Product Profiles

Aug. 1, 2006
Carrier X-Series evolves into Niagara; It's a Cinch to secure loads for transport; Fabick passes the safety test for coatings; Chelsea Products introduces 823 T ratio for pneumatic blowers

Carrier X-Series evolves into Niagara

The Niagara trailer refrigeration series is the first major evolution of Carrier Transicold's X-Series.

Niagara units feature a major exterior redesign, providing more than just a contemporary new appearance. Panel doors are made of advanced DuraShell 2 material, a Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) composite. DuraShell 2 has structural integrity comparable to the X-Series' original DuraShell material, but with triple the impact strength, double the UV light resistance, 50% better thermal stability, and 20% better heat resistance. An optional chrome package is offered.

Improved sound quality comes from design changes and use of a quieter gearbox. The DuraShell 2 twin-sheet panel construction, acoustic foam on the interior surfaces, and integrated door seals help contain sound output. The redesigned grille's wider openings reduce airflow resistance. For additional sound reduction, an optional composite bottom panel is available.

Niagara models have hinged side doors that open all the way to the top, providing total access with the flip of a single latch on each side door. Front panels swing open from the center with a single latch release. The control box is larger with a tilted display that is easier for drivers and technicians to read.

For complete information, e-mail Anthony D'Angelo at [email protected].

It's a Cinch to secure loads for transport

Traction Technologies Inc will begin limited sales in September 2006 of its new air-powered winch tiedown and tensioning system.

This latest version, trademarked Cinch, is an evolution of Traction's original model that won the Telus Innovation Award in 2005. Since then, field-testing and customer feedback have allowed the company to refine the product further.

Cinch will eliminate the need for operators to use a pry bar to tighten load straps, and it will continually apply a pre-set pressure for the duration of the trip. This pressure can be set from zero to more than 2,000 pounds. Cinch was designed to eliminate job site injuries to drivers while securing loads using conventional winches and to eliminate accidents caused due to load shift. Conventional winch-tightened straps were measured to lose up to 50% of their tension during the first hour of a trip.

Additional information is available at or by phoning 888-372-7676.

Fabick passes the safety test for coatings

Fabick Inc, developer of the patented “poured-on” technology, announces early test results for its sprayed-on chemicals and procedures. The firm's protective coatings and procedures not only met but also exceeded Occupationsal Safety and Health Administration safety guidelines for spraying.

Tested under standard application conditions, Fabick was substantially below the OSHA PEL exposure limits and ACGIH guidelines. In fact, Fabick resulted in a full magnitude below those recommended levels. Using accepted testing protocol, Fabick was shown to yield 50% below OSHA limits.

Adaptable to any existing shop and budget, this system is a cost-effective way to boost profits. For more details, e-mail Joe Fabick at [email protected].

Chelsea Products introduces 823 T ratio for pneumatic blowers

Chelsea Products, a division of Parker Hannifin, is providing the 823 T ratio designed for the pneumatic blower market. The 823 T provides PTO output speeds designed to operate today's blower applications. It offers:

  • 350 ft-lb/67 horsepower at 1,000 rpm of output shaft.

  • Output shaft speeds approaching 200% of engine speed.

Intermittent torque of 500 to 350 ft-lb.

The 823 also features an inspection cover for adjusting backlash; a number of pump mounts; and input gears that cover Mack, TTC, and Eaton Fuller transmissions. Besides a standard lever shift, the 823 Series includes options for air and constant mesh.

For more information, contact Chelsea, Olive Branch MS.

DC-to-AC inverters enhance work trucks

Tripp Lite has introduced three new DC-to-AC inverters (Models UT750UL, UT1250UL, and UT2012UL) designed for the utility/work truck market.

These inverters provide convenient mobile power for job-site applications including power tools, pumps, compressors, blowers, lights, power supplies, computers, electronic equipment, radios, and cell phone chargers. Since Tripp Lite Inverters draw power directly from vehicle batteries, they are a quiet, economical power alternative in residential environments or late-night job sites.

When alternators recharge power tool batteries at a slower rate than they are discharged, that leaves a power deficit for the next day's jobs and shortens battery service life. Tripp Lite Utility/Work Truck Inverters, with the addition of a built-in battery charger, help to overcome this power deficit. When optionally connected to shore power at the end of the day, these inverters quickly and safely recharge vehicle batteries, ensuring that maximum power is available for the next day's service schedule. In addition, they offer peak power up to 4,000 watts, handling tough loads like motors, compressors and incandescent lamps with ease.

The inverters enhance crew safety in moist environments with dual GFCI outlets, deliver more AC power from a truck's electrical system with DC-to-AC inversion, and save vehicle space with compact cabinet sizes.

Inverters provide 120-volt AC, 60-Hz frequency-controlled output, 12-VDC input, dual GFCI receptacles, and a shore-power cord for optional charging. An included remote module enables convenient, efficient control and monitoring of the inverter from a vehicle cab.

For specification and ordering information, contact Tripp Lite, Chicago IL.

Tailwind provides e-manifest system

Tailwind Management Systems Inc has partnered with Oceanwide Inc to provide a viable electronic manifesting system for its trucking company clients. The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been testing a new program for the electronic transmission of manifest data to all US Customs border crossing offices for truck shipments inbound to the United States. Customs officials have said the ACE E-Manifesting program will soon become mandatory.

Tailwind's Carrier Management System will link with Oceanwide's e-manifest technology. This will enable Tailwind clients to be approved quickly for the US e-manifest. Clients will save time by entering e-manifest data once only into Tailwind's user friendly Carrier Management System. Oceanwide's software will edit the manifest data and then automatically transmit it to US Customs.

For further information, contact Tailwind, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Data Link Adapter now USB-enabled

Noregon Systems has released a USB-enabled Data Link Adapter (DLA) that allows the DLA to be used with newer PCs that do not have serial or parallel ports. This versatile-vehicle adapter supports all RP1210A compliant applications using the SAE J1939 or J1708/J1587 protocols, eliminating the need for using multiple vehicle adapters in the service bay.

The Noregon USB DLA is packaged in a sturdy carrying case, which includes everything needed to connect to the vehicle and the PC:

  • Noregon DLA
  • USB interface cable
  • Downloadable DLA drivers
  • Six- and nine-pin Deutsch Y-adapter
  • QuickStart guide

The DLA is fully supported by Noregon and includes a one-year standard warranty. For more information, contact Noregon, Winston-Salem NC.

H&H provides Knapheide service bodies

H&H Sales Co Inc now offers the new Knapheide battery/highway service bodies. These new truck bodies provide plenty of cargo space to haul an air compressor plus all the batteries, fuel, parts, and tools needed to get stranded highway motorists going again.

Highway service fleets can purchase stand-alone truck bodies to retrofit an existing chassis, or a complete unit (body paired to a Ford F-350 pickup/6.0 V-8 powerstroke diesel) is also available from H&H.

The standard 8-foot service bodies feature a full transverse compartment with two easy-access, pull-out battery drawers on each side. Each drawer measures 35" long, 24" wide, and 5" deep. Rated at 250 pounds, each drawer has a capacity of up to seven batteries. In addition, the lower front compartments on both sides hold three batteries each. Overall, the highway service body can carry up to 34 batteries.

To provide protection against corrosion and scratches, a spray-on liner is applied to the transverse drawers and lower portion of the front vertical compartments. Other standard equipment includes a two-piece sliding cover over the load space, rubber liners for all shelves, and a floor jack bracket in the cargo area.

Louvered vents in the front and rear of each side compartment provide adequate circulation of air. A back-up alarm, first-aid kit, and 10-lb fire extinguisher enhance the safety of the truck bodies.

For more information, contact H&H Sales Huntertown IN.

Height control valve has minimal deadband

Ridewell Suspensions is offering its new, improved high-performance height control valve for maximum air suspension performance for trucks, trailers, buses, and recreational vehicles. With a minimal deadband for optimal performance in a lightweight, compact, modular package, the valve has all push-to-connect fittings and a universal mounting for all applications. Its quick and accurate operation ensures a rapid return to ride height.

Ridewell's height control valve is available in both dump and non-dump configurations. For more information, phone 800-641-4122 or access

Reelcraft retractable reel handles longer hoses

Improve workplace efficiency and safety, plus extend hose life with Reelcraft's new retractable hose reel for longer lengths of hose. ReelTek now comes in a wider spool to accommodate 50 feet of 1/2"-ID hose. The new model expands the product line and is suitable for air, water, and lube applications. ReelTek incorporates a corrosion-resistant, powdercoated industrial-grade steel base and guide arm, plus a swivel and spool constructed of lightweight, engineered composite components. ReelTek's advanced design increases the latch spring life for longer, trouble-free service life.

For full details, contact Reelcraft, Columbia City IN.

Mack's RSA helps make road stability more concrete

Mack Trucks Inc now offers a new first-of-its-kind stability system — Mack Road Stability Advantage by Bendix (Mack RSA) — for concrete customers. Designed to reduce incident potential and enhance profitability, the full electronic stability system is now available for mixer applications on the Mack Granite model.

Mack RSA uses the existing ABS wheel speed sensors, along with steering, yaw, and lateral acceleration inputs, to deactivate the throttle and selectively apply the brakes. Used in sharp curves, sudden lane changes, or obstacle avoidance maneuvers, RSA can reduce the potential of a rollover.

In conjunction with Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, Mack began offering full electronic stability technology on its highway vehicles late in 2005.

Phillips Industries' line of shop tools grows

Phillips Industries has an expanded line of shop tools that meets the needs of both professional and consumer markets. The company has recently introduced two new offerings:

  • Multi-purpose crimping and stripping tools designed with functionality and durability in mind. These tools come in both blunt-nose and needle-nose versions and can be used for insulated and non-insulated terminals. The tools, fitted with easy-grip, insulated handles and overlapping teeth, provide a constant cut that cleanly strips insulation without damaging the inner wire.

  • Electrical circuit testers conveniently locate shorts, grounds, and open circuits. Offered in both compact and full-size versions, they are suitable for use with trucks, trailers, and RVs. The clear handle glows when circuit is complete.

For complete details, contact Phillips, Santa Fe Springs CA.

Highwayman tow body can steal attention

Sleek looks and 70 cubic feet of storage space help set the Highwayman tow body from Highway Products apart. Three models — Wrangler, Highwayman, and Highwayman Outlaw — are ready to pull travel, horse, or equipment-hauling trailers with a 22,000-lb fifthwheel, a gooseneck ball hitch, or an extra-heavy-duty Class 5 receiver hitch.

Highway Products will build the bed on a GMC, Ford, Dodge, Freightliner, International or other dually truck.

Other standard features include weather-resistant marine-grade aluminum construction (1/8" decking and 3/16" body panels), seven separate compartments with adjustable shelves and flex mats to prevent items from sliding, and 12-volt internal lights.

Gas-assisted door struts, automotive weather stripping around all doors, rubber fender trim, and wheel well undercoat are also standard.

The top-of-the-line Highwayman Outlaw also features a painted tiara with LED directional and load lights, painted running boards with LED lights and diamondplate overlays, and spring-loaded pullout step. Custom paint to match factory color is a deluxe option. For more details, contact Highway Products, White City OR.

Rocky Mountain Double goes to great lengths to do a job

Titan Trailers Inc has a new version of its Thinwall aluminum tipper trailers, custom-built to maximize payloads for waste hauling in the Rocky Mountain region.

More than 25 of the new Titan A-Train Tipper Trailers are already in service with MBI (Mr Bult's Inc) after a successful 2005 demonstration trial. The “Rocky Mountain Double” configuration takes advantage of permits in several Rocky Mountain states that allow truckers to run A-trains totaling up to 110 feet long with payloads of up 41.6 tons per truck. The new Titan train comes in at almost 95 feet long, capable of hauling 234 cubic yards (178 cubic meters) of municipal solid waste on each trip.

Titan's Rocky Mountain Double design was also developed to accommodate existing facilities at transfer stations. Tipping floors there were built to fill rail cars below-grade through a 40-ft-long chute. A typical 48- or 53-ft trailer would have to load in two steps, advancing a few feet for the tipping floor to finish filling it. With the new A-Train, each unit is sized to fill completely in one stop.

E-mail [email protected] for more information.

Heil enhances MultiTask SL side loader

Heil Environmental has made several design improvements to its MultiTask SL drop-frame side loader. Now this flexible refuse collection vehicle features high-strength steel in key areas for greater durability and reduced weight. The tailgate is equipped with Heil's Shur-Lock tailgate locks that allow the operator to unlock the tailgate, discharge the load, and then secure the tailgate all without leaving the cab.

Split hopper doors on both sides of the body provide easy loading access and make it possible to tailor hopper capacity. The MultiTask SL has low loading sills 38 inches across.

The MultiTask SL's proprietary Radial Crusher panel rotates 235 degrees from the back of the hopper wall, compressing refuse and sweeping it through the compaction chamber fully into the body. This approach offers two key benefits. First, it eliminates the need for repeated, time-consuming cycling. Second, the Radial Crusher actually clears the hopper.

The Radial Crusher's design also makes a shallower dump angle possible. The MultiTask SL body lifts just 37 degrees to discharge its load. The lift remains on the chassis instead of rising with the body. As a result, the MultiTask SL offers greater stability, especially on uneven terrain.

The MultiTask SL is available in four body capacities: 23, 26, 30, and 33 cubic yards. For more details, visit or phone toll-free 800-214-4345.