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June 1, 2003
Sealed Splice Pack System simplifies harness service Waytek's Sealed Splice Pack System uses the Packard Metri-Pak connector body with a sealed cap to

Sealed Splice Pack System simplifies harness service

Waytek's Sealed Splice Pack System uses the Packard Metri-Pak connector body with a sealed cap to create a sealed connection in the electrical system. Resistant to moisture, heat, and other destructive elements, this splice pack improves the integrity of wire splicing and makes the wire harness easier to service in the field.

Designed for flexibility, the Splice Pack can be used with mini-fuses to become an in-line fuse holder for up to three circuits. Its most popular application is as a sealed fuse pack for mini-fuses when fusing is required at locations remote from the main electrical center on the vehicle.

For more information, contact Waytek, 7660 Quattro Dr, PO Box 690, Chanhassen MN 55317.
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Viking adds new blaster

Viking Corp has added a new blaster to its line of airless table blasters. With a 6-foot table, the Model 7260T has a work height of 5 feet, allowing for a range of part sizes. According to the company, this is the highest work height of any standard 6-ft table.

Total table coverage is provided by two 15-horsepower, VC1 blast wheels. A hip-mounted wheel allows side coverage; a top-mounted wheel assures top work surface and side coverage.

For more details, contact Viking, 3810 N Toben, Wichita KS 67226.
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Will-Burt Co enhances robotic welding capabilities

The Will-Burt Co announces its new large weldment fabrication cell using an IGM robotic welding system.

This system is capable of a total welding reach length of 308" × 80". It has RST 2000 rotary gallows with an RTS 300 servo track system. The system has been installed between two sets of rotary head and tailstock units to weld parts 132" × 80". The robot can weld the ends, sides, and bottom of components.

With installation of the head and tailstock units between the track, it also allows for transfer of programs from side-to-side so identical parts can be welded on either side. Parts of up to 1,200 pounds can be welded in both head and tailstock combination.

For more information, contact Will-Burt, 169 S Main St, PO Box 900, Orrville OH 44667.
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Gen-Tech system comes in 23,000-lb capacities

Tuthill Transport Technologies' new Gen-Tech integrated air suspension system is now available in capacities of 23,000 pounds per axle, as well as 20,000. It has been designed for tank, platform, dump, grain, and specialized trailers. Various ride heights, hanger and frame options, slider subframes, tapered or parallel spindles, and the choice of straight tube or inverted drop-center axles are provided.

Gen-Tech systems offer benefits such as a 10-year limited warranty on the axle connection, factory installation, and industry-standard components.

The axle connection has undergone testing to ensure that its welding design, both inside and outside the trailing beam, will exceed most performance expectations of both manufacturers and fleets. For more information, contact Tuthill, 2715 N Airport Commerce, Springfield MO 65803.
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Wireless Connect helps make tarping easier, safer

Aero Industries Inc's new Wireless Connect eliminates the need to run wire from a motor to a dump/trailer rear pivot point and back to the power source.

The Wireless Connect improves motor efficiency due to elimination of long runs of electrical wire. Long lengths of electrical wire increase amperage draw on the truck's electrical system, along with reducing voltage to the motor.

With Wireless Connect, contacts are installed on the truck frame and the dump body/trailer, so the system cannot operate when the dump is in the air. It is designed to fit most new and existing tarping systems.

For more details, contact 3010 W Morris St, Indianapolis IN 46241.
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Chassis Saver gives rust a permanent vacation

Magnet Paints is offering Chassis Saver, a direct-to-rust chassis paint and underbody coating that bonds so tenaciously to rusted metal that it stops rust permanently. Chassis Saver requires no primers or topcoats and can be applied directly to rusted metal with only a wire brushing. It dries to form a hard, flexible coating that will not crack, chip, flake, or peel.

Available in new antique-satin black, silver-aluminum, and traditional gloss black, Chassis Saver has a proven, 10-year track record on vehicles exposed to severe road conditions. The product chemically bonds to rusted metal and is unaffected by road salts, chemicals, solvents, acids, gasoline, diesel fuel, and corrosives. It works by isolating metal from oxygen and moisture.

Chassis Saver applies using a brush or any spray equipment, meets all VOC regulations, and is free from lead and chromates. For more information, contact Magnet Paints, 336 Bayview Ave, Amityville NY 11701.
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Oval LED light: brilliant idea

Peterson Manufacturing's Piranha line has added the 420-3 model, an oval LED stop/turn/taillight that offers a hard-wired design plus advanced, ultra-bright diodes. The 420-3 combines directional brightness and sealed-lens reliability in its 6½" oval design. Seven diodes paired with an optically advanced lens assure an LED package that meets FMVSS 108 requirements in any 360° position.

This light comes hard-wired in several variations for easy installation. Available in grommet- or flange-mount models, the oval lights operate from 8 to 16 volts. For more information, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.
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Beveler offers less weight

Heck Industries has added a new lighter-weight beveler to its line of edge conditioning equipment. The new Model 3000 Bevel-Mill will produce clean chamfers at 8 feet per minute. The new tool features a gear drive air motor, variable-angle bevels from 15° to 45°, and adjustable depth of cut. The Model 3000 uses a milling cutter with standard carbide inserts to produce accurate, burr-free edges.

For complete information and a catalog, contact Heck, PO Box 425, 1480 Old US 23 South, Hartland MI 48353.
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Hot knife cuts, seals gaskets simultaneously

An electric hot knife from Hot Tools, a division of M M Newman Corp, has a replaceable double-edge blade that simultaneously cuts and seals rubber door seals and other types of gaskets. The HK-60 Hot Knife's double-edge blade tip slides on directly over the heating element. Suitable for cutting rubber seals and synthetic materials, the tip reaches 1,050° F within two minutes and has a .060"-thick blade for optimum heat retention.

Measuring 9" long and weighing less than an ounce, the HK-60 has a tapered wooden handle that stays cool because the heating element is under the tip. This 60-watt industrial-grade electric knife operates on 115-volt AC and uses replaceable tips that can be resharpened.

Literature is available upon request. For more details, contact Hot Tools, 24 Tioga Way, PO Box 615, Marblehead MA 01945.
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Plastic welding kits adapt to needs of user

A new series of plastic welding tool kits from Malcom Hot Air Systems can be configured by the user for making specific types of repairs on tanks, bins, liners, and roofs.

The Malcom plastic welding kit contains a compact 1,600-watt Leister Triac hot air tool with adjustable temperatures from 70° to 1,400° F and variable airflow to 8 cfm. The kit includes a 2-lb assortment of PVC, PP, PE, PC, LDPE, and ABS welding rods, and users can order specific types of welding tips and tools to build a custom kit.

Packed into a tool box with a tray, the kit can carry such items as a speed welding tip, a rotary burr for preparing grooves, side cutters, pliers, and a scraper. A plastic welding instruction booklet is included and prepackaged kits are offered for repairing tote boxes, roofs, tarpaulins, and vehicles.

For more information, contact Malcom, 1676 East Main Rd, Portsmouth RI 02871.
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Double- or triple-stack with Cargo Rack

Fleet Master Inc's Cargo Rack is a patented racking system to double- or triple-stack pallets on truck trailers and straight trucks. It is also used to create a second deck for rolling or non-palletized cargo. Flexibility of Cargo Rack facilitates maximum use of the trailer's cube, and this patented system adjusts to handle numerous cargo sizes and shapes.

Cargo Rack is made from high-strength tube steel that allows the trailer's floor to support additional loading. The system withstands the daily wear and tear of loading and unloading pallets weighing up to 1,200 pounds.

When not in use, Cargo Rack stores against the sidewalls. Racks can be reconfigured to maximize carrying capacity both outbound and inbound. As much or as little of Cargo Rack can be used as required by the size and configuration of each load. Using hand tools and an electric drill, Cargo Rack can be installed into most standard trailers or trucks.

For full details, contact Fleet Master, 5157 West Chester Pike, Edgmont PA 19028.
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Attachment tape outdoes its predecessor

3M Automotive Aftermarket Division has a new automotive attachment tape system that uses proprietary technology. 3M Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape is designed for replacement and reattachment of body side moldings, claddings, wheel flares, and rocker panel trim.

This tape system provides better performance than the 3M Scotch-Mount Acrylic Foam Tape it replaces. It features a black foam core for improved bond line aesthetics and an original equipment appearance, while retaining superior stress relaxation properties.

An aggressive adhesive provides a three-times faster rate of adhesion build, so complete adhesion is now achieved within 24 hours. The tape's low elongation property means parts are held more closely to the vehicle, which eliminates part gapping and flare-out and results in a sleeker, tighter bond line.

For more information, contact 3M Automotive Division, 3M Center, Building 223-1S-02, St Paul MN 55144-1000.
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Little Tipster turns pickup into dump truck

The Little Tipster from DEL Hydraulics installs into any pickup truck bed, converting the truck into a dump truck. Constructed of 14-gauge steel, the dump body measures 8'-6" long × 48½" wide × 23" deep. The front-mount telescopic hoist provides a 6,000-lb capacity and increases floor height 1½". A 23" double-acting tailgate swings out for dumping and drops down to accommodate long material.

Unit weight is 560 pounds; standard colors for the Little Tipster are black, gray, and highway yellow. Bolted-on screen mesh is optional. For full information, contact DEL, 571 Howard St, Buffalo NY 14206.
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US Xpress orders Airtek-equipped Volvo VNs

Hendrickson International, Truck Suspensions Systems, has announced that US Xpress Enterprises Inc placed an order for 500 Airtek-equipped Volvo VNL 780s for delivery beginning in May 2003. Each will be equipped with the 12,500-lb-capacity Hendrickson Airtek front air suspension and Steertek front steer axle, the standard front suspension and axle specification on Volvo VN sleeper cabs.

Airtek is available on all new Volvo VN models in capacities from 12,000 to 14,600 pounds. It can be specified with either industry-standard preset hubs or Volvo-designed unitized hubs.

A 12,000-lb-capacity version with industry pre-set hubs is available on Freightliner Century Class, Columbia, Coronado, and Classic XL models as well as on setback-axle Western Star Constellations.

Air Link approval grows in the Big Apple

Raydan Mfg Inc has announced that the City of New York Department of Sanitation has approved Raydan's patented Air Link air-ride walking beam suspension for tandem rear applications for use on roll-off sanitation trucks. This is the second City of New York department to approve the use of the Air Link suspension. The city's fire department has specified the Air Link for every new tandem-axle fire rescue vehicle it purchases.

Short Arm liftgate makes unfolding a snap

Maxon Lift Corp has launched the 72-150/TE-20 SA (Short Arm) Series liftgate, which has a patent-pending opener arm that simplifies unfolding. Offered in a low bed height range of 32" to 38", the Short Arm is designed for cutaways, foreign cabovers, and small trucks.

The Short Arm also has a pump box that can be mounted on either side of the vehicle, thus eliminating gas tank interference. Other features include a built-in snubber kit that reduces wear on pins and bushings, a corrosion-resistant potted switch, a four-stage 500-hour salt spray-tested paint process, and low-maintenance pins and bearings that eliminate periodic greasing requirements.

Contact Maxon, 11921 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670-2221 for further information.
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Is it locked? SST latch lets you ‘Forget It’

Harvey Distributing (HDC Inc) has launched the SST tee handle latch, with a potential of 6,000 key combinations, a high-grade double-bit automotive lock, power lock capability, and the “Forget It” feature. When selected, “Forget It” resets to lock when the door is closed. This not only saves time, but also eliminates the possibility of forgetting to lock.

SST's automotive double-bit weather-protected lock is power lock-capable using several new methods. One such method is Act Pac direct actuator connection, which results in fewer parts, less expense, and less installation time.

For more details, contact HDC, 20428-B Buck Ridge Rd, Grass Valley CA 95949.
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Kenworth extends ESI to other models

Kenworth is expanding its Extended Service Interval (ESI) option package to its T600, T800, and W900 models for on-highway applications.

The three-year, 350,000-mile ESI package has been available as an option for the T2000 since its introduction. Owners will be able to extend the vehicle's base warranty from one-year/100,000 miles to three years/350,000 miles for a cost of $1,600, or $0.0046 per mile.

Components covered under the ESI option include the Bendix air system, Delco alternator and starter, Dana Spicer drivelines, front axle and rear axle, and Eaton Fuller clutch and transmission. Also included are Kenworth rear air suspension and radiator/charge air cooler systems.