ESAB adds nozzles for m3 Plasma system

June 1, 2012
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products announces the new XR Series of high-speed cutting nozzles for its m3 Plasma system. The new XR Series nozzles provide

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products announces the new XR Series of high-speed cutting nozzles for its m3 Plasma system. The new XR Series nozzles provide better cut quality on a wider range of materials.

The design of the new nozzles improves overall cutting performance by increasing cutting speed and extending the dross-free cutting range. The result is lower overall operating costs due to faster cutting speeds. Some users may see savings due to lower current usage. Nozzle cooling is improved, which enhances consumable life. Piercing performance is also enhanced, allowing thicker plate to be cut more reliably.

The new 260 Amp XR nozzle can cut as much as 45% faster than previous PT-36 nozzles, while the new 360 amp XR nozzle reaches speeds up to 80% faster than formerly possible. The improved speed combined with enhanced cut quality and dross performance result in dramatic increases in productivity and reduced operating costs.

Advanced nozzle design allows each of the new XR Series nozzles to cut through a wider range of materials. This means customers with existing m3 Plasma systems can now cut thicker materials with less power.

The wide cutting range also means fewer consumable changes, so machine operators spend more time cutting and less time changing nozzles. Throughout each nozzle's cutting range, the cut quality and dross performance are improved, reducing secondary operations and clean-up work.

The new XR Series nozzles feature an extended water cooling surface, so more of the nozzle is in contact with cooling water, closer to the nozzle tip. When compared with older PT-36 torch nozzles, the XR nozzles feature more than double the water-cooled surface area.

A new nickel-plated shield retainer and two new nickel-plated shields help shed pierce spatter and resist front-end damage when piercing thicker plate. These new shields are thicker, heavier, and designed to last longer under challenging conditions. The improved nozzle cooling also helps extend nozzle life when piercing thicker material. XR Nozzles can cut up to 80% thicker material with the same current.

XR Series nozzles are used with the m3 Plasma system for cutting and marking on mild steel plate from ½" thick up to 3" thick, depending on amperage. The XR Series includes four nozzles and two shields, which are designed for 200-, 260-, 360-, and 450-amp oxygen plasma cutting on mild steel.

The new nozzles are designed to be used exclusively with the new TL oxygen electrode. This new electrode delivers more consistent cutting angles by reducing turbulence in the plasma stream. Electrode cooling efficiency has also been optimized, so one new oxygen plasma electrode is used throughout the entire range of XR nozzles, as well as many other oxygen plasma setups.

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