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Mitsubishi Fuso Introduces New Products

April 1, 1999
FRESHLY designed PTO equipment and a review of installation procedures gained NTEA members' attention at the Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks of America (MFTA)

FRESHLY designed PTO equipment and a review of installation procedures gained NTEA members' attention at the Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks of America (MFTA) chassis seminar. Several important installation changes for the model year 2000 truck chassis were announced at the NTEA Convention in Indianapolis.

New PTO Products

Chelsea's former PTO for the Mitsubishi trucks with the Aisin automatic transmission, was the 270-series. Chelsea has now developed the 243-A model especially for Mitsubishi/Aisin equipped trucks. Manufacturing operations of the PTO and inventory buildup are currently underway at Chelsea.

PTO development for the Mitsubishi Fuso will be welcomed by many upfitters. Mitsubishi recommends the use of the 243-A model as it reduces installation time and the chance of installation problems occurring due to frame rail interference.

The 243-A PTO rotation is opposite of engine revolution and is geared to increase PTO output 40% above engine RPM. The 243-A has five pump styles available, and it has a universal one-inch key shaft. The PTO has hot-shift engagement and should remedy gear clash and inadvertent shifting into gear.

Additional PTO Speed Control

"At the beginning of the 1999 model year, MFTA introduced the Zexel electronic fuel injection assembly, which controls engine speed with electronics compared to prior mechanical systems," said Robert Aquaro, vice president of product planning for Mitsubishi. "MFTA understands that under certain applications, an externally-mounted PTO speed control is needed."

MFTA has issued a two-page service-training bulletin, #98-001, to assist upfitters when installing a second PTO idle speed adjustment location. The idle speed adjustment device from the cab console may not be suitable for installation in an exposed-element location. Those who wish to get this bulletin may call the MFTA applications group at 609-467-4500.

Antilock Brakes and Body Installation

Antilock brake extension kits were also highlighted. "Don't cut into the ABS harness under any circumstances," said Aquaro. "It's just not worth the exposure."

For the body building industry, MFTA has made available a 24" ABS harness extension kit for Class 5-7 chassis. Along with the ABS kit, Mitsubishi Fuso also has brake line extension material. These materials will be useful for most upfitters when lengthening a frame. "Looping has been an acceptable practice for shortening the harness in most cases," said Aquaro.

Mitsubishi Fuso's latest chassis improvements include higher capacity batteries in Class 3 and 4 trucks. MFTA has noticed some installation inconveniences that the larger truck batteries have caused. Aquaro said this move would standardize Mitsubishi Fuso battery usage, and the extra capacity would help provide an electrical power platform for future electronic needs.

Aquaro reviewed recommended body installation procedures. "A crush block should be used inside a frame rail when mounting with U-bolts," Aquaro said. "Do not place U-bolts close to crossmembers as this substantially deteriorates ride quality by adding rigidity to the frame." Adding rigidity to a frame does not strengthen the frame capacity and may diminish the frame's ability to counter damaging forces.

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