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Oct. 1, 2006
Two light boxes join Buyers Products line Buyers Products Co has added two triple-oval truck light boxes to its existing line of light boxes. Both boxes

Two light boxes join Buyers Products line

Buyers Products Co has added two triple-oval truck light boxes to its existing line of light boxes. Both boxes are constructed of heavy-duty steel with continuous welds.

Part number LB3253 features the triple-oval pattern positioned horizontally. Overall box dimensions are approximately 24.85" wide × 3.85" high. It has a black powdercoat finish. Part number LB8133 has the triple-oval pattern positioned vertically. Overall box dimensions are about 13" wide × 8.36" high. It has a white powdercoat finish.

Oval cutouts are designed for Model 60 lights. Each light box is individually wrapped for finish protection.

E-mail Brian Smith at [email protected] for more details.

Reel designed for dual-hose applications

Hannay Reels N600 series is ideal for applications requiring dual hose for separate materials such as gases and liquids or air and coolant. This narrow-frame, spring rewind reel is designed to simultaneously accommodate equal lengths of two hoses that can be of different diameters.

The narrow frame and compact mounting base allow the N600 to fit into limited-space work environments. A non-sparking ratchet assembly locks the reel at the desired length of hose payout, and a pull on the hose unlocks the reel for the spring motor to retract it. A declutching arbor is also included to prevent damage from reverse winding.

For additional information, e-mail [email protected].

Freight Guard keeps loads, users secure

Mackline LLC's new Freight Guard is meant to provide several basic functions when used in conjunction with standard shoring bars or shoring bars the company can supply:

  • Prevents a load from shifting due to vibration during transportation.

  • Sorts loads by destination or customer.

  • Provides security for a load if the user is not present during unloading. Mackline offers several security options on the “Products Page” of its web site.

  • Maximizes payload by safely stacking higher.

  • Keeps loads orderly.

  • Reduces unloading time.

  • Reduces damage to the product and reduces insurance claims, which over time can lower insurance rates for a carrier. The company is working with the Depratment of Transportation and insurance agencies to help lower insurance rates when Freight Guard is used as recommended.

Visit or phone 866-262-2679 for more information.

Air Alert blinks when tires lose pressure

The Air Alert from Aviation Upgrade Technologies alerts drivers when their tires are low on air by immediately blinking, thus improving safety and fuel efficiency. Air Alert is a miniature valve cap that replaces the standard tire valve cap and immediately flashes brightly, visible to the driver from any angle approaching the vehicle. Air Alert can be purchased online at or via phone at 877.293.3714.

Systems boost Ford pickup fuel tank capacity

Transfer Flow Inc manufactures larger replacement fuel tank systems for 1999-2007 diesel and 1999-2006 gasoline-powered heavy-duty Ford F250 and F350 pickup trucks. A 46-gallon replacement fuel tank is available for crew cab and extended cab pickups with a six foot-bed, while a 57-gallon fuel tank is provided for crew cab and extended cab pickups with eight-foot beds.

These replacement fuel tanks are made from 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel for corrosion resistance and strength, and are baffled for extra support. They come with all components needed for installation — including straps and mounting hardware — and are powdercoated black.

E-mail Warren Johnson at [email protected] for more information.

DATA Commander simplifies logging info

FORCE America introduces the DATA Commander vehicle communications and data logging system to meet the needs of medium- to heavy-duty spreader plow trucks.

With this system, all components arrive pre-configured for ease of installation. It offers GPS information gathering on activity or time, based on user configuration, and it interfaces with all 5100 electronic controls to provide data transfer. The system monitors six discrete inputs and tracks where and when a change occurs. A wireless data download is provided to the access point at facility. No airtime charges are assessed.

Access for more details.

Shockerhitch can make towing smoother

Shockerhitch has taken the concept of a truck air suspension and used it to develop a better towing hitch.

When pickup trucks tow box trailers or flatbeds, there is a large amount of energy between the truck and trailer that is felt as a jerking motion. The Shockerhitch is a miniature air-ride suspension that plugs into a standard receiver tube. The air bag is under the receiver tube in order to keep the ball closer to the tow vehicle. This product will make the trailer and truck ride much smoother. The Shockerhitch also works as a tongue scale, helping the user to load a trailer properly for safe towing.

For more information, go to or call 1-877-967-8577.

Flex-Trac now comes in 8,000-lb capacity

Ridewell Suspensions introduces a new 8,000-lb-capacity version of its Flex-Trac, a self-steering, liftable auxiliary axle suspension system. The 8K Flex-Trac is suitable for when a bit more capacity is needed or when configuring a multiple axle truck to take maximum advantage of weight laws.

The 8K Flex-Trac has all the features of the original Flex-Trac and weighs 690 pounds. Features include:

  • A compact mounting envelope as low as 21.7" from the center of the spindle to the leading edge of the hanger.

  • A one-size-fits-all system that easily adjusts to various frame widths and ride heights with no additional brackets required.

  • 10" of up travel that can easily be optimized for various ride heights and 13½" of total travel.
  • Urethane bushings for long life.
  • High tensile steel construction.
  • 28 degrees of wheel cut.

For more information, phone Ridewell at 800-641-4122 or 417-833-4565.

SolarPulse keeps battery plates clean

PulseTech Products Corp introduces the SolarPulse Industrial Solar Charging System. This patented solar-powered device combines a charging system with PulseTech's ReNew-IT Pulse Technology, a method for preventing sulfation build-up on battery plates.

SolarPulse provides clean, quiet energy to all types of lead-acid batteries, including flooded cell, AGM, and gel cell. At the same time, it emits a constant electronic DC pulse that removes lead sulfate deposits on the battery plates and returns them to the battery acid as active electrolyte. By simply cleaning the plates, batteries can accept, store, and release maximum power when needed.

E-mail Kevin Hosey at [email protected] for more details.

Fiberglass toppers, inserts a savings choice

Provided for most popular pickup models and bed sizes, Fibre Body toppers and inserts from Brand FX Body Co are a weight- and cost-saving choice for maximizing work truck productivity.

Versatile, practical, and affordable, Fibre Body toppers offer shelving, drawers, cabinets, and lighting options that make a truck a more productive mobile storage space and workplace. The company's inserts are self-contained with their own floors and sidewalls, and exterior side compartment doors allow access to tools and equipment from outside the vehicle. Inserts offer the functionality of an enclosed van while retaining the higher resale value of a pickup; they can be transferred to another vehicle for double the return on investment.

Since fiberglass weighs less than steel, these Fibre Body toppers and inserts help save on fuel costs and normal wear-and-tear on springs, shocks, tires, and other components. Flexible fiberglass shrugs off minor scrapes, bumps, and distortions that can blemish, dent, and deform steel. Non-corroding, it never rusts, and the color is impregnated in the compound so touch-ups and repainting are not required.

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

S-ABA now can be used on trucks and tractors

Haldex's Self-Setting Automatic Brake Adjuster (S-ABA) is now available for truck and tractor applications as well as trailer applications. The S-ABA design provides easy installation, improved performance, extended service life, and streamlined inventories.

The self-setting adjuster establishes its own reference point when the control arm sets itself to any angle within the total range of permissible control arm positions allowed with current adjusters. Its clearance-sensing design maintains a constant and uniform distance between brake drum and lining regardless of the control arm installation angle. The gradual adjustment of the S-ABA maintains this lining-to-drum clearance, which lowers the risk of overadjustment during prolonged braking.

Design advances to maximize service life include:

  • Heat-treated housing extends service life and minimizes internal wear.

  • Centralized clutch location improves protection from moisture, dirt and road salt

  • Heat-treated internal gears made of high-strength, high-alloy steel minimize wear and improve durability.

  • Rolled wormshaft further increases the fatigue life.

Access for complete details.

Designs have new Ford pickups covered

Agri-Cover Inc announces a model-specific design for the 2007 Ford Sport Trac pickup truck. A model-specific design also is available for the 2006 F-150 Super Crew pickup with 6½-foot box. With XT-Dial direct tension adjusters, angled siderails, and an over-centering rear latch-bar, Access, Lorado, and Literider roll-up covers ensure a tight fit for years of trouble-free service.

The part numbers for the 2007 Ford Sport Trac are 11329 for the Access model, 21329 for the Access Limited, 41329 for the Lorado, and 31329 for the Literider.

Part numbers for 2006 F-150 Super Crew (6½'-ft box) are 11279 for the Access model, 21279 for the Access Limited, 41279 for the Lorado, 31279 for the Literider, and 61279 for the Access Toolbox Edition.

CB2300 system comes with SwingAlign

The Holland Group has introduced its CB2300 trailer air suspension/axle system, a 23,000-lb-capacity offering for the fixed-frame specialty trailer market.

CB2300 features SwingAlign, a fast, convenient axle alignment system; high-strength cast equalizing beams that provide superior strength; as well as significant weight savings and cost value.

Holland's patented SwingAlign technology debuted in 2004 on the firm's CB4000 trailer air suspension/axle system. For more details, e-mail [email protected].

Phillips adds dust flaps to gladhand seal

Phillips Industries has redesigned its poly seal with integrated dust flaps, making it easier to install with its slightly tapered lip. When not in use, a trailer's air system can be contaminated with dust and debris entering through an unprotected gladhand.

To replace the shutoff, Phillips worked with a major North American fleet to develop a more economical solution. The gray polyurethane dust flap integrated in the gladhand seal is used with a filter screen, creating a barrier that catches dust and debris before it enters the air system.

The new gray dust flap seals (12-0167) and filter screens (12-038 and 12-039) are available from authorized Phillips distributors. Phone 800-423-4512 to locate one.

Waytek adds SEOOW service cord

Waytek Inc has added type SEOOW Arctic Ultraflex Blue service cord to its wire and cable offerings. This service cord is for heavy-duty service with a temperature range of -58° to 221° F. The jacket material offers excellent abrasion, ozone, sunlight, chemical, and oil resistance, as well as water- and mold-resistant, non-wicking lightweight polypropylene fillers.

Other features include:

  • Color-coded conductors for easy identification
  • Suitable for up to 600 volts
  • Available in 250-foot put-ups
  • 12/3, 14/3, or 16/3 gauge/conductors to choose from

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

Programmable mileage counter for trucks

DataTrac Pro is the newest model in Stemco's DataTrac electronic mileage counter and trip recorder line. A programmable mileage counter for the trucking industry, it enables users to customize the device to individual tire specifications.

Using a corresponding Stemco programmer, users have the flexibility to program the DataTrac Pro to fit any of the 2,500 most common tire models and sizes. Because the DataTrac Pro can be calibrated on site, ordering is simplified for distributors and fleet managers, and their inventories can be reduced.

DataTrac Pro is a completely electronic, accurate, and durable mileage counter. It is an indispensable tool for scheduling maintenance, determining lease charges, validating guarantees, and calculating costs per mile. The DataTrac Pro and Programmer are available for both aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer use.

For more information, phone 903-758-9981.

Package minimizes reefer unit damage

Thermo King's new Intermodal Protection Package is intended to protect refrigeration units from damage during intermodal shipment by truck and rail.

Constructed from heavy-duty steel, this product has been engineered and analyzed for maximum strength and durability. “Testing shows that less than 0.25" deformation will occur when a 68,000-lb force is applied to the frame,” said Jason Forman, accessories product manager. “Our protection package also offers 180-degree protection, minimizing damage from both frontal and side impacts.”

The Intermodal Protection Package also is engineered for convenience. It fits all new-look SB Thermo King units and mounts directly to the SB unit — not the front trailer wall — to maintain trailer integrity on impact. It is available as an easy-to-install kit with many preassembled sections, and can be installed without removing reefer unit from the trailer. The design allows all doors to be opened without removing the cage, and the package is easily transferable from one unit to another.

More information can be found at

For pickup bed security, try a Bak Flip

RealTruck.Com has begun distributing the Bak Flip truck bed tonneau cover, designed to fit Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Nissan pickup truck beds.

This hard folding cover resists rain, snow, and the elements and can withstand more than 200 pounds of evenly distributed weight. Individual panels lock so the vehicle can be driven with them open or closed. Panels flip open in the same direction to reveal the entire bed if desired.

Bak Flip cover protects the rear window when completely open, and is perfect for loading things that might damage the window. It sits inside the truck bed rails for an extremely low-profile look and fit, and it allows full access to stake pockets and works with tiedowns, bed caps, bed liners, bedrails, lumber/ladder racks, and bed extenders. Bak Flip clamps onto a truck bed with no drilling and installs in about 10 minutes with just one wrench. It can be removed within 60 seconds. Made from dual-laminated ABS panels with a honeycomb core, it is UV-protected and will not fade, crack, warp, rust, or corrode.

Visit for more information or a video.

MaxxForce will provide power in 2007

International Truck and Engine Corp has unveiled a new global brand for its 2007 on-highway automotive engines. Beginning next year, International will offer its expanded line of on-highway engines under the MaxxForce International Diesel Power brand.

The MaxxForce line will range from a four-cylinder 2.8-liter engine up to the company's new offerings in the 11- to 13-liter class. MaxxForce engine-powered International brand commercial trucks in North America will offer proven air- and fuel-management technologies and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems with advanced after-treatment systems.

These engines for the North American market will be made at International Engine Group's North American facilities, and MaxxForce engines for other global markets will be made at facilities of its South American subsidiary, MWM-International Motores. These facilities include engineering, manufacturing, and technical centers in Melrose Park IL, Huntsville AL, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. MWM-International also will continue to serve South American and global industrial, agricultural, and marine markets with these product brands: Sprint, Acteon, NGD, 10, 229, and MS Series.

MaxxForce engines will be available beginning with the company's 2007 model-year Class 3-8 International commercial trucks, backed by the International dealer service network with 900 locations in North America and dealers in 48 nations. A Euroemission based MaxxForce engine also will be available in Mexico in 2006 for bus applications.

Visit or for more information.

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Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel engine coming in 2007

Cummins Inc will make available its Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel engine for the 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 models beginning January 2007, providing increased performance for outstanding towing capability and driveability.

The Cummins Turbo Diesel will feature increased displacement of 6.7 liters, with increased horsepower and torque. This new 6.7-liter engine, producing 650 ft-lb of torque, has a life-to-overhaul interval of 350,000 miles.

The 6.7L engine delivers more horsepower and torque in an envelope size comparable to the 5.9L engine it replaces. The horsepower and torque rating increase from 325 horsepower to 350 and 610 to 650 ft-lb, respectively. The 6.7L engine offers improved combustion with the integration of Variable Geometry Turbocharging for air handling, next generation of Cummins-designed cooled EGR, upgraded High Pressure Common Rail fuel system, and improved integration of engine and vehicle systems.

Improved vehicle control and lower operating cost are both enhanced on the 6.7L Turbo Diesel with the addition of an integrated exhaust brake option. In addition, the engine has been designed to operate on Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (15-ppm sulfur) as well as B5 Biodiesel.

Iteris second-generation LDW enhances safety

Iteris Inc is offering its second-generation Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system for the commercial truck market in the United States and Europe. The new LDW system offers drivers more robust performance features including:

  • Single-line tracking — The new system requires visibility of just one lane marking in order to track the truck's position accurately within the lane and emit a warning. It can track either the center or side line.

  • Improved curve tracking — Improvements have been made to track lane marks more accurately through tighter curves.

  • Lighting conditions — Improvements enhance performance across a broader range of lighting conditions including heavy glare.

  • Volume control — The volume level of the audible warnings can be easily modified by truck fleets.

Access or phone 714-774-5000 for further information.

Permalogic can bring peace of mind

Phillips Industries' Permalogic controller eliminates any chance of accidentally leaving interior trailer dome lamps on by cutting off power to the lamps when the brake pedal is depressed. Power is also interrupted when an under/over battery voltage situation occurs or at a pre-determined elapsed time. By automatically switching off interior dome lamps, fleets can reduce lamp replacement costs.

The fully electronic and weatherproof Permalogic can handle up to six fluorescent lamps on a single circuit using standard 8-gauge interior trailer wiring. When installed with the LED Logic Switch, the controller has a multi-color LED that indicates the status of the trailer electrical system. Permalogic was designed by Phillips Industries to address a major cost issue affecting fleet operators, the ongoing expense of replacing trailer lamps.

For full details, e-mail [email protected].

Krone proves RSS capability in Cool Liners

The safety of Krone Cool Liners is considerably increased by the stabilizing system RSS (Roll Stability Support). This result was verified in several tests carried out by Krone together with Wabco at the Wabco proving ground in Jeversen. The test vehicle was a Cool Liner with meat-hanging equipment, a vehicle in which the center of gravity may oscillate longitudinally and laterally.

The vehicle was loaded with steel weights to simulate the meat-hanging load. During the first driving test, the vehicle was fully loaded over its whole length, and four of five meat suspension rails carried the full payload. In the second test, the vehicle was fully loaded only from 2.8 meters (from the front wall), and the weights were suspended from all five rails. In both tests, maneuvers with wide turning circle (100-meter-circle J turn) as well as with small turning circle (10-meter-circle circular driving) were executed. The test runs were driven with and without activated RSS system, respectively.

Measurements showed that the different load variations had little effect. There were, however, serious differences in driving behavior with and without activated RSS system. The stabilizing system automatically recognizes an imminent tilting danger and induces an automatic braking action, if required. Thus the speed of the total unit — and the tilting danger, is reduced. As soon as the tilting danger is over, the automatic braking action is terminated.

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

Chelsea designs side-mounted PTO for Cats

Chelsea Products, a division of Parker Hannifin, has developed a family of 10-bolt side-mounted power take-off (PTO) units in conjunction with Caterpillar to operate on Cat's new CX series automatic transmission. This new PTO will offer up to six internal speed ranges, seven shift options, horsepower ratings from 63.6 to 109.4, and output options to meet the user's power transfer demands.

Also being developed by Chelsea are two new rear-mounted PTOs for the Cat CX series designed for superior clearance, reducing installation costs. These PTOs will provide a torque capacity that can handle front-mounted hydraulic applications but with the versatility of locating these applications at the rear of the transmission. Chelsea will offer one rear-mounted PTO that employs its Powershift design, allowing the operator a smooth, clash-free engagement of the unit. The second rear-mounted PTO will remain continuously engaged, making this unit a suitable option for variable-displacement piston pumps. Both PTOs are being tested on the CX series transmissions.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].

System keeps drivers cool, needs no APU

Dometic Environmental Corp has a new auxiliary air-conditioning system designed to reduce engine idling for day-cab and small-sleeper trucks at shipping terminals and loading docks.

The air-conditioner operates from the truck's batteries and does not require an onboard diesel auxiliary power unit (APU). It uses common trucking industry components and installs in four to six hours. The installed cost of the entire system is less than half that of a genset-based APU system, and requires virtually no regular maintenance.

This package consists of an air-conditioning system, a DC-AC inverter, an upsized high-capacity alternator, thermostat control, and optional shorepower plug. Air-conditioners are offered in two configurations: a 7,000-Btu self-contained unit and a 10,000-Btu split system. With the split system, the condensing unit is mounted outside the truck, and the compressor/evaporator/blower goes inside the cab. Either way, the compact inside units can fit between or behind the seats, or in lieu of the passenger-side seat.

The inverter converts the 12-volt battery output into 115-volt power to drive the air-conditioner. The high-capacity alternator, which replaces the existing engine-mounted alternator, keeps batteries fully charged whenever the truck is running. An optional shorepower connection can recharge the batteries and run the air-conditioner when an outside AC power source is available.

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

Cat's engines for 2007 all have ACERT

The new Caterpillar on-highway engine line consists of four models — the C7, C9, C13, and C15 — all equipped with the company's ACERT (Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology) for 2007. These engines will be available beginning in fourth quarter 2006.

C7, a mid-range engine, provides truck and bus ratings of 190-300 horsepower at 2,200 rpm and recreational vehicle and fire truck ratings of 300-350 hp at 2,400 rpm. This 7.2-liter engine provides 520-860 ft-lb of torque at 1,440 rpm.

Cat's C9 provides heavy-duty power with increased displacement for expanded horsepower ratings, more torque rating options, and a Cat integral brake for heavy-duty performance in a lightweight package. Ratings for this 9.3-liter engine include 285-350 hp at 2,100 rpm for truck and bus applications and 335-425 hp at 2,100 rpm for recreational vehicles and fire trucks. The C9 provides 890-1,350 ft-lb of torque at 1,400 rpm. Caterpillar also will offer a 1,250 ft-lb C9 rating for truck applications in 2007.

A new Cat Common Rail Fuel System optimizes the performance and fuel economy of C7 and C9 engines.

C13 comes in on-highway vocational and heavy-duty line haul configurations. This 12.5-liter engine delivers 1,150-1,750 ft-lb of torque at 1,200 rpm. It provides vocational truck ratings of 305-370 hp, line haul truck ratings of 380-470 hp, and recreational vehicle and fire truck ratings of 485-525 hp, all at 2,100 rpm.

The heavy-duty, 15.2-liter C15 provides the 625-hp “King of the Hill.” Truck and bus ratings range from 435-625 hp at 2,100 rpm, with recreational vehicle and fire truck ratings of 600-625 hp at 2,100 rpm, with torque ratings from 1,550-1,850 ft-lb and a “King of the Hill” torque rating of 1,850-2,150 ft-lb, both at 1,200 rpm.

E-mail [email protected] for more details.

C5 Truck provides idle-free comfort

Webasto has combined its Air Top 2000 forced-air heater and BlueCool Truck air-conditioner. The two units are now available as a complete system (part number C5T010110A) called C5 Truck, which allows users to cool and heat truck sleeper bunks without depending on an idling diesel engine.

The cooling component of C5 Truck, BlueCool Truck, is charged (frozen) during the day while the truck is running. At night, the patent-pending BlueCool Truck's cold storage unit provides a source of cold, dehumidified air to the bunk area with no further use of a powered air-conditioning device. It uses only small amounts of electricity from the existing vehicle batteries to circulate super-chilled coolant between Webasto's cold storage unit and heat exchanger installed in the truck sleeper cabin. The cold air will keep the bunk area cool for eight to 10 hours in most ambient conditions.

The other component of C5 Truck, Air Top 2000, is a forced-air heater that uses diesel fuel from a vehicle's tank to warm the interior. It uses 1/20th of a gallon of fuel per hour.

C5 Truck, which can be combined with Webasto's TSL 17 engine preheater, is eligible for Canada's FleetSmart rebate program, which gives a credit towards the purchase of the system. EPA/SmartWay funding is also available for United States customers.

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

Canopy Plus System handles various jobs

The fiberglass Canopy Plus System from Astoria Industries is loaded with new designs for a distinguished look, and ready for work on any type of job.

The number of storage configurations can be maximized with a minimum investment by using Astoria's specialized interior options and accessories.

Astoria's variable molding system allows for 24" compartment depths and raised front verticals on both sides.

The horizontal compartment has a fixed shelf with dividers that create compartments underneath. Different interior configurations are available.

Inside, behind the cab, is an aluminum treadplate transverse compartment that even includes a top opening lid. Full-length shelves on both sides, dome lighting, and plenty of headroom are provided.

Curbside has an expanded metal shovel basket, steel tank holder for oxy/ace tanks, small-parts pullout drawers, and adjustable fiberglass shelving.

Other features and options of Canopy Plus include:

  • Choice of aluminum or steel flooring

  • Gang locks on both sides to keep equipment secure

  • Small, rear access door on rear vertical

  • Aluminum treadplate step bumper with recess

  • Grab handles just inside the canopy doors

  • Variable compartment depths

  • Hinges are heavy-duty stainless steel with steel pin and nylon bushings

  • Latches are stainless steel rotary two-stage

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel adjustable strikers

  • Nuts are self-locking

  • Doors are double-laminated, reinforced, and keyed alike

  • Automotive bulb gasket door seals for weathertight compartments

  • Fiberglass is 30-35% lighter than steel

Astoria backs all of its products with a five-year limited warranty. To find out more, phone 641-774-3456.

Double-arm crane straddles the load

A new Ezy-Lift crane version for loading heavy loads into pickup trucks has two lifting arms, one mounted in each rear corner of the pickup box. The two arms are connected at the top by a horizontal bar. A 1/3-horsepower electric winch is mounted on this crossbar to lift the load. Two 2½" hydraulic cylinders — one for each load arm — provide rotational lift to the arms. Cycle time for rotating the arms from all the way extended at the rear to fully retracted within the pickup box is 45 seconds.

Lifting arms are of high-strength aluminum, while the frame inside the pickup box is 11-gauge steel. The hydraulic system uses an electrohydraulic pump powered by the truck's 12-volt battery. Lift capacity of the Model 12 is 1,000 pounds, and the equipment weight is 400 pounds. A newer Model 20 will have a 2,000-lb lift capacity.

The Ezy-Lift has been test-marketed in the Houston TX area since 2003, primarily in the oil and gas industries and public utilities. It is manufactured by Ezytec Technologies, La Porte TX.

Loadman offered on Hutch single-point units

The Loadman on-board weighing scale system is now available on any of its OEM factory-installed, 440 or 900 Series single-point suspension units. For pricing information, contact Hutchens; for more details or specifications on the Loadman system, visit

Paccar engines for medium-duty Peterbilts

Peterbilt has announced a new exclusive power option for its medium-duty Model 330, Model 335, and Model 340: the Paccar 6.7-liter PX-6 and 8.3-liter PX-8 engines. Both engines will be available beginning in 2007.

The PX-6 will be offered in horsepower ratings from 200 to 325 and torque ranging from 520 to 750 foot-pounds. It will be the standard engine for the Class 6 Model 330 and will also be provided for the Class 7 Model 335.

The PX-8 will come in horsepower ratings from 240 to 330 and torque ranging from 660 to 1,000 ft-lb. It will be the standard engine for the Model 335 and Model 340.

Alternator accommodates dual-temp units

Robert Bosch Corp has developed a new, more powerful alternator for trucks equipped with dual-temperature refrigeration units. The high-output alternator ((AL9120N) produces 120 amps and is intended as a replacement alternator for refrigeration units that have dual temperature zones.

These 120-amp replacement alternators will easily accommodate 24/7 operations, plus provide more power to handle automatic liftgates and other accessories, according to Bosch's Fred Padgett.

“Bosch manufactures the alternators used on the original equipment, and if a vehicle is equipped with a refrigerated unit, the OE version normally comes in 37 or 65 amps,” said Padgett. “The new 120-amp Bosch unit, which physically appears identical to the earlier OE units, has nearly double the capacity. It also produces a higher output at lower engine speeds.

“Cut-in speed for the new alternator is 1250 rpm,” Padgett said. “It also has heavy-duty, high-tolerance bearings, a sealed brush box, Zener diode rectifier plates, and a single mounting foot.”

Bosch also offers a high-output 90-amp refrigeration alternator (AL929N) as a direct replacement for the original alternator. Access for more information.

Push-on connectors supply added protection

Waytek Inc's fully insulated nylon push-on connectors are UL-listed and CSA-certified. These disconnects are attached to their mating part by the tongue of the female part slipping over the male tab. They can be used in place of non-insulated or standard insulated push-ons where more protection is required against short circuits. Suitable for high-vibration applications, these push-ons are insulated from the barrel to the receptacle tab.Design features include positive and simple wire insertion, elimination of strand hang-ups and wire twisting, and easy insulation entry. They are available in 22-10 gauge.

E-mail [email protected] for more information.

Composilite family adds FBC lift axle

Hendrickson has expanded the Composilite line by adding the Composilite FBC, a self-steering auxiliary lift axle in capacities up to 10,000 pounds.

Delivering the advantages haulers value from helping stretch vehicle life spans to reducing maintenance, the FBC proves a choice for fleets and owner-operators that do not need a full 13,500-lb-capacity lift axle for their federal bridge compliance efforts.

Weighing 689 pounds, Composilite FBC maintains the durability of the Composilite ST by delivering maneuverability with a 28-degree wheel cut.

An in-line air spring design provides maximized packaging space. All Composilite lift axles mount in a 23.5-inch packaging space, allowing easier multi-axle configurations.

Composilite FBC accommodates six- or eight-hole hubs for use with 17.5- or 19.5-inch tires. The lightest configuration uses six-hole hubs, rims, and 17.5-inch tires with the FBC weighing just 873 pounds.

This lift axle can be ordered with an integrated air system that reduces installation time through a pre-located air tank, hoses, and valves.

Composilite FBC helps lower life cycle costs. Beams remain parallel to ensure proper wheel tracking and help enhance tire life, while lift plates remain parallel for longer air spring life. The stabilizer features a cover to protect the stabilizing rod from dirt and debris throughout travel.

For more information, phone 800-660-2829 or 800-660-2843.

Sloan wrap provides strength in numbers

To help keep air hoses and electrical cables working in extreme winter weather conditions, Sloan Transportation Products has introduced its new MAXXDuty 3-in-1 Wrap. The 3-in-1 Wrap consists of two 3/8" rubber air lines equipped with Sloan's Dura-Grip handles and one seven-way ABS electrical cord, tightly bound together with a spiral wrapping.

The 3-in-1 Wrap also keeps coiled air lines from becoming entangled, a frequent problem during normal service that can limit the operational range and create difficulties in replacing a failed hose assembly. It also provides one assembly to store and keep track of when bobtailing. This product comes in 12-, 15-, and 20-foot lengths. Additional black wrap can be purchased in 15- or 100-foot lengths.

Phone 800-336-7778 or visit for more information.

Yokohama Tire to raise prices on its products

Yokohama Tire Corp will increase prices on all products starting Oct 1, 2006. The continued record escalation of raw material costs, petroleum-related material costs, and energy costs have necessitated increases.

Price increases will be only up to 7% on consumer tires, up to 7% on medium radial truck and bus tires and commercial light truck, and up to 8% on off-road radial and bias tires. The increase will be on all products and all brands produced by Yokohama, including Associate Brands and Private Brands.

Ladder provides safe access to pickup box

Safety concerns about slips and falls have seen ladders provided for climbing into van bodies and trailers, dump bodies, grain trailers, flatbeds, tank trucks, and even truck cabs. Now comes a new ladder to make it easy to climb into a pickup box. The Tailgate Buddy is an extruded aluminum, three-step ladder that attaches directly to the inside of the tailgate. It cannot be seen when the tailgate is closed. When the tailgate is opened, the ladder can be folded down for use. A handhold provides for safer climbing. Total weight is 19 pounds.

The Tailgate Buddy is based in Jackson MS.

What's up in roll-up door safety? DorZup

DorZup is a passive warning system for roll-up doors that uses a drop-down flag to break a vehicle's silhouette as seen in the rear-view mirror. Made of aluminum, high-molecular-weight plastic, and rubber, DorZup is loading dock safe.

One user says that without his knowledge a DorZup was installed on his service truck during a weekend. Upon leaving a job site in this truck, he saw in the rear-view mirror a black rectangle protruding from the rear of the truck. Stopping to investigate, he realized he was about to lose a hammer drill out of the open door.

A single DorZup pays for itself the first time one forgets to close a roll-up door; fleet quantity pricing is available. E-mail Peter Lamarche at [email protected] for full information.