs of fleets and owner-operators. For more information, contact Hendrickson, 2070 Industrial Place SE, Canton OH 44707-2641.

ComposiLite fulfills weight-conscious needs

Hendrickson International's ComposiLite brings a 13,200-lb-capacity suspension weighing 812 pounds to the lift axle industry. The company developed ComposiLite to fulfill requirements of weight-conscious haulers. It retains the low-maintenance design of the ParaLift Ultra while trimming more than 150 pounds. These weight savings have been made possible by using aluminum components and lightweight composites.

ComposiLite features corrosive resistant aluminum, a composite tie-rod, and in-line air springs. Aluminum frame hangers and upper air spring plates simplify drilling and can be mounted separately from the rest of the suspension. The composite tie-rod provides a weight savings without compromising suspension durability. In-line air springs provide maximized packaging, eliminate the confusion of inboard- versus outboard-mounted air springs, and remove the risk of driveline interference.

ComposiLite measures 24.75" from front edge of hanger to centerline of axle, allowing multiple axle configurations. It provides 8" of lift, 2" of total axle travel, and a wheel cut of 27°.

For complete details, contact Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems, 277 North High St, Hebron OH 43025.

PalletPicker automates component processing

PalletPicker, a “seeing” robot with a three-dimensional vision system, enables automate picking, loading, and removing components directly from pallets for machine processing. It can replace portal robots that require the operator to place components on pallets and fixtures.

Developed by Svensk Industriautomation, the robot orients itself using an optic sensor that measures pallet surfaces in three dimensions and requires no programming.

PalletPicker can also be used where material handling is controlled remotely via the Internet. If problems arise, the “remote operator” receives information about the situation via the Internet and a pager and can remedy the fault from his computer. The robot only ceases production if the fault affects product quality.

The sensor that measures the pallets is above the machine, and measurement accuracy is specified at a few tenths of a millimeter. Measurement data is processed by a PC with a pedagogic user interface. The computer sends coordinates of the topmost components on the pallets to the control system, and the robot then picks components from the pallets and moves them to the processing station.

Weight and volume of the materials are the only limiting factors. Shapes and material types are of no importance, and components on the pallets can be sorted or unsorted. For further information, contact Svensk Industriautomation AB, Tabergsvägen 8, S-562 50 Månsarp, Sweden.

Liftgates provide total dock compatibility

A new series of rear-mounted liftgates from Leyman Lift Gates is engineered for use with any dock configuration and on virtually any weight-sensitive commercial vehicle.

LVS 4402, 5502, and 6602 liftgates feature automatic hydraulic operation and a slider gate configuration that ensures compatibility regardless of dock design. The gate folds and slides into transit position beneath a vehicle, permitting use on trucks and trailers with swing doors, and features four cylinders (two lifting, two tilting) for maximum capacity. The LVS does not require use of circuit boards to power the gate, eliminating the chance for road elements to inhibit operation.

This gate's bi-fold aluminum platform helps fleets achieve weight savings without compromising load capacity. The maintenance-free platforms include integral foot controls and two foot-operated cart stops.

These liftgates come in 4,400-, 5,500-, and 6,600-lb-capacity models and with platform sizes of 98" × 77", 98" × 70", and 94" × 70". To obtain complete details, contact Leyman, 10900 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati OH 45242.