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Jan. 1, 2004
Four models join Brandon dump body line Brandon Truck Equipment's line of dump bodies now include four new models : FHA-SL, FHDP, MDA, and MDAA. The FHA-SL

Four models join Brandon dump body line

Brandon Truck Equipment's line of dump bodies now include four new models : FHA-SL, FHDP, MDA, and MDAA.

The FHA-SL was designed for very-weight-sensitive customers, built completely with high-quality 450 brinnel steel, it ranks as a leading lightweight body for its category.

The FHDP is a smooth-side version of the tough FHD (450 brinnel), providing extra flexibility to absorb shocks and prevent dents, and reducing weight in the process.

Brandon's 1- to 2-ton truck steel MD model (2 to 5 cubic yards) was totally redesigned to make way for the MDA and MDAA. The MDA offers a steel structure with aluminum drop sides and tailgate, while the MDAA is built with 5052H32 marine aluminum. The 12-foot MDAA weighs less than 900 pounds. All three models come with standard quick releases and double-acting tailgates, and users can can choose between a front mount telescopic hoist or Class 20 scissor lift underbody hoist.

The company offers an effective latching mechanism, with fewer adjustments left to the users; a 3" double-acting air cylinder; and grease fittings on all pivoting points. Height-adjustable cabshields are easy to install on a more finished bulkhead and doghouse.

Brandon bodies now ride on rubber. Front rubber supports provide a quiet ride and fewer vibrations when empty.

For more information, contact Brandon, 1819 St-Cleophas, St Gabriel de Brandon, Quebec, Canada J0K 2N0.

Fixed-displacement piston pumps offered

Force America's X Series of pumps solve the problem of fitting high-performance fixed-displacement piston pumps into confined spaces. With flows to 50 gpm, weight less than 35 pounds, and pressures to 5800 psi, the X pump is adaptable pump for mobile industry applications. These include forestry, mining, crane, dump body, waste, and construction industry hydraulic systems. For more details, contact Force America, 501 E Cliff Rd, Burnsville MN 55337.

High-profile plows built for commercial use

Sno-Way International Inc has introduced snowplows for the commercial market. These high-profile blades are 29" and 32" high. Higher profiles allow for higher stacking capabilities with full utilization of the blade for faster snow removal and placement.

The company also offers its patented Down Pressure System and Wireless Remote Control as time-saving options. Sno-Way's Drive-in-Mount is quick, solid, and easy to get on and off. These products come with an exclusive five-year warranty. For more details, contact Sno-Way, 1353 Wacker Dr, Hartford WI 53027.

East Genesis dump trailers now come with smooth-walled Genesis tailgate

East Mfg's new aerodynamic Genesis smooth-sided dump trailers now are offered with a new smooth-walled Genesis tailgate. It is much lighter than a traditional sheet-and-post design, yet doesn't sacrifice strength or durability. The smooth surface of the tailgate is easy to clean, and it leaves nowhere for dirt, mud, snow, and ice to build up.

Tailgate walls are built of East's Genesis double-wall aluminum extrusions, robotically welded together in a patented process. Each 2"-thick extrusion has two internal ribs connecting the inner and outer skins. Computer analysis, laboratory testing and field testing show this sidewall to have superior strength, with better resistance against bowing than with traditional sheet-and-post construction.

The East Genesis dump trailer tailgate has a lightweight overslung hinge that offers more bearing surface for longer hinge life. This gate is designed to accept a special rubber seal without the use of adhesives for easy maintenance and/or replacement. The seal is recessed to protect it from the elements, allowing it to do its job for longer periods of time.

The smooth sidewalls of Genesis tailgates can be left polished as they come from the factory or used as the base for company names, logos, and graphics. Double-wall configuration also prevents any dings on the interior from showing on the exterior.

The Genesis tailgate is available on all East aluminum frameless and frame-type dump trailers, as well as dump bodies.

For full details, contact East, 1871 State Route 44, PO Box 277, Randolph OH 44265.

RUL-245 Bantamweight suspension series provides 12,000-lb-capacity axle selection

Ridewell Corp announces new axle assemblies for use with its RUL-245 Bantamweight auxiliary lift axle suspension series for vocational truck and trailer applications.

The rating of the base axle is limited to 12,000 pounds (bearing capacity) and features:

  • Reduced weight

  • Faster lift response

  • Wheel end equipment common with the RLT-230

  • Improved ground clearance due to brake chamber configuration

  • ABS hole supplied (less ABS bushing)

  • Track, dependent on H&D and wheel configuration, of about 80"

  • Single tire application

  • Beam centers as narrow as 26" while retaining the 12,000-lb rating

  • Hub- or stud-piloted: 10-hole, 11.25" BC

  • Straight and 6" drop-center versions

  • Axle matrix: weights include axle, brakes, and hub/drum assembly except for Part #1640037 and #1640038, which include only the brake package

The Bantamweight RUL-245 Series offers lightweight, compact units designed for limited-space chassis mountings. The low-maintenance series offers high axle travel, easy installation, and eccentric bolt alignment on both sides. At a 13,000-lb capacity, trailer and I-beam truck-mount versions are also provided. For more information, contact Ridewell, PO Box 4586, Springfield MO 65808.

Ramsey adds winch to line

Ramsey's new HDG350 hydraulic worm gear winch is suitable for a wide range of applications. The versatile HDG350 is well-suited for towing and recovery, marine, or industrial applications. The HDG350 has a rated line pull of 10,000 pounds (first layer) and a gear reduction ratio of 30:1.

For more details, contact Ramsey, 1600 N Garnett, Tulsa OK 74116.

Chrome ABS hub covers for medium-duty trucks

Phoenix USA Inc offers chrome ABS hub covers for medium-duty trucks with aluminum wheels.

The company's Ford F450/550 hub covers offer a pop-out front for manual hubs, while the Lo-Pro hub covers have pop-outs in front and rear for hub inspection. These hub covers also require no lugnut removal for installation.

For more information, contact Phoenix, 51 W Borden St, Cookeville TN 38501.

MICO system supplements mechanical parking brake

The new 691 brake lock system from MICO Inc locks hydraulic pressure in the service brake system so a vehicle can't move. Designed to supplement a vehicle's mechanical parking brake, it automatically applies, monitors, and maintains brake-locking pressure. Compact components and weatherproof connectors simplify installation and provide flexible mounting options.

A small electrohydraulic pump and remotely located actuator (single and/or dual) apply brake-locking pressure. The electronic control module contains eight diagnostic LEDs that verify 691 component functions and simplify troubleshooting. It can mount directly to the pump with supplied bracket and fasteners.

The MICO 691 user interface mounts in the dash area to control the 691 with the flip of a switch. In place of the user interface, controls similar to those already in the dash can be used to achieve a finished OEM appearance. These systems also can be remotely controlled by switches outside the cab, or interlocked with other 12-volt systems.

The 691 system enhances vehicle-holding capability while not interfering with normal service brake function. It is available for single, dual, and antilock braking systems. For additional information, contact MICO, 1911 Lee Blvd, North Mankato MN 56003.

Cat is standard, Cummins is optional for Seagrave

Seagrave Fire Apparatus LLC has announced that Caterpillar would become its standard engine. Cummins midrange or heavy-duty engines will be an option in all models. These engines will be offered on Seagrave truck models:

  • Flame: Caterpillar C7 will be standard; Caterpillar C9 and Cummins ISL will be options.

  • Commander II: Detroit Diesel Series 60 will be standard until Caterpillar and Cummins are certified within the next 18 months.

  • Marauder: Detroit Diesel Series 60 will be standard until Caterpillar and Cummins are certified within the next 18 months.

Seagrave's new chassis under development for launch in spring 2004 will be standard with the Caterpillar C9; the Caterpillar C11, C13, and Cummins ISM will be provided as options.

Tailgate gasket protects pickup cargo

Agri-Cover Inc's Trailseal tailgate gasket can be universally applied to any pickup with a tonneau cover, topper, or lid. This gasket protects cargo from dust, rain, and snow by sealing the bottom and sides of the tailgate.

Highly compressible and self-forming, the Trailseal gasket provides a firm cushion when closing the tailgate.

For more information, contact Agri-Cover, PO Box 508 Jamestown ND 58402.

To access truck beds, try the Two Step

Bully Truck Accessories has added the Cowboy Two Step to its truck accessory line. This hitch-mounted step allows the user to get into or out of a truck bed easily with the tailgate either opened or closed. The Two Step installs in minutes on most 2" ball mounts and telescopes in and out for use.

For complete details, contact Bully, 768 S Turnbull Canyon Rd, City of Industry CA 91745.

With this software, it's like having an engineer inside one's computer

OptiTruck software, written by Michigan-based consultant engineers Sun Engineering, has been developed for sales and engineering personnel within the truck equipment industry.

The program simplifies calculations relating to what equipment and accessories can be fitted to different types of trucks. This “pocket engineer” approach will ensure that truck equipment manufacturers can easily adhere to good engineering practices.

In use, OptiTruck leads the user through a set of six main raw data calculation menus. These are filled in using truck specification and accessory data. The menus are divided into weight distribution, horsepower, dump body, hydraulic, stability, and frame strength calculations. Using these core modules to lay down clear engineering based limits, OptiTruck can ensure the equipment and truck are closely matched for optimum performance.

A key feature is the Weight Distribution module. With separate submenus for straight truck, straight truck and trailer, and tractor semitrailer calculations, this module will prove valuable when calculating axle weights and positioning equipment such as cranes. This process can involve a number of complex calculations using traditional methods.

With OptiTruck, key data is entered either via an entry wizard or directly into a graphical interface. The wizard prompts for specific truck data, ensuring all relevant information is keyed in before allowing a calculation to be made. This can greatly reduce the chance of calculation errors.

OptiTruck also makes sure sales and engineering personnel stick to fixed ground rules. Limitations or questionable inputs are flagged by the software, so what can and cannot be achieved in engineering terms is clearly outlined. This one feature alone prevents unrealistic truck and equipment specifications.

The software leads the user through the program, only completing a given menu when all parameters have been entered. This approach prevents shortcuts and missed information, and will help reduce the chance of errors creeping into a calculation. The program will also ensure design engineers have full access to relevant specifying data, an issue that can often be overlooked by sales personnel.

OptiTruck can be used to calculate dump body capacities, crane capacities and positioning, trailer dimensions, power-to-weight ratios, and other details required to ensure truck specifications meet or exceed the requirements of equipment manufacturers.

For more information, contact Sun, 2500 Packard, Suite 211, Ann Arbor MI 48104.

More toolboxes join Buyers Products line

Buyers Products Co has added several aluminum and steel toolboxes to its toolbox line.

Aluminum underbody toolboxes are now available with the same recessed door design found on Buyers' steel underbody toolboxes. These aluminum boxes, constructed of .100-mil diamond tread aluminum, have beveled door edges, a rain channel with neoprene seal, and 1/2"-thick automotive-style gasket system. The continuous hidden hinge anchors the replaceable door, which can be opened fully by removing support cables. A reinforced door backbone strengthens the door, and protects the lockable stainless steel T-handle latch. These boxes come in a range of sizes.

Buyers has also introduced a series of new Barn-Door style aluminum toolboxes constructed with the same design elements as the standard recessed door aluminum underbody toolboxes. However, the barn-door boxes have doors that swing outward rather than downward, providing closer access to the box's contents. A left-swing door with locking stainless steel T-handle latch is standard on the three smaller sizes (18"×18"×18", 18"×18"×24", and 18"×18"×30"). Larger boxes (18"×18"×36", 18"×18"×48", and 18"×18"×60") have double-doors that swing out from the center and include two T-handle latches on the right door.

The company has added an 18"×18"×72" steel underbody toolbox. This 14-gauge black powdercoated steel box has two 12-gauge steel doors with a locking stainless steel T-handle latch on each door. Watertight and rustproof stainless steel continuous hinges anchor the doors, which can be opened fully by removing support cables. Other features include a recessed/beveled door design, rain channel and neoprene seal, and 1/2" automotive-style door gasket.

For complete details, contact Buyers, 9049 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060.

Holland pulls into the light-duty market

The Holland Group has begun marketing pintle mounts and a drawbar for use on light-duty Class 2-4 vehicles. Holland designs and manufactures the light-duty PM-204A, PM-207A, and PM-252A pintle mounts and DB-030 drawbar with product features that maximize the benefits for weight, compactness, and durability.

“These patented designs use one-piece forged steel that makes the end product more durable and stronger without adding unnecessary weight to the units,” said David Roe, coupler product group director. “The capacity ratings and vertical loads for Holland's pintle mounts and drawbar meet or exceed all light-duty application requirements. These light-duty coupling products are currently available and being sold in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.”

For more information, contact Holland, 467 Ottawa Ave, PO Box 2099, Holland MI 49422-2099.

Stellar refines telescopic service crane

Stellar Industries Inc has improved its 5520 telescopic service crane by implementing the company's hexagonal boom design in the construction of the crane. This crane is ideal for meeting the needs of public utilities, municipalities, water works, construction companies, and any other situation requiring a crane in the medium-lifting range.

The Model 5520 crane has a 25,000-ft-lb capacity and can lift a maximum of 5,000 pounds at five feet. This crane uses a planetary winch system with a hydraulic/mechanical brake system. It has a 40-foot/minute winch speed and a maximum reach of 20 feet from the centerline of the crane. The crane has a hexagonal tube boom construction, which is standard on all Stellar cranes, that provides a stronger cross-section.

The 5520 is offered by itself or in a complete turnkey package that includes a choice of chassis, a service crane body, various air compressor and drawer systems, and a portable welding system. For complete details, contact Stellar, 280 W 3rd St, Box 169, Garner IA 50438.

Tuckunder-style liftgate has large platform

Leyman Lift Gates has brought the increased productivity of a large, high-capacity platform to the tuckunder style of heavy-duty liftgate with the new Leyman LHLP Hide-A-Way Series.

Available in 4,400- and 5,500-lb-capacity models, LHLP liftgates quickly fold beneath the rear of the vehicle to ensure complete adaptability to any delivery situation. Each LHLP model features an aluminum bifold platform up to 63" deep and 86" wide. The LHLP 4400 can accommodate a floor height of 45" to 59". Standard enhancements include:

  • Hand-held remote control
  • Automatic mechanical tilt
  • Level ride platform
  • Greaseless operation
  • Cart stops

The LHLP features an aluminum bifold platform with closing assist springs. The threshold plate for the LHLP 4400 does not add length to the vehicle.

Sharing many standard features with the LHLP 4400, the LHLP 5500 is best utilized with vehicle floor heights from 48" to 60". It offers power-down on demand and platform brackets that do not dig into the ground when tilting. Both capacities of LHLP gates are delivered fully assembled and ready to install.

For additional information, contact Leyman, 10900 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati OH 45242.

Blue and white strobes join SuperNova line

Grote Industries has introduced blue and white 4" round SuperNova LED strobe lamps. These strobe lamps use a simple 12-volt DC connection, so no external power supply is necessary. Maintenance costs are reduced, because SuperNova LEDs last substantially longer than strobe tubes and are less likely to break. The strobe lamps feature a dual function: the strobe can be set to perform in either dual or quad flash.

The strobes feature a “bulletproof” potting compound to protect against dirt, moisture, and corrosion. Tin-plated, solid male pin terminals help connect the lamp to the Ultra-Blue-Seal harness. LED strobes are also sealed to keep out contaminants.

Lamps come in red (part 477352), yellow (part #77353), blue (part #77355), and white (part # 77351). Accessories for this full-pattern lamp include: theft-resistant snap-in flanges in chrome, white, black, and stainless steel; closed-back and standard grommets; pigtails; and various brackets.

Contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250 for further details.

Miniature lift tables can raise up to 250 pounds

A new miniature series of lift tables has been developed by Air Technical Industries. The compact lift table lowers down to 3½" and is electromechanically operated. The gearbox-driven screw lifts loads up to 250 pounds.

Shown above is a unit with 19" × 15" × 3½" lowered height that lifts up to 16". Other sizes are available from 12", 14", 18", and 24" wide and 18", 20", 24", 28", and 36" long, and vertical lift from 10" to 48" high.

The power source can be 12- or 24-volt DC battery-operated, 110-volt single-phase, or 220-440-volt three-phase. Push-button remote control and optional adjustable limit switches are offered. Constructed of welded structural steel, tables are also provided in stainless steel and aluminum.

For more information, contact Air Technical Industries, 7501 Clover Ave, Mentor OH 44060.

Dana to supply Transcraft

Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle Systems operation has been selected as the standard and preferred suspension supplier for Transcraft Corp. Dana will supply Dana Spicer RF Series air-ride suspensions for Transcraft's Eagle and Eagle II flatbed combo trailers.

Dana Spicer RF Series air-ride suspensions are fully assembled with Spicer trailer axles and brakes.

Press brakes enhance capability, productivity

Trumpf Inc's Special Edition C Series CNC press brakes provide extra capability, productivity, and automation. The Special Edition C Series machine packages include six axes (Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, and Z2) with a passive crowning system.

On the Special Edition machines, new quick-clamp punch holders speed up clamping of manual tooling. Complex parts can be formed and completed in one handling with the four-axis back gauge (X, R, Z1, and Z2). Two manual front support arms simplify part handling for the operator.

Software enhancements include a networking card for central storage and retrieval of programs. New 3D visual part graphics allow the operator to view tool setup plans and bending sequences created by Trumpf's ToPs 600 offline programming software.

For more details, contact Trumpf, Farmington Industrial Park, Farmington CT 06032.

Keyless entry system offered

Cleveland Hardware introduces an RFID (radio frequency identification) keyless entry system to the transportation and service body markets.

The benefit of RFID over conventional radio-controlled remote entry systems is the ability to unlock a service door, compartments, doors, or other devise without touching buttons. RFID involves swiping an electronic key over an antenna, which reads the code and unlock a latch.

Cleveland Hardware's system is reliable in extreme conditions. Systems are available that include all necessary hardware for a keyless entry access.

For more information, contact Cleveland Hardware, 3270 E 79th St, Cleveland OH 44104.

Product simplifies use of frameless end-dumps

Draftarmlinkage LLC has developed a new product that makes use of frameless end-dump trailers simpler. Named Draftarmlinkage, this patented modification links the dump body directly to the fifthwheel plate to maintain a substantially horizontal pin plate, thereby eliminating use of fifthwheel blocks.

The modification is engineered with proper displacement at front and rear pinion to maintain the fifthwheel plate angle. This linkage geometrically compensates for differences in final angles of tilting bed, draft arm, and draft arm-fifthwheel plates' horizontal position during transport and dump cycle.

Additional plate support during transport is achieved with four support pads that extend downward from the tilting bed structure and contacting pin plate.

For complete details, contact Draftarmlinkage, 2885 Schaeffer St, Saginaw MI 48604.

Nox-Rust combats corrosion

Daubert Chemical Co Inc has introduced Nox-Rust 7400, a new vinyl chloride-free, zero-VOC hard shell coating for the truck trailer industry. A direct-to-metal coating, this product can be used as a primer or as the final coat. Nox-Rust 7400 can be used on components or vehicles.

For more details, contact Daubert, 4700 S Central Ave, Chicago IL 60638.