Product Profiles

May 1, 2006
Compressed air, AC power from underdeck Save weight, space, and money with Vanair's patented Genair. This underdeck unit combines the power of a 125-

Compressed air, AC power — from underdeck

Save weight, space, and money with Vanair's patented Genair. This underdeck unit combines the power of a 125- to 185-cfm air compressor with the convenience of a patented, integral 7.2- to 10.5-kw AC generator.

The Genair system maximizes the power of a truck's engine by enabling the user to access both pneumatic and electric power via the PTO drive. Genair can readily handle plastic pipe fusion, TV pipeline inspection, and other onboard air compressor/AC electric power demands.

For full details, phone 800-526-8817.

New hydraulic power unit provided by SPX

SPX Fluid Power introduces a new product and brand: the Model SMR DC bi-rotational hydraulic power unit from SPX Smiths.

Available in load-holding and non-load holding designs, this DC power unit originates from the same company that pioneered Stone brand AC and DC hydraulic power units. The new power unit comes with a standard emergency override shaft, several pressure-setting options, four tank sizes, and two port options: SAE and BSPP. Optional accessories include a handset controller and reversible start solenoid.

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

Cushion Coupler soaks up towing's bumps

The CC1 Cushion Coupler absorbs up to 59% of the bumps and jolts that occur in towing, and it can be swapped with the coupler on an existing gooseneck.

This maintenance-free coupler costs hundreds less than air-bag-style couplers. The smooth ride comes from a patented system that uses Timbren cushions combined with other proprietary shock-dampening technology.

With a gross trailer weight rating of 24,000 pounds, the coupler comes in either 4,000 or 8,000 pounds maximum tongue weight. It fits standard 4"-ID round gooseneck coupler tubes. The self-latching cast coupler has a handy hitching guide and is V-19-rated at 28,000 pounds. It latches when the trailer is lowered onto the ball and releases remotely.

For complete information, contact PopUp Industries Inc, Chanute KS.

Light brackets designed for full-size plows

Buyers Products Co is offering two new plow light brackets for full-size snowplows.

The heavy-duty brackets are ideal for medium- and heavy-duty trucks with hood-mounted plow lights. Available in stainless steel or black powdercoated steel, both models feature pre-punched mounting holes and a sleek universal design.

Rubber gaskets and fasteners are included with each set.

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

Economy-grade friction material offered

Carlisle Motion Control Industries Inc introduces EC-20, a new economy-grade brake lining. Asbestos-free EC-20 is designed for use with S-cam air brakes on trucks, tractors, and trailers operating in general freight, on-highway applications.

EC-20 meets the requirements of FMVSS #121 dynamometer test standards. The 121 tests were conducted with a 20,000-lb axle load using a 16½" × 7" S-cam air brake, 30 × 5.5" input power, and a 20.8" tire rolling radius.

For more information, phone 804-975-6028.

Link's CL400 can heft up to 400 pounds

Link Manufacturing's Cargo Management Products division has introduced a new line of CL400 lifts. The lift mounts easily inside the back doors of Freightliner and Dodge Sprinter vans and can be configured with a basket, hook arm, or forks. The basket swings in and out of the vehicle and is raised and lowered by an electric actuator. The CL400 has a lifting capacity of 400 pounds.

The company is also working on models to fit standard cargo vans and step vans. For more information, phone 800-248-3057 or log onto

Fabick has entry-level Liner System Package

Fabick Protective Coatings, developer of the patented Poured-on technology, is offering a customized Liner System Package at its lowest price yet.

Ideal for low-volume applications, this package gives the user everything needed to get started. It includes the same quality chemicals and technology for which Fabick is known. The spray equipment is user-friendly and easy to maintain; spray chemicals are of superior quality. The package also contains marketing tools such as brochures, caps, shirts, and decals. Finally, the price includes three full days of training at the user's own facility to minimize time away from the shop and familiarize employees with the process.

For more details, phone 608-242-1100 or visit the new web site at

Zinga's Series 2 evolves into SLF series

Zinga Industries Inc has upgraded the former Series 2 line of tank top hydraulic oil filters to the SLF series. These return line tank top filters offer improved filtration performance over Series 2. SLF features and benefits include:

  • Two distinct flow ranges: 25 and 40 gpm

  • Port sizes available: ½" NPT, ¾" NPT, 1" NPT, SAE-8, SAE-12, and SAE-16

  • 100-psi maximum operating pressure

  • 230° F maximum temperature rating for both models

  • Bale handle on the element

  • Bowl removes with the element for easy cleaning and service

  • 10-micron Breather is integral to filter housing

  • Two 1/8" gauge ports standard with SAE-4 available

  • 25-psi bypass valve integral to element

  • 3-, 10-, and 25-micron cellulose, plus 3- and 10-micron synthetic elements available

  • Elements interchange with the former Series 2 products

  • Screw-on top for easy element access

  • Dipstick available

  • SLF and former Series 2 share same mounting footprint

Phone 608-524-4200 or access for full information.