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Dec. 1, 2006
Lifter keeps loads flat to avert distortion Anver Corp has introduced a high-capacity, vacuum sheet and plate lifter that provides instant attach and

Lifter keeps loads flat to avert distortion

Anver Corp has introduced a high-capacity, vacuum sheet and plate lifter that provides instant attach and release, prevents sagging, and can pick up thin sheets that magnets cannot handle.

The VPE-3 Series vacuum sheet and plate lifter features cross arms and vacuum cups that are fully adjustable to allow 2" or less of sag, which keeps sheets flat and prevents distortion. Providing instant attach and release, this vacuum lifter comes in models for handling thin sheet up to heavy plate, is crane suspended, and can be operated remotely.

Available with capacities up to 40,000 pounds, the VPE-3 Series has a welded main beam, and it can incorporate various size cross arms and multiple vacuum cups. Standard features include an oil-free electric vacuum pump, vacuum gauges, check valves, reservoir and manifolds, and audio/visual safety indicators. Pendant controls are optional.

E-mail Scott Dillon at [email protected] for more details.

Whatever the angle, Flo-Form conforms

Allied Tube & Conduit's new Flo-Form is an in-line galvanized, roll-formed angle designed to meet specific needs for engineered angle profiles. Flo-Form angles offer greater design flexibility and more product line choices, coupled with elevated corrosion protection from Allied's in-line galvanizing process.

Flo-Form angle profiles are manufactured from higher-strength steel and are coated with a multi-layer protective coating that consists of 99.99% pure zinc, a conversion coating, and a clear organic topcoat to thoroughly seal the surface. These angle profiles can be used as-is for corrosion protection, or painted/powdercoated for added aesthetic appeal. The clear organic topcoat acts as a natural primer, minimizing the labor involved with pre-paint surface preparation. Angle profiles are manufactured to specific wall thicknesses, sizes, and lengths.

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New adapter enables quick change for drills

For some time, users of Hougen Mfg's four models of ultra-low-profile portable magnetic drills have cut holes with the company's RotaLoc and the RotaLoc Plus annular cutters featuring the Quick-Shank mounting design for toolless tool changes.

Now Hougen has introduced a new Adapter Assembly with the quick-release change feature that adapts the spindles of their other drill models to use the two RotaLoc series of tools. The adapter makes fast tool changeouts and higher productivity accessible to larger, typically more powerful drills.

RotaLoc cutters come in sizes from ½" thru ½" diameters in 1/16" increments and 12- through 27-mm diameter and have a ¾"-deep cut. The RotaLoc Plus tools extend the size range to 1" and 35 mm and provide a 1"-deep cut. The RotaLoc tools, like all of Hougen's annular cutters, cut round, burr-free holes from 50% to 80% faster than twist drills — with longer tool life.

The adapter allows the use of the fast-change tools with such other Hougen drill models as the HMD505, a dual-speed unit that, like the HMD115 and HMD 150, features a patented quill-feed design to establish a stable, rigid platform for drilling. The HMD505 can drill holes up to 2" diameter thru 3" depths. Models such as the compact HMD904 and the 10914 also have quick tool-change capability when using the RotaLoc/RotaLoc Plus adapter.

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LOBOY deck carts can handle large loads

Kinetic Technologies Inc, designer/manufacturer of material handling equipment and accessories, has launched a new LOBOY ultra-low ground clearance cart that offers flexibility to complement forklift-free manufacturing or distribution logistics. The 49.5" × 49.5" deck area and 1,500-lb load rating deliver ample capacity for large pallets and containers. A deck height of 4" allows tall containers to fit more easily in the proper ergo-unload range. Special wheels provide low manual push/pull forces with full loads.

K-Tec also designs other ergo-support products such as lifts and conveyors. E-mail [email protected] for further information.

Advanced Feed System advances efficiency

Scotchman Industries' new Advanced Feed System allows companies to increase productivity, decrease set-up time, reduce operator error, and eliminate waste.

The Advanced Feed System automatically moves material to position, automatically clamps the material, and cycles the machine with +/-0.004" repeatable accuracy, cut after cut.

Operators can manually enter dimensions into the controller or pull a cut list from the controller, powered by TigerStop; it stores up to 99 programs. Another option is downloading cut list information directly from a PC.

The Advanced Feed System can be used as a programmable stop system or a fully automatic programmable push feed system with the optional material clamp.

Eliminate scrap by using the optional optimizing software. The user can pull out any piece of material, even scrap material, and then enter the clear stock length into the controller. The system calculates how to best optimize the material for the highest yield.

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Oxyfuel lifter combines speed, accuracy

MG Systems and Welding introduces the OL200 oxyfuel lifter for use with the ALFA oxyfuel torch. The OL200 provides a 150 inches/minute vertical speed, which minimizes non-productive time. It also offers increased part accuracy as a result of accurate height sensing through seamless integration with the ALFA torch's height sensing system.

Precision ball screw and dual linear guides provide a smooth and rigid platform for vertical positioning of the ALFA torch, for superior cut part quality and high repeatability. Sealed bearings are virtually maintenance-free. The OL200 oxyfuel lifter will also be available for use with MG's TurboFlame Oxyfuel torches on some machine models.

To learn more, e-mail [email protected].

Sheet metal cutters do a job five times faster

Jancy Engineering Inc says it has a faster, cleaner way of cutting holes in sheet metal. Its sheet metal cutters cut holes up to five times faster and last up to five times longer than traditional bi-metal hole saws, according to the firm. Cutters are made of M2 high-speed steel, which provides more accuracy and rigidity in hole drilling operations. This eliminates the possibility of producing egg-shaped holes.

With Jancy's patented arbor systems, cutters can be used as easily either in hand-held drills or drill presses with 3/8" or 1/2" chucks. The arbor system permits easy installation and removal of the cutters without worrying about the cutter getting thread locked on the arbor. Changing cutters is much safer than with thread on arbors, since the operator must remove the arbor from the chuck to change cutters. Arbors also provide for slug ejection at the end of the cut.

Jancy sheet metal cutters range in sizes from 5/16" to 3" in both standard and metric. E-mail [email protected] for full information.

Appearance-conscious Supreme Corp chooses Lord adhesives, sticks with them

After learning that several major automotive manufacturers have used structural adhesives on more than 10 million cars for 15 years, Supreme Corp decided to evaluate its merit.

Composites One, a distributor for Lord Corp, approached Supreme about using structural adhesives to replace traditional mechanical joints in truck body manufacturing. Supreme decided to partner with Lord and Composites One to develop and validate a specialty structural adhesive that would eliminate unsightly screws on its products.

Supreme conducted extensive testing in order to validate the strength of its bonded designs. Automotive exterior body panel tests were completed to ensure the bond would hold for the life of a body. Accelerated aging test cycles were used to determine if any weaknesses occurred — and they did not.

Given the favorable test results, several vehicles were built using adhesives. Lord developed a realistic assembly process, and Supreme put the units out for test.

Since the integration of the adhesives into the Spartan line for their exterior door panels and jambs, not a single failure has occurred. Building on this success, Supreme decided in 2005 to try using adhesives to bond the entire truck body.

Supreme now is integrating the adhesives into other production lines. Structural bonding has been integrated into six Supreme production plants. The most recent adhesive bonding application includes roof rails and sidewalls where rivets were eliminated. The bonding processes will be rolled out to the other Supreme manufacturing locations throughout 2006.

It takes about 25% of the time to construct a truck body with Lord structural adhesives compared with bolts.

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Weldcraft provides varied tungsten line

Weldcraft will offer five types of tungsten: pure, 2% ceriated, 2% thoriated, 1.5% lanthanum, and rare earth. Each type of tungsten will be available in 7-inch lengths in industry-standard diameters of 0.40, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, and 5/32 inches.

This new line of tungsten meets even demanding TIG welding applications. Weldcraft evaluated multiple sources to find high-quality tungsten, and its engineers conducted several rigorous tests to ensure quality and durability.

For more information, phone 800-752-7620 or e-mail [email protected].

Cortec wash primer foregoes use of acid

Cortec Laboratories' new VpCI-373, a low-VOC water-based wash primer, is designed to promote adhesion on aluminum, stainless, and galvanized metals and to eliminate hexavalent chromate or acidic washes. Rather than using acids, manufacturers can apply a thin coat of VpCI-373 and then paint as usual. The result is improved adhesion, durable corrosion protection, and lower environmental and worker safety impact.

Usng the Advanced Green Technology from Cortec Corp, VpCI-373 comes in clear or green-tint and requires less than half the thickness of other coatings. It does not contain hexavalent chromium commonly used as a surface treatment before painting.

E-mail Gergana Kambitova-Tran at [email protected] for further details.

Power Source can take harsh environments

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products' 653cvcc-SE Power Source is designed for heavy-duty industrial DC welding applications in harsh coastal environments. Suitable for Mig, flux-cored wire, submerged arc and stick electrode welding, or carbon arc gouging, this power source offers a rated DC output of 650 amps at 100% duty cycle or 750 amps at 60% duty cycle at 44 volts DC. Open circuit voltage is 54 volts DC (cv) or 59 volts DC (cc).

The unit features an enclosed electronic control circuitry. A durable, environmentally safe, clear protective coating on all power components, connectors, terminals, and support structures protects the unit against damage from water, salt spray, corrosive mists and other airborne substances. The unit's all-stainless steel base, frame, front and rear, as well as its non-corrosive, high-impact-resistant, non-flammable composite side panels and top ensure protection from mechanical damage.

The 653csvv-SE features a heavy-duty power switch and controls that simplify operation. The unit is compatible with most major wire feeders, and an optional 115-volt AC outlet is provided for water circulator or tools.

E-mail Debi Ratliffe at [email protected] for more details.

EP76M adhesive cures at room temperature

Master Bond Inc has developed a new two-component, room-temperature-curing, nickel-filled, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive called EP76M. This adhesive has a one-to-one mix ratio by weight or volume and has a volume resistivity of 5-10 ohm-cm and excellent low outgassing properties. It has a thermal conductivity of 8-9 Btu/in/ft2/hr/° F. EP76M readily develops a tensile shear strength of 2,000 psi when measured and cured at room temperature.

With superior durability, thermal shock, and chemical resistance, EP76M exhibits high bond strength to similar and dissimilar substrates. It has a coefficient of thermal expansion of 30 in/inx106/° C. EP76M has a service operating temperature range of -60° to +250° F. A higher temperature version called EP76MHT can resist up to 400° F.

The adhesive is easy to apply; only contact pressure is required for cure. It spreads evenly and smoothly, is 100% reactive, and does not contain any diluents or solvents; cures can be accelerated by the use of heat. Parts A and B are both colored gray. Available in glass jars and metal containers, EP76M is packaged in small and larger sizes (pint and quart units).

E-mail James Brenner at: [email protected] for full details.

Pro2 press brake joins Piranha family

Piranha has expanded its press brake offering with the introduction of the Pro2 Series, a synchronous twin cylinder line of press brakes. Pro2 brakes are capable of most general-purpose fabricating from precision thin gauge to heavy plate.

Each model in the Pro2 Series features two hydraulic cylinders, synchronized to maintain.0004" parallelism and repeatability. The two cylinders are vertically mounted with linear feedback devices on each side, making the machine action stable, reliable, and accurate. High-speed rapid approach and return makes the Pro2 Series machines highly productive.

A Delem DA51 CNC control is standard on all Pro2 models. As an option, the Delem 56 graphical control can be used along with offline programming.

More safety items, gauging, and safety workholding features are offered to enhance capabilities. Models are provided from 65 tons to 500 tons; bed lengths range from 8' to 16'.

More information is available by phoning 800-338-5471.

Trumpf TSC 1 power tool cleans laser slats

Trumpf has introduced a new portable power tool, the TSC 1, which quickly and easily removes slag from the slats of laser cutting machines.

The TSC 1 slat cleaner lets users clean their pallets without investing much time or expense. This tool takes about 20 minutes to clean a standard-size pallet approximately 5 × 10 feet.

This slat cleaner is quiet and easy to handle, and its specially formed grips make it easy to guide and to turn around.

Users only have to apply the TSC 1 to a slat row. The tool is self-propelled and moves across the entire strip width with light hand guidance, removing all the accumulated slag. The user then turns the tool around and applies it to the next row. This continues for as long as it takes for the entire pallet of the flatbed machine to be cleaned.

Two spring-loaded roller pairs, powered by a 1,200-watt motor, enable the automatic carriage to move. The roller pairs flexibly adapt to slag up to 1" thick and shatter it during the forward movement. The substantial pressure force of the rollers has another advantage: slightly bent edges are automatically straightened out.

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