Product Profiles

Feb. 1, 2003
Autocar broadens its line with mixer truck An Autocar Xpeditor concrete mixer truck was displayed at the 2003 World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas NV recently,

Autocar broadens its line with mixer truck

An Autocar Xpeditor concrete mixer truck was displayed at the 2003 World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas NV recently, signaling Autocar's intent to broaden its vocational product offering. The truck was displayed as part of the London Machinery exhibit at the show and was fitted with a red, white, and blue, stars-and-stripes-adorned London Mixer body.

The truck is an Xpeditor WX low-cab-over-engine (LCOE) mixer truck that combines the Dana-Spicer Tire Pressure Control system and the Autocar T-Ride suspension, which maintains traction over rough, uneven terrain.

Based on systems proven in more than 35,000 military trucks, Tire Pressure Control systems allow drivers to adjust tire pressures to the conditions they encounter while the vehicle is moving. Using a dash-mounted display, the operator can reduce or increase tire pressure using the truck air system that also powers brakes and other on-board systems.

The weight advantage of an Xpeditor WX with Tire Pressure Control can be up to 2,000 pounds per vehicle compared with competitive trucks with all-wheel drive.

Used in severe-duty applications, the Xpeditor WX is made to survive and thrive under grueling conditions. Besides a fully welded, galvanized steel cab, the Xpeditor WX has frame rails made of 110,000-psi heat-treated steel and are joined by back-to-back aluminum crossmembers.

For more information, contact Autocar, 350 Deerfield Rd, PO Box 310, Union City IN 47390.

Draw keys positively locate axle kingpins

IMT Corp has improved its product design and functionality by introducing a draw key feature that will positively locate kingpins.

Kingpin bushings also have been completely sealed to avoid any introduction of corrosive and abrasive elements, thereby reducing wear and maintenance requirements.

These two features became standard on all IMT self-steering axle models in January 2003.

For further information, contact IMT, 347 King St West, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada N5C 3K6.

Ridelite unit designed for ease of service

Ridewell Suspensions has come out with the Ridelite, a new lightweight 25,000-lb-capacity integrated trailer air suspension system designed for platform, tank, dump, grain, and specialized trailers. The system offers a variety of 5" round, non-captured axles to allow for axle maintenance or replacement while preserving other parts.

Ridelite is designed for ease of installation and serviceability. Its double-bonded manual clamp-in pivot bushing can be installed or replaced with common shop tools; no special presses are required. The new Ridelite pivot bolt requires just 450 ft-lb of torque.

This unit includes a patent-pending Speed Set alignment feature that allows for 1" adjustment at the hanger. Pre-mounted shock brackets and attachable, no-weld valve mounts assure ease of installation. A patented contoured axle seat optimizes axle weldment by decreasing stress concentrations; no U-bolts are required.

For more information, contact Ridewell Corp, PO Box 4586, Springfield MO 65808.

Heck weld shaver removes only the weld

Heck Industries has added a new hand-held weld shaver to its line of fabricating equipment. This weld shaver uses standard carbide inserts in a mining cutter to shave weld beads flush to a workpiece. Used for cleaning butt welds and corner welds, the weld shaver will remove only the weld and not damage surrounding materials. The two-horsepower Model WS-500 will quickly remove welds at 6-8 feet per minute.

Contact Heck, PO Box 425, 1480 Old US 23 South, Hartland MI 48353 for further information.

Fog Light Rocker Switch fits many vehicles

Cole Hersee Co's Fog Light Rocker Switch for on-road vehicles fits panels of many trucks and recreational vehicles. This SPST off/on switch is imprinted with the Society of Automotive Engineers fog light symbol.

The Fog Light Rocker Switch is part of Cole Hersee's line of weather-resistant rocker switches. These rocker switches contain silver contacts to provide superior conduction compared with standard brass and copper contacts. An internal gasket seal protects against adverse weather conditions and contaminants, such as salt, dirt, and grease. The switch easily snaps into place into standard holes on the dash. For more details, contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, Boston MA 02127-2467.

Sno-Way International plows ahead into skid-steer territory

Sno-Way International Inc has turned its attention to the skid-steer “V” snowplow market. The company has “V” plow applications up to 110 horsepower with widths of 99" and 109" and blade height of 28". Multi-position wings achieve full-angle, scoop, straight, and “V” plowing positions.

Constructed using high-strength steel components in key areas, the plow has replaceable or interchangeable Lexan or steel moldboards. This plow is equipped with controlled-release springs for safe blade tripping action without any wear strip limitations. Wireless remote controls are provided.

For complete details, contact Sno-Way, 1353 Wacker Dr, Hartford WI 53027.

With Columbus, discover cutting control

ESAB Cutting Systems' new Columbus software is an integrated package designed for cutting machines. Windows-based programming offers simple set-up and full process control for every cutting machine in a shop. Also provided are part programming, true shape nesting, common line cutting, plate and inventory management, parts management, and machine-specific estimating. Software modules can run on a desktop workstation, or the basic package (Vision Plus-CNC) can run directly on an ESAB Vision PC or NT control. In addition, Columbus will support other manufacturers' cutting systems.

An intuitive, user-friendly graphic interface, custom functions, and automatic processes simplify programming. Columbus software allows users to control every cutting machine in a shop with the click of an icon. Set up and run programs for multiple machines with a single software package rather than learning and maintaining several packages. Columbus also allows the user to create his own post-processors to add machines or additional processes without additional programming from ESAB.

For more information, contact ESAB, 411 S Ebenezer Rd, PO Box 100545, Florence SC 29501-0545.

New Gunite 2000 slack adjuster debuts

The Gunite Corp has unveiled the Gunite 2000, a new slack adjuster designed for long-stroke brake chamber applications using a welded clevis or applications using a clevis with a 1.3" pin center distance. Gunite automatic slack adjusters install in half the time and do not require external brackets or mounting hardware, the company said.

Mono-Lift suspension 100 pounds lighter

Ridewell Suspensions introduces the Mono-Lift 225 auxiliary axle suspension with a 25,000-lb capacity for vocational truck applications. The non-steerable, air-ride/air-lift unit offers a weight savings of 100 pounds over previous units designed for 22,000- and 25,000-lb-capacity axles.

The Mono-Lift 225 is designed for ease of installation and maintenance. It offers a new patent-pending Speed Set alignment feature that simplifies adjustment. A patented, contoured axle seat optimizes axle weldment by decreasing stress concentrations; no U-bolts are required. The single-pivot design features Ridewell's Huckbolt-fastened monopivot bushing that can be manually installed or replaced with common shop tools. The lift air spring is fully encapsulated.

The Mono-Lift 225 is offered with high or low axle seats, drop-center or straight axles, 7.5" to 13.5" mounting heights, and a varied selection of wheel-end equipment with an ABS-ready option. The unit works with standard or low-profile tires. Future plans include a version for trailer applications.

For more information, contact Ridewell, PO Box 4586, Springfield MO 65808.

Floodlighting fixture supplies high output, low amp draw

Havis Shields Equipment Corp's new Magnafire 3000 Series 900-watt halogen floodlighting fixture provides greater light output (at any angle) than 1,500-watt and 2,000-watt full-size or low-profile fixtures, says the company.

The reflector's optimum size and shape, rounded parabolic corners, and patented electro-polished mirror finish, create an intense, smooth beam. Halogen infrared bulb technology produces 25% to 30% more light per watt.

Current draw is just 4.2 amps for a 240-volt lamp. The 900-watt version is easy to relamp (from the front), compact, and can be mounted on almost any pole, portable, or body-mount application. This fixture is recommended for 240-volt systems. To obtain more details, contact Havis Shields, PO Box 2099, 75 Jacksonville Rd, Warminster PA 18974.

Sugino electropneumatic drill can cut costs

Sugino Corp's new G.bal Selfeeder line of electropneumatic drill units cut holemaking costs while maintaining superior performance, quality, and tool life. The line is designed to replace hand drills, radial drills, pneumatics, and other automated drilling operations.

G.bal Selfeeders are offered in more than 30 models with power rated at 0.33, 0.50, 0.75, 1.0, and 1.5 horsepower. Standard stroke lengths are 3.15" and 3.94"; 5.91" and 7.87" stroke lengths are available. Maximum speeds range from 12,000 rpm for the 0.33-hp drill unit to 7,300 rpm for the high-torque 1.5-hp unit. The 1.5-hp unit produces 720 pounds of thrust. TIR (total indicated readout) accuracy is 0.0006"; repeatability is ±0.0008".

The two-piece spline system was replaced with a one-piece drive shaft. Elimination of a spline-shaft system trims drill length, creates a smoother rotation performance, and reduces noise. The motor can be mounted in front or back or at 90° to either side of the unit. An integral foot-mount-type body provides precise, simple alignment.

Standard highlights include a twin guide-bar system, high-output standard motors, multi-spindle head adaptability, and a one year warranty. Optional features include a through-the-tool coolant capability. Addition of an operational signal kit will detect home position and maximum drill depth position and provide plc interface signals. For more information, contact Sugino, 1700 Penny Lane, Schaumburg IL 60173.

Mobile wheel-engaging lift can be real lift for industry

ALM Corp says it has produced the first mobile wheel-engaging vehicle lift manufactured in the United States.

The WE-18, commonly known as a WEMU, is a wheel-engaging electrohydraulic mobile column lift with lifting capacity of 18,000 pounds per column. A set of four WE-18s has a 72,000-lb capacity.

Mobile wheel-engaging lifts are designed to pick up large vehicles where ease of operation, limited space consideration, versatility, and work place safety are key. Lifts can be operated in any environment and only require a reasonably flat floor and suitable electrical source.

For more information, contact ALM, 200 Benchmark Industrial Dr, Streator IL 61364.

Spray booth coating has genuine ‘ap-peel’

Hi-Temp, a high-temperature-resistant protective coating from Chemco Manufacturing Co Inc, eliminates extended booth shutdowns, chemical clean-ups, and sandblasting of overspray. Other benefits of this product include:

  • Engineered for industrial bake-oven booths

  • Suited for extreme conditions, on nonporous floors, walls, and ceilings of booths where paint, powder, adhesives, or other finishes are applied

  • Facilitates removal of hazardous build-up in large sheets after exposure to high temperatures

  • Bright white color enhances booth illumination

  • Eliminates the need for messy grease or gels on the walls and ceiling of automotive spray booths

  • Helps keep automotive finishing booth in conformance with OSHA regulations.

Hi-Temp can be applied to metals, glass and other nonporous or varnished surfaces. It applies in seconds using standard spray equipment.

Chemco's booth coating is reflective white; a clear version of the product is preferred for protecting light fixtures and windows. Solvent-based Hi-Temp coatings are shipped ready to use in standard five-gallon containers. For full information, contact Chemco, 3225 Commercial Ave, Northbrook IL 60062-1920.

Without jibs, crane achieves new heights in productivity

Elliott Equipment Co has unveiled a new crane with aerial work platform capabilities. The ECL-5-135 has a powered telescoping boom, with no jibs or extensions, that reaches a maximum working tip height of 135 feet. This unit can be mounted on a standard tandem-axle truck chassis. Coupled with the boom, its 16-foot outrigger spread makes it suitable for tight spaces. By adding a rotating work platform, the ECL-5-135 becomes a versatile tool. Other highlights include:

  • 85-foot side reach

  • 10,000-lb crane capacity

  • Unit mounts on conventional tandem-axle truck chassis; no extra axles or specialized carrier required

  • Unit is fully powered in extending and retracting

  • A 500-lb-capacity 30" × 54" work platform holds two workers and accessories

  • All boom functions are proportionally remote-controlled.

Contact Elliott, 4427 S 76th Circle, Omaha NE 68127 for full details.

Allison DOC for PC offered

Allison Transmission has introduced Allison DOC for PC Version 2.0, a diagnostic software application supporting control systems for the Allison MD/HD product family and 1000/2000/2400 Series transmissions. The diagnostic software was formerly known as the Allison Transmission Diagnostic Tool (ATDT).

The Allison DOC for PC diagnostic tool lets a technician access diagnostic data from the transmission control system and conduct systematic troubleshooting of transmission problems by using embedded troubleshooting manuals. By double-clicking on a transmission diagnostic code displayed on the computer screen, the technician is transported to the specific location in the ATD Troubleshooting Manual to begin repair.

Screw compressor crafted for heavy-duty operation

American Eagle Accessories Group, a division of Stellar Industries Inc, has come out with the Model SRS-40 hydraulic-drive above-deck screw compressor. The SRS-40 has a capacity of 40 cfm and 100 psi at 8,000 rpm.

Durability is enhanced with the cast-iron compressor unit, steel base, and enclosure. Compressor oil is cooled with a thermostatic operation to maintain correct operating temperatures and improve its efficiency. The SRS-40 offers continuous full-rated airflow/pressure, low unloaded power consumption, on/off switch operation, enclosed compressor power module. powdercoated steel enclosure, and safety shutdowns.

Contact American Eagle, 280 W 3rd St, PO Box 169, Garner IA 50438 for further details.