Product Profiles

Nov. 1, 2006
HoodXpress simplifies access to engines Litens Automotive Group offers HoodXpress automatic hood lift for Class 8 vehicles.

HoodXpress simplifies access to engines

Litens Automotive Group offers HoodXpress automatic hood lift for Class 8 vehicles. HoodXpress is an automatic truck hood opening system designed to help the trucker or mechanic get to their engines easier with a new level of safety and convenience.

“The HoodXpress opens and closes truck hoods with the touch of a key fob,” said Randy Wolters, former truck driver and now product manager for Tendeco Sales Inc, a sales and marketing partner of Litens Automotive Group. Priced in the range of a new chrome bumper, HoodXpress can be installed in about an hour by a person with average mechanical ability. Available for most Peterbilt models, other classic applications for Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, and Western Star will be rolled out in 2006.

For more details, phone Ron Maltarich at 614-734-8385.

Milestone trailer equipped with MTIS

The Meritor Tire Inflation System by PSI was selected by Pavestone Co as its tire inflation system on trailers recently purchased from Transcraft Corp. The order included Transcraft's 100,000th trailer, a TL-2000H 45-foot × 102-inch tandem slider, and was delivered to Pavestone during a celebration marking this milestone event.

By constantly monitoring air pressure and maintaining the proper tire inflation, MTIS maximizes tire life and reduces maintenance costs due to underinflated tires. Pavestone sees a fuel savings since MTIS allows every trailer tire to maintain the manufacturer's tire inflation recommendation.

Hand winch joins Buyers Products line

Buyers Products Co has added an 800-lb-capacity hand winch to its product line.

The zinc-plated winch includes a 1½" × 26-foot nylon strap, and a 7" handle. Featuring a 4.4-to-1 gear ratio, the winch cranks in and out under load, and will free-wheel.

E-mail Brian Smith at [email protected] for more details.

Nitrogen inflation of tires goes automated

Vehicle Inspection Systems Inc (VIS) has a nitrogen tire inflation system called VIS-Nitro that can help fleet operators reduce maintenance costs and improve tire life.

“VIS-Nitro is a nitrogen inflation system with a big difference: it's fully automated,” said Miles Fuller, president of VIS. “An inflation controller on VIS-Nitro automates tire top-ups, eliminates the need for handheld pressure gauges, improves inflation accuracy, and can fill four commercial tires simultaneously. All the technician has to do is clip the four chucks on, set the pressure, and walk away. The machine beeps when it's done, making the operation completely hands-off. It also has an automated purge cycle that vents air from within an inflated tire and replaces it with high-purity nitrogen produced by VIS-Nitro.”

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Johnson cold plates: reliable, economical

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies says it introduced cold plate technology to transport refrigeration, and for decades cold plates have been a reliable and cost-effective refrigeration choice for truck bodies.

During the day, cold plates act like picnic cooler ice packs and absorb heat. At night, the compressor/condensing unit is plugged into shore power. Refrigerant passes through the plates, refreezing the salt brine/eutectic solution in approximately six to eight hours. Unlike mechanical blowers, cold plates have few moving parts that can break down. In case of breakdown, product is protected for up to two days with cold plate refrigeration, compared with about two hours of mechanical blower protection.

Initial cost of a cold plate system is about 40 percent lower than a mechanical system. Unlike mechanical systems that last on average five to seven years, cold plate refrigeration systems will last the life of the truck body — often 15 years or more.

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Patrol Commander puts drivers in control

Designed to meet the needs of medium- to heavy-duty spreader plow trucks, the new Ultra Series from FORCE America combines the Patrol Commander proportional control arm with a 5100 spreader control in a compact, integrated design. The Patrol Commander is the first in the new Ultra Series of controls, offering plow drivers the ultimate in one hand, heads-up controls.

Proportional controls offer infinite speed control of up to nine operations simultaneously. Four programmable four-axis floats provide float functions on any joystick axis; an independent 3-second float delay timer is available. Externally flush-mounted trim-pod adjustments supply easy access and save time. A dash-mounted remote display with on-screen text and audible diagnostics simplifies troubleshooting. Serial data communication enables upgrades, calibrations, and event and data logging via external personal computer. With Lane Direct liquid application capability, the user can control material applications to multiple lanes with high/low boom applications.

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Paccar, Cummins reach engine agreement

Paccar Inc and Cummins Inc have announced an agreement for Cummins' 6- and 8-liter engines to be installed exclusively in Peterbilt and Kenworth's North American conventional medium-duty commercial vehicles, effective Jan 1, 2007. The two companies are developing proprietary configurations for the engines, which will be badged as Paccar engines.

“This agreement is a natural extension of the engine collaboration, which DAF and Cummins have had in Europe for seven years,” said Tom Plimpton, Paccar president. Cummins 4- and 6-liter engines, badged as Paccar, are exclusive in the DAF LF product. The DAF LF has approximately 10% of the European market.

Peterbilt and Kenworth will continue to offer a choice of engines in their Class 8 vehicles.

FordLink takes office tools on the road

Ford is adding another tool to F-Series pickups: a new in-vehicle portable mobile office system called FordLink. It combines the best productivity tools from Ford, Microsoft and mobile systems company Azentek into an intuitive, multi-functional productivity package.

The foundation of the computer system consists of a portable, tablet-style computer running Microsoft Windows XP. Internet access is available through a wireless broadband connection. Other features include GPS navigation with audio prompts, USB 2.0 ports for various computer accessories, a printer connection and compatibility with any Windows XP-based program that facilitates job bidding, parts purchases, and payment processing while on location.

FordLink is compatible with all Super Duty trucks from the 1999 model year forward, and all F-150s produced since model year 2004.

First available on 2007 F-Series trucks, the system will also be available on the new 2008 Super Duty that goes on sale early in 2007.

Webb trademark recorded with US Customs

The recent federal registration trademark obtained by Webb Wheel Products Inc, covering its brake drum part numbers, has now been recorded with United States Customs Service for monitoring.

This step enables the company to actively investigate and pursue legal action against importers that use the Webb-registered part numbers on brake drums manufactured outside the United States. Webb will take appropriate action to stop the importation and sale of all counterfeit brake drums. All aftermarket distribution channels will be audited periodically to ensure products with Webb part numbers have been produced in the company's US facilities under its quality standards.

All Webb brake drums are produced in US facilities and are routinely tested to ensure they meet or exceed the criteria as set forth by the FMVSS 121 stopping distance regulations as well as the company's own quality standards. Besides the part number, the Webb cast-in name is clearly visible on brake drums manufactured and distributed by the firm.