Waste Expo dazzles in Dallas

July 1, 2004
ACCORDING to organizers of the Waste Expo, 40% of the attendees last year in New Orleans were new to the show the largest trade show in North America

ACCORDING to organizers of the Waste Expo, 40% of the attendees last year in New Orleans were new to the show — the largest trade show in North America serving the $43-billion solid waste and recycling market.

No figures were available for this year's show in Dallas — other than that overall attendance was estimated to have increased by 6.5% — but count Tammy Thomure as one of the attendees who discovered the show's value for the first time.

Thomure, a marketing and sales manager for Thomure Disposal in Farmington, Missouri, had heard about the Expo but thought it was not designed for small independent haulers such as Thomure Disposal. After researching the show on the Internet, she decided it was time the company — founded 36 years ago by her father-in-law — was represented.

After the first day at the Dallas Convention Center, Thomure called her husband and said, “If we have to hire temp drivers, you have to come next year. This is a candy store for you.”

For her, the value wasn't in the classes as much as the networking opportunities that were possible from May 18-20 as she prowled the 418 exhibitor booths spread out over 230,000 sq ft.

“The Expo went far beyond my expectations — and I held very high expectations,” she said. “The best asset we're taking away from this is networking and being a part of a community that we thought we were alone on, and finding this is a good place we can go to ask questions.

“We're competing with the large national companies that seem to be gobbling up the small guys. We're here to gather information on how to be competitive in that area. Small or big, the people I'm meeting are shaking my hand and saying, ‘Give us a call.’ The attitude is, ‘This is where we share information.’

“Our decision's already made. We'll be back next year (in Las Vegas).”

According to surveys, the primary reason why attendees come to the show is to see the equipment and products. And there was plenty to see once again.

Here's an overview of the products displayed in Dallas:

Autocar Trucks (Hagerstown IN) used the Waste Expo as the platform for announcing a host of enhancements to the Xpeditor low cab forward trucks. The cab has been reworked, including reconfiguration of controls, instruments, and seats to improve operator ergonomics. The interior upholstery has been reworked to improve appearance and add more efficient insulation to further reduce cab noise. The range of Cummins engine choices also was expanded with the addition of the Cummins ISL 350, which compliments existing 310 and 330 hp ISL ratings. A new alternate fuel engine option, the new L-Gas Plus, was announced, giving the Xpeditor the most extensive Cummins engine offering and the most alternate fuel choices in LCF heavy trucks. Also, the Hendrickson HaulMAAX heavy-duty rear suspension is now standard for Xpeditor trucks. www.autocartruck.com

Tom Pfieffer of Sterling (Willoughby OH) says the Condor is the newest low-cab-forward on the refuse market. It can be used in left-hand steer, right-hand steer, dual steer, and stand-up right-hand steer. The ergonomically designed aluminum cab supports greater productivity by reducing operator fatigue and cutting trip times. It has a low cab, stair-step entry, with ergonomically placed grab handles, making it easy to get in and out of the cab hundreds of times over the course of a refuse route. Large front and side windows provide superior visibility — a benefit for refuse crews working in busy urban areas. A setback front axle provides ideal weight distribution and improved maneuverability. www.sterlingtrucks.com

The 2R-III rear loader from Leach (Oshkosh WI) features the Series III rounded body and the 2R tailgate with FastPAK hydraulics. The tailgate has high-compaction ratings (1000-plus lb/cubic yard), interchangeable packer and carrier cylinders, load edge height 5" below chassis frame, dual-lever packing controls (curbside), and a 3.5 cubic-yard hopper with 1/4" 100,000 PSI steel bottom. The body is 80,000 PSI steel end to end, with 15% more ejection force than the previous model, 6" floor flanges that double the life of the lower edges, 5" less overall height, a thicker floor (50,000 PSI steel), smooth exterior sides that simplify signage, plated hydraulic tubing, a front body upper enclosure that is now standard, sealed grommet-mounted lights, and heat shrink wire connections throughout. www.LeachUSA.com

The new MultiTask SL drop-frame side loader from Heil Environmental Industries (Chattanooga TN) can be equipped to handle automated, semi-automated, or manual routes — or all three. It offers a patent-pending method of smoothly moving even the largest residential refuse from the hopper into the body, and also has the first patent-pending full-eject load discharge. The design features a proprietary Radial Crusher panel that rotates 250 degrees from the back of the hopper wall. The Radial Crusher compresses the refuse and sweeps it through the compaction chamber into the body, making it possible to do more than just “pre-crush” bulky items — compared to other drop-frame units that offer a 90-degree rotation, necessitating repeated cycling without ever completely clearing the hopper. Heil says the MultiTask SL offers the largest displaced packer volume in the industry — 1.66 cubic yards of material can be moved into the body with every cycle. It's available in four body capacities: 22, 25, 29, and 32 cubic yards. Options include Bayne cart tippers, cameras, LED lights, and a service hoist. www.heil.com

The 320 low cab forward refuse truck from Peterbilt (Denton TX) features an aluminum cab, one-piece fiberglass roof, and zinc-coated steel subframe for maximum strength and corrosion resistance in harsh environments. It has doors that open 90 degrees, interior and exterior grab handles, and low step heights. www.peterbilt.com

Solid Waste Transfer Trailers manufactured by Martin Marietta Composites Inc (Raleigh NC) are available in lengths from 40' to 57' in both live floor and Tipper models. The company says composite trailers weigh less and are equally as durable as conventional aluminum trailers and are non-corrosive — allowing an extra two tons per load, significantly affecting efficiency and/or profit. Composite materials are easily repairable without any loss of structural integrity. The sidewall and tipper floors are made from a single Transonite panel. During the pultrusion process, groups of glass fibers are inserted through the panel core at 90 degrees to the inner and outer walls. The running gear is removable for maintenance or exchange. Both spring and air suspensions are available and are mounted to the composite hangers, which are bonded to the subframe rails. www.martinmarietta.com

Travis Body and Trailer Co (Houston TX) introduced a new lightweight design for the solid waste industry. It's based on the Aero-Lite end-dump trailer that was first built in 1989. The design features a smooth outer side wall, resulting in better fuel economy due to what Bud Hughes says is a “huge aerodynamic difference from the old post side.” It has a slightly curved wall that allows for better unloading of material and for an improved lower rail interconnect. Because of a generous top rail and an inward bow construction technique, there is no center bar. The trailer is available with a walking-floor system from Keith or Hallco. www.travistrailers.com

Titan Trailers Inc (Delhi Ontario, Canada) says its ThinWall V-Floor trailer is the only all-extruded trailer in the industry. Its sidewall construction creates up to 10% more bulk capacity than a post and panel trailer with rugged extruded panels that are less prone to dents. The steel-slatted Keith V-Floor is for markets such as scrap metal, construction and demolition, and aggregate hauling. It is constructed with high-wear, high-yield steel, selected to minimize weight, fabricated in a “V” profile designed to withstand the damage of heavy impacts as well as abrasive materials such as sand, asphalt, and scrap metals. www.titantrailers.com

Mike Riggs (at right) and John Skelly of J&J Truck Bodies and Trailers (Somerset PA) say the inner walls of the DynaHauler live floor smooth-side trailer are being produced with a new alloy that allows the company “to use a thinner material for a lighter-weight trailer with the hardness and yield strength of a heavier 5454 alloy.” The sidewalls are bonded with high-strength adhesives. Riggs says it has a continuous smooth look, less wall deflection, no loss of yield strength due to weld degradation, and a sidewall-to-floor assembly that provides improved strength and durability. The trailer has a capacity of 126 cubic yards and an overall length of 48'8", width of 102", and height of 160". www.jjbodies.com

Dragon Products Ltd (LaPorte TX) debuted its new drop-deck trailer with a GVWR of 80,000 lb. Says Terri Flurry, “We built this primarily for metal recycling and excavation and demolition companies. The main purpose is to provide a larger-than-normal roll-off container that can be used like an end-dump trailer. You can park these large boxes at construction sites that fill up a lot more product. Being that it's lower than most double-container trailers, you can get a large super-high 84" roll-off container on there and transport it without any weight issues from side to side.” It has 15,000 lb total weight and was built at Dragon's plant in Lodi, CA. Dragon also builds the trailer in a tri-axle mode. www.modernusa.com

The MAC Smooth Wall from MAC Trailer Mfg (Alliance OH) has 6061 extruded aluminum side walls that enhance the trailer's structural integrity and high-polished or mill finished side panels that offer a smooth billboard for company logos and imagery. The moving floor has a 6061 aluminum extruded hollow core panel, panels stacked horizontally that improve side wall wear, heavy-duty 5/8" thick top rail with flat surface for easy tarping, and optional heavy-duty extruded side-wall panel. www.MACtrailer.com

Mark Sabol says Genesis smooth-side transfer trailers from East Mfg Corp (Randolph OH) have extruded sidewall panels that are 2" thick and are supported by internal ribs every 3". The rib spacing gives eight times the support of external posts positioned every 25". The tipping platform trailer width is increased 4" for up to 5.75 cubic yards of extra payload. The double-wall construction protects outer panels from dents and bulges, adding to resale value. An advanced system of floor-to-wall attachment adds strength. Crossmembers and floor plates interlock into the bottom rub rail, forming a pocket to accept side walls. Extruded top rails are ½" thick on top and inside edges to better withstand loading abuse. www.eastmfg.com

The SL-240 hook-lift hoist from Swaploader (Des Moines IA) is designed for the construction, waste, municipal, and material-handling markets. A short wheelbase chassis provides tremendous maneuverability and strength. Bodies can be swapped in minutes, allowing use of one truck as a flatbed, dump body, van body, water tank, or spray tank. The 24,000-lb dump capacity hoist features slide-through body locks, sliding jib, large beveled rear rollers, new heavy-duty rear pivot, dual pivot rear section, rugged main frame, dual life cylinders, nylatron pads, and low-pressure hydraulics. www.swaploader.com

Stellar Industries Inc (Garner IA) has released the Slider hooklift loader, a container-handling system mounted on a truck chassis that is capable of loading, unloading, and dumping various containers with lengths ranging from 13' to 18.5' with the use of a sliding hexagonal jib. The hex jib reduces flex and provides greater structural integrity. The Stellar Slider can accommodate capacities up to 20,000 lb. The maximum dump angle is 55 degrees with a 54" hook height on a 41"-high truck frame and below-grade capabilities to 46". All models feature greaseless bushings, the Stellar patented dump/load interlock system, and an efficient low flow/high pressure hydraulic system. www.hooklift.com

The HA-175 Hook-All Hook Lift from American Roll-Off (Trenton NJ) will allow a single chassis to load, unload, and dump a variety of containers and bodies. Standard features: dual lift cylinders for added stability, sliding jib design to adjust weight distribution, container is positively locked during transport, inside cab controls for safe loading, 60-degree arc for hook-up, load holding valves on all cylinders, poly fenders with full width bumper, and sealed beam lighting with plug-in wire harness. www.americanrolloff.com

The EZrolloff from Nedland Industries (Ridgeland WI) is a mini-rolloff trailer system that allows the user to handle small to medium-sized projects with increased efficiency. Compatible accessories for the EZ12 TR (12,000-lb GVW and hoist capacity) and EZ16 TR (16,000-lb GVW and hoist capacity) include detachable gooseneck, rolloff containers, dump containers, flatbeds, storage containers, and tarping systems. Standard on all trailers: a 9-hp Honda engine and wireless remote control; reliable cable-pull system and locking bar for increased safety; and hydraulic jack. A five-year structural warranty is included on all equipment. www.nedland.com

G&H Manufacturing Ltd (Arlington TX) debuted its new alarm interrupter designed for roll-off hoists. Says Keith Lowe, “Typically, with roll-off hoists, the driver backs up to say, a hospital at 4 in the morning, and the hoist alarm is making all kinds of noise. Working with our customers, we came up with a unit so that when the hoist is up and when the driver gets out to hook up the compactor, everything goes silent when he pulls the air brake to park it. We're the only ones on the market to do it. Can our competitors do it? Yes, they just haven't done it yet.” G&H also has released a poly toolbox that Lowe says has been drawing raves since it was first shipped on Jan. 1. www.ghmfg.com

Gary Lafnear of Hendrickson (Hebron OH) says the Composilite FX fixed-axle suspension system maintains rugged reliability while reducing weight to 825 lb. It provides the features and benefits of the steerable Composilite ST suspension system: 13,500-lb capacity for truck and trailer applications; versatile lightweight axle accommodates both pusher and tag applications; compact package reduces space needed for operation; common components between the FX and ST model allow easier use on the same vehicle. www.hendrickson-intl.com

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