Holland Neway Unveils RL-300 Suspension

March 1, 2001
Holland Neway International Inc, a member of The Holland Group Inc, introduces the RL-300, a 30,000-lb air-ride suspension for on- and off-highway, severe-duty,

Holland Neway International Inc, a member of The Holland Group Inc, introduces the RL-300, a 30,000-lb air-ride suspension for on- and off-highway, severe-duty, heavy-hauling applications. RL-300 suspension technology incorporates Holland Neway's three-bushing design.

It is a design that provides a high fore and aft spring rate almost twice that of an alternative one-bushing design, says Russ Franks, commercial manager, Holland Neway Trailer Air Suspensions. The bushings improve tracking and axle alignment which, in turn, increases tire life. Our patented double bushing axle adapter absorbs axle torque so that excessive axle stress and maintenance problems are significantly reduced.

The RL-300 is available with ride heights that range from 14" to 17" and provides 60/40 load distribution. It comes with a five-year, 500,000-mile warranty. For full information, contact Holland Neway, 1950 Industrial Blvd, PO Box 425, Muskegon MI 49443-0425.

Draw-Tite Offers Pintle Hooks, Adapter Mounts

Draw-Tite has unveiled two varieties of pintle hooks: the drop-forged receiver mount pintle hook and the drop-forged receiver mount combination pintle hook. Both incorporate a single-piece shank designed to fit 2" 2" receiver tubes, a tethered locking pin, and a smooth black finish.

The drop-forged (five-ton) receiver mount pintle hook has a 10,000/2,000-lb GTW/TW (gross trailer weight/tongue weight) rating. Draw eye dimensions are 2" to 3" ID with up to 1 / 16 " cross-section. The drop-forged (six-ton) receiver mount combination pintle hook has a 12,000/2,400-lb GTW/TW rating. It includes an interchangeable chrome-moly hitch ball with a ball size of 17 / 8 ", 2", or 25 / 16 ".

Draw-Tite's pintle hook adapter mounts come in a range of shank lengths and attachment plate measurements, with GTW/TW ratings of 5,000/500 pounds or 10,000/1,000 pounds. Adapter mounts simplify conversion of diverse styles of receivers for use with pintle-style trailers. They also provide mounting for both ball-and-pintle and rigid pintle hooks.

For full information, phone Draw-Tite at 800-521-0510.

Dialight LED Signal Has Potted Sealing Design

Dialight Corp offers a red 4" round LED stop/tail/turn signal. The new 44 Series lamps feature a single-piece, potted sealing design that eliminates the weld that normally attaches the lens to the base, thereby removing a major potential failure point.

Available in 12 or 24 volts, the new 44 Series lamps contain 10 LEDs and incorporate a regulator that maintains uniform intensity. Integral wiring eliminates the need for additional connections, and multiple termination options permit mating to existing wire harness systems. Lamps fit standard industry grommets, and are available in flanged versions with O-ring seals to prevent moisture from entering a vehicle. Since lenses have no top orientation, lamps can be mounted at any rotational angle. Optional hard coating prevents damage from chemicals and abrasion.

For more information, contact Dialight, 1913 Atlantic Ave, Manasquan NJ 08736.

Products Simplify Repairs on Plastic Parts

DuPont Automotive has introduced a cleaner and an adhesion promoter that simplify repairs on plastic parts. New 2320S Universal Plas-Stick Cleaner eliminates the need for sanding, while new 2330S Universal Plas-Stick Adhesion Promoter eliminates the need to identify the plastic before applying finish.

Ready-to-use 2320S removes mold release, grease, and contaminants from all plastic parts while eliminating static. It can be used on rigid, semi-rigid, flexible, and fiberglass parts. As the cleaner works, it removes gloss from the raw plastic part.

New 2330S works on all plastics (TPO- or RIM-based materials). The adhesion promoter's green pigmentation helps refinishers apply it more uniformly. With its high solids content, 2330S covers in one coat and has an indefinite pot life.

For further information, contact DuPont, Barley Mill Plaza, P21-2156, Wilmington DE 19880-0021.

Carlisle Unveils New 30/30 Spring Brake

Carlisle Spring Brake introduces the 30/30 spring brake, designed with barrel springs and a larger, nonpressure housing for consistent, increased force output. A new 90 angle port design simplifies installation.

The larger, non-pressure housing of the 30/30 brake yields an increased force output (from 1,800 to 2,400 ft-lb at 2.5" stroke) and better durability. Addition of barrel springs allows for a more consistent force output as the larger 5/8" bearings and rod provide greater resistance to side-load pressures. The design also maintains power spring alignment through use of a guided diaphragm. For more information, contact Carlisle Spring Brake, 400 3rd Rd North, Nampa ID 83687.

Overnite Plans to Appeal NLRB Decision

Overnite Transportation Co will appeal to the United States Court of Appeals a split National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision to order the company to bargain with the Teamsters in four locations where the company has contested the results of elections occurring in 1995 and 1996.

The company said that under NLRB law, employees in Detroit MI, Bowling Green and Lexington KY, and Buffalo NY should be given a new election since they are the victims of a widespread campaign of violence and intimidation.

Overnite submitted uncontested evidence that the ongoing strike against the company initiated by the Teamsters in October 1999 has been plagued with serious, premeditated violence and other intimidation, and that action had invalidated the board's prior recognition of the Teamsters as its bargaining agent at the four centers.

The Teamsters strike against Overnite has gained little support among company employees, with more than 95% ignoring the union's call to walk off the job, company spokesman Ira Rosenfeld said. At the four facilities affected by the NLRB's ruling, 11 of 422 employees are honoring the union's picket lines.

Wabash National Will Eliminate 500 Jobs

Wabash National Corp will be eliminating about 500 jobs, including both hourly and salary positions, as part of a cost reduction program to meet the national economic slowdown. The company also announced that it will not meet analysts' earnings estimates for first-quarter 2001, which it believes to be $0.03 to $0.10 per share.

As previously announced by Wabash, its first-quarter results will include costs associated with its restructuring activities. These include the exit from manufacturing products for export outside the North American market, international leasing and financing activities, and to a lesser degree, consolidation of certain domestic operations. As a result of ongoing costs and continued weak freight demand affecting purchasing activities of the trucking industry, Wabash expects to report a first-quarter loss substantially below analysts' expectations. Cost reductions from the restructuring activities and job eliminations are expected to impact the company's results positively during the second quarter.

New Buyer's Guide Lists Tire Retreaders

A new version of the Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB) Retread Tire Buyer's Guide is available. The guide contains names of retreaders throughout the United States, Canada, and other nations. Each listing also includes the dealer's complete street address, telephone number, and type of tire retreaded.

Listings for US retreaders also indicate whether the retreader is authorized to sell retreads to federal and state fleets through the CTQP/CATL program for use by government purchasing agents.

This guide can be viewed on the web site, www.retread.org. Printed copies can be obtained by phoning 888-473-8732, e-mailing [email protected], or contacting TRIB, 900 Weldon Grove, Pacific Grove CA 93950.

Transport Corp of America Opens Facility

Transport Corp of America has opened a new facility in Fontana CA. With more than 2,000 power units and 5,000-plus trailers, the firm is hiring company drivers and owner-operators in the Fontana area and all western states. The new facility's address is 10784 Calabash Ave, Fontana CA 92337.

Based in Eagan MN, Transport Corp of America provides truckload carriage and logistics services in various lengths of haul in the United States and parts of Canada.

Landstar Opens Trailer Interchange Facility

Landstar System Inc has opened a multipurpose trailer interchange facility in Laredo TX. The 11-acre drop yard site includes offices for several Landstar agents, cross-docks for transloading, interchange inspection facilities, and complete amenities for the independent business capacity owners (BCO) who supply the equipment used to haul Landstar freight.

With its new facility, Landstar will pool its capacity in one location and enhance equipment maintenance through mandatory in- and outbound inspections. Eight acres of the site are paved and have security-lighted enclosures, an eight-bay open cross-dock, and a lounge for Landstar BCOs. The lounge will provide Landstar BCOs with computer access to posted loads on the Landstar web site along with hookups for their personal laptop computers.

The drop yard and lounge will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Several of Landstar's independent sales agents in the Laredo area will relocate to the facility. The company's Mexico Carrier Group Trailer Control offices also will be on-site.

Commercial Vehicle Output Rises in February

In February 2001, commercial vehicle production exceeded the previous year's volume by 1%. While production in the weight category up to 6 tons was expanded by 6%, the manufacture of commercial vehicles above 6 tons fell by 5%. At the same time, 15% fewer buses were made. Once an adjustment is made for the number of days worked 20 working days in February 2001 against 21 in the previous month commercial vehicle production was 6% higher than a year ago. In the year to date, commercial vehicle output rose 11%.

Commercial vehicle exports climbed 8% to 23,900 units in February 2001. Growth was achieved both in the commercial vehicle segments up to and above 6 tons and above 6 tons (7% and 12%, respectively). Yet foreign sales of buses fell 15%. Adjusted by the lost working day, German commercial vehicle makers shipped 4% more vehicles abroad than a year ago. Up to and including February 2001, the previous year's export result was surpassed by 14%.

In February 2001, commercial vehicle sales dropped 10% to 20,800 units. When seasonal factors are considered, the previous month's result was surpassed by 3%. Since the start of 2001, the registration volume has fallen 3% short of the comparable result for 2000.

Total orders taken in February 2001 were 6% less than the previous year's volume. Domestic orders fell 29%, while orders placed by foreign customers were up 10%. Since January 2001, German commercial vehicle makers have registered an 8% hike in orders.